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She turned around to see the sensai walk in and an eraser hit his head. She sighed, 'This team is really hopeless.' She looked at the sensai and slightly waved then leaned somewhat on the window.
  Kasura Shimizu / Ally_Kat94 / 9y 101d 7h 41m 24s
kakashi sensei comes in "i guess that is our sensei" saskue says looking at him
  saskue uchiha(evil) / thelostemo / 9y 101d 8h 2m 42s

  Kasura Shimizu / Ally_Kat94 / 9y 101d 8h 16m 21s

  saskue uchiha(evil) / thelostemo / 9y 101d 9h 6m 50s
Kasura turned around and resting against the wall that was near the window. She didnt mind Naruto, it wasnt her business. "Who's our sensei anyway?" She asked not making eye contact. She could hear the other girl agruing but didnt pay any attention. 'This village is a lot different from home...' She looked at the ground in deep thought
  Kasura Shimizu / Ally_Kat94 / 9y 115d 8h 55m 34s
sasuke looks over at naruto and shakes his head "seriously? your gonna do a prank at this time naruto?" he says seeing naruto being his stupid self again
  saskue uchiha(evil) / thelostemo / 9y 115d 9h 16m 44s

She sighed. She looked over to the pink girl. "I never got your name." She said. The girl slared at her, she didnt understand why. She hasnt done anything. She shrugged it off. "Glaring and such doesnt make you cool." She said as she looked up at the ceiling then returned back to the girl. She was looking down. Her attention drew to Naruto as he grabbed this eraser as prank. She sighed once again. She hopped off the desk and walked over to the window. 'I'm sure they wont mind. She thought as she opened the window. The breeze was nice, it was full of warmth and it was rather comforting.
  Kasura Shimizu / Ally_Kat94 / 9y 115d 12h 33m 44s

  saskue uchiha(evil) / thelostemo / 9y 115d 15h 58m 11s

  Kasura Shimizu / Ally_Kat94 / 9y 115d 15h 58m 53s

  saskue uchiha(evil) / thelostemo / 9y 115d 16h 36m 6s
"Oh, I'm Kasura." She replied. She was a happy that she was trying to make at least one friend. The door slide open again revealing the girl with pink hair followed by the blonde guy. "Hey." She said as the waved a bit to them. The blonde guy walked up and said hey and said his name was Naruto. "Cool. It's nice to meet you." She smiled as she sat on the desk closest to her.
  Kasura Shimizu / Ally_Kat94 / 9y 116d 7h 27m 49s
sasuke just looks at the girl with no emotion "who are you?" he asks he didnt hear what the girl's name is when she came into the classroom
  saskue uchiha(evil) / thelostemo / 9y 116d 7h 42m 52s
she heard the door slide open and turned to look who walked in. It was the huy she sat next to. She gave a small wave and smile. She got up and walked up to him. "Hey." She said with a smile.
  Kasura Shimizu / Ally_Kat94 / 9y 116d 7h 47m 20s
sasuke sighs as he heard he had to be in the same group as sakura and naruto "teams of four? sounds like three too many" he says listlessly as he goes into the room where he was to meet the other team members
  saskue uchiha(evil) / thelostemo / 9y 116d 7h 50m 45s
She looked up to look at the teacher. Just when it was quiet, her stomach growled. Her eyes got big and placed a hand on her stomach and her other arm on the table and made her hand into a fist and covered her mouth a bit. 'I really should have eaten something on the way.' She sighed hoping it was over. It didnt. She rested her head on her arms that were placed on the table. 'This is so embarrasing.' She looked at the girl next to her. She gave a mean look as if she was saying how dumb I was. How nice. She looked in the front as she heard Iruka-sensei say something about our teams. There was only going to be one group of four. She listened for her name. "Team 7, Kasura....blah...blah...blah.." Thats all she heard. She was to hungry to even concentrate on the other names.

Finally, she was able to go eat after the teams were called and told what room to be in. She was lucky that her team was in the same room. She went home quickly, grabbed her money, and went to the ramen shop that was near. The smell swarmed her and made her mouth water. She got a simple ramen bowl and went to the classroom after. She was the only one in there at moment. She sat down near the window in the front and looked out as she waited for the others
  Kasura Shimizu / Ally_Kat94 / 9y 34d 11h 20m 20s

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