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sasuke didnt pay attention to the girl who had introduced herself as kasura. sasuke was trying to pay attention to the lesson, he didnt care about the new girl he didnt care for the pink headed girl nor the blonde headed boy he only wnated to get the acadamy over with,so he can pursue his ambition to avenge his clan and kill the person who had disgraced the uchiha clan.
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Kasura started making her way to a village that was in the distance. It was the village hidden in the leaves. She knew the gaurds might stop her but didnt want to mess with it. She made a short cut by going through a forest and jumping over the wall, hoping no one saw what she did. She walked down the dirt path searching for somewhere to stay. She had plenty of money, even though she stole it from her old village. Her old village had a certain building that kept some of heir looms and money. Soon everyone around started to die. Everything around was burning and everyone paniced made it worse. She only had her mother. Her father a passed due to illness when she was young. So she doesnt really remember much of him. During the fires of the burning village, a horse and carriage went wild and hit her mother right in front of her. Killing her in an instant. Ever since that, she still holds a smile though it was painfull. All of her family had told her that she should just be herself, and not to worry.

She doesnt forget about it but she locks it away and lives a new life.

Walking into this apartment place. She walks up to the front desk. "Can I have a room please?" And pulls out some money out of her brown bag that was tied around her leg. The lady at the desk handed her a small key and gave her the direction to her room. The room wasnt small nor large. It seemed the right size for her. She sat her things down on the couch and grabbed some small weapons followed with her scythe. She headed out the door and went to find the hokage's building. She was able to find it after about 15 minutes. She knocked on the sliding door. "Um excuse me. Could I join the academy?" She asked as she only say the hokage in there. He nodded slightly and had her sign some things for the academey. He also handed her a small paper with all the info for the sensei. She thanked him and walked out the door. She looked at the paper that was handedto her. 'Iruka-sensei, huh...' She thought to her self as she knocked on another sliding door that led to the classroom. She waited patiently until it opened. It soon opened. She handed him the paper and allowed her in. She bowed down in front of her classmates. "H-Hello, I'm Kasura Shimizu. And I hope we can be friends." She stood up and smiled. There was an empty seat sort of in the middle. It was in the middle of two people. One pink and black. On the other side next to the pink girl was a blonde headed guy. She quickly got to her seat and sat down. 'That was intresting.' She thought to her self.
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