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________ is a regular teenager that has a bunch of problems in his life. He is an outcast at his school, his mother passed away a year before and that was his life changed from good to worse. He used to be very popular, and now he is outcasted and the only people that he can fit in with are the druggies. Not that this would have been a life long choice for him, however he didn't have the choice, his father was no longer supportive of him and he became an alcoholic. Life changes when a new girl comes to the school, she seems much like him and yet very different at the same time which makes him curious about her.

Mia, an exchange student from France is happy to be in the states with her father. She grew up in Europe with her mother. She was a mafia lords daughter, his only daughter. She had an older sister but she was killed when Mia was eight. Her parents split up after her death and Mia's father only visited twice a year and one of those days was her birthday and one of the other holidays. She constantly begged her father for years to live with him and both of her parent's were cautious, learning from her sister's death. Finally, she convinced them and her father now is sending her to a private school, in a way of protecting her. She is immediately welcomed with open arms into the popular group that _______ used to be apart of.

NOTE: Okay so it is obvious there is going to be no love at first sight kind of stuff, however curiosity is just fine. There is going to be a lot of drama and fights in this so please be prepared for that.


Literacy is a MUST, if you cannot at least get two to three paragraphs in your post, then I will have to kick you out, this is a lit role play which means grammar, spelling , and punctuation. I know that I sound mean but I hate when people consider themselves as lit when they use computer and text language, which is completely semi-lit.

Make sure you are following the story line, and please be creative at the same time, I love twists and it would bring this role play many possibilities.

Romance is fine, but none of that instant stuff, love doesn't just happen, it needs time to build.

Violence is fine, stuff happens.

I want real photo's for this, but nothing too extreme or really emo, please be creative with it. If I ask for you to find another, don't take offense I am very picky.

Please post and be on everyday or tell me if you will not be able to post then please inform me, I do understand when things come up.

If you have any questions please feel free to send me a PM (:

If you have read all of these rules then please put, "Pretty butterflies" in green.

NOTE: I do read all new posts, if I find that someone has been stealing my role play, then I promise you that I will spam your role play or annoy the hell out of you, this is my idea not yours, got it? Good. If you have read until this point you are to send me the pretty butterflies in a PM.

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Mia always tried to look at the bright side of things when she was in a sticky situation, she never really liked looking on the gloomy side because she learned from her sister and knew that her sister would never approve. Allison always told Mia that she shouldn't dwell on the past because it would only hurt her in the future. After her death, Mia was sent away with her mother to Europe where she grew up away from her father and away from his business which she didn't understand at the time. She thought he was just a really good sales man as she was told as a child. She didn't understand why after her sister died was she taken away but she did know that she didn't have a choice.

Throughout the years, Mia learned more about her past that would have been too complicated to have explained to a child and she knew now that it was no accident that killed her sister and her father was no salesman, he was a mafia lord. That the reason why she was taken away was to stay out of harms way and that's why her fathers visits were very limited each year. Both of her parents wanted to keep her safe, her sister was supposed to be the one taking over the family business but was killed and they feared that if Mia had stayed then she would suffer the same fate as her sister had. Mia realized at that point that everything her mother had had her do was leading up to now. Unlike a lot of girls Mia went to school with, she learned how to operate a gun and learned how to use it quickly in case of an emergency or something along those lines.

Mia, now in the States with her father, which she hasn't been to in nine years. When she found out a month beforehand about returning to the States, which her mother was not happy with, she started reviewing all of her English books and practiced since she had picked up French and for the majority of her time there she used French. She had waited most of her life to be back in the States and now she wasn't so sure, she was suddenly very nervous to be back, to actually be home. This was going to be different then France, she hoped that she would not blow her cover at school and she hoped that she would not run into any trouble, she had been listening to too many stories from her classmates back in France.

The next morning, Mia awoke to a beautiful morning. She had arrived late the previous night and she was told that she would be attending school the next day and that rest was suggested and delay her father and her reuniting until the next day. She agreed and she was taken to her room. She realized that it had been the same room she had stayed in when she was a young girl, however the bed was bigger then it had been the last time she had been there. Mia shook her head of the night before and walked to the closet to see a uniform and a note telling her that she was going to be attending a private school for safety reasons, which made her feel like a kid again.

She dressed and she was taken to school in her fathers car. Her choice was to take that or the limo and she didn't want to seem like a snob so she decided on the car, since she was told that her father would not allow her to walk there, like she had walked to school back in France. When she arrived at the building, she took it in as she realized that it was actually bigger then the school she had attended before. She got out of the car and when the driver offered assistance, she only shook her head as she proceeded onward. She walked up the steps as she looked around, not exactly paying attention and then suddenly bumping into someone, knocking both of them down. Great, that was one way of making a good impression on your first day. "I'm so sorry!" She said as she looked to the person she had knocked down, realizing it was a guy, her face lit up like the fourth of July. "Sorry, I wasn't paying attention!" She admitted.
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