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sasuke walks by the girl Kasura's house without looking up. I need to find the one who killed my clan so I can have my vengence he thinks.
  saskue uchiha(evil) / thelostemo / 9y 7d 23h 22m 48s
After she finished finishing off her noodles, she went on. "I later found out that someone was controlling the other cart. It was heard that it was the Akatsuki's doing. Apparently they did i would become angry and become destructive. Well thats what most bad guys would want." She said as she looked at a Naruto who looked surprised by her past.

"How can you keep smiling and being happy after all of that?" He asked.

She smiled as she stood up from the stood. "To be honest, I dont really know. I know most people would feel depressed and anti-social, but I'm pretty sure that their parents would want them to move on." She said as she started walking out as Naruto followed. She yawned as she walked to her apartment and thanked Naruto for listening to her. She walked into her room and headed for the balcony. The stars werent very bright this time like they were before. She sighed, she really wanted to get a better view. She decieded that she would go onto the roof and lay there while looking at the stars.
  Kasura Shimizu / Ally_Kat94 / 9y 20d 15h 8m 4s
Sasuke was walking by when he heard the girl's story. But he shrugged so her mother died in a crash he thinks then he starts to walk away hoping neither naruto or kasura sees him.
  saskue uchiha(evil) / thelostemo / 9y 21d 4h 5m 47s
She looked at him with a little bit of shock. She's heard of the Uchiha clan before but she didnt really know them. She looked up to the afternoon sky, all she remembered hearing was that someone killed there clan and he was the survivor. She thought back to her past just a little. How her mother died in front of her, due to a cart accident. A small tear fell from her eye. That day she wouldnt ever forget. 'I can understand how he feels, in a way.' She thought as she looked back over to him. A few more tears escaped as she heard him go on. She didnt even realize she was crying until Naruto pointed it out. She wiped them away quickly hoping no one else saw. She sighed as she tried to catch her breath.

Kakashi sensei later dismissed us, telling everyone that we have this other 'test' to do and be at the training grounds by 5 am. Kasura thought it was to early. She didnt care though. As she jumped off the building, she waited for Naruto. She still had to tell him about her past. But she had a better idea. Tomorrow was her mothers 2nd annivarsery of her death. She thought that she could take Naruto with her and she could tell him there. It would have to be after that test though. She sighed, he actually didnt know what she should do. Tell him or take him to her grave and tell him there. Or she could tell him now and take him with you tomorrow. The last one sounded better than the others. As Naruto came down, she walked with him to the Ramen bar that seemed to be his favorite place to go to. She smiled as she sat next to him as she ordered her food and began telling him her past. "When I was a little girl, my mother used to take me out into this field that was behind our village and we would look at the stars. The stars seemed to be brighter there. Well that night my mother took me home and took a horse drawn carraige to the market. But as i waved her off, another carriage crashed into hers andshe died in a few moments." She said as she looked at the bowl of miso in front of her as she continues. "And my father died when i was really small so i dont really remember much." She said as she took a bunch of noddles and stuffed in her mouth.
  Kasura Shimizu / Ally_Kat94 / 9y 21d 15h 17m 7s
It was Sasuke's turn. "My name is Sasuke Uchiha" he says "there arent much things I like but there are plenty of things I hate" He adds then he looks at the sensai "But i do have an ambition...I have someone I vowed to kill" Sasuke finishes.
  saskue uchiha(evil) / thelostemo / 9y 25d 3h 19m 55s
She looked at Kakashi and smiled as he told Naruto to go. Naruto's was mostly about Ramen. She liked ramen as well but she didnt like it that much. She smiled as a small laugh game out. She covered her mouth, so not to be rude. His last response was that, he wanted to be hokage. She had a feeling that he could do it. The girl in pink, who introduced herself as Sakura, didnt even finish her sentences when she spoke. Most of her sentences ended with high squeling noices. It was make Kasura very irritated. Her last sentence surprised her. "I HATE NARUTO!" Kasura wasnt sure why, since she thought Naruto was a good guy. She sighed as she smiled.
  Kasura Shimizu / Ally_Kat94 / 9y 25d 18h 36m 11s
Sasuke didnt pay attention to a word Sakura was saying, because he didnt care. Sasuke noticed that Naruto was staring at Sakura his eyes in the shapes of hearts. pathetic sasuke thinks as he just looks out in space.
  saskue uchiha(evil) / thelostemo / 9y 29d 20h 54m 0s
She sighed of relief. She was hardly ever late for anything, especially if was about becoming a better ninja. She sat down on the steps and stared at the sky. She closed her eyes for a little bit until she heard a 'poof' sound. It was the sensei. "Supersitious much..." She thought as she heard her sensei say that he saw a 'Black cat cross his path, and had to take another.' She listened to the sensei as he told us that we were doing some introduction thing. She sighed as he said she was going first. When she was about to speak, the girl with bright pink hair opened her mouth. She rolled her eyes and looked away. She wasnt even paying attention to what the girl was saying in the first place. Kasura still had to go first, but she really didnt mind it.

"I'm Kasura Shimizu. The things I like? Well, I like few things. I like looking at the stars at night, it reminds me of my past...." She said as she trailed off for a few seconds. Naurto asked about my past. She didnt tell people about it because it made her sad sometimes. "I'll tell you after this, okay?" She said smiling. She continued with her introduction. "There's nothing really i don't like, well except people who her annoying, like fan guys and fan girls. My dream...I want to recover what have lost. My hobbies, I dont really do much. So i guess I cant answer that." She said rubbing her the back of her head, smiling.
  Kasura Shimizu / Ally_Kat94 / 9y 30d 9h 40m 11s
Sasuke was standing on the roof when the new girl came up. Sasuke looks at the girl and says "dont worry our sensai is always late he hasnt even arrived yet"
  saskue uchiha(evil) / thelostemo / 9y 30d 18h 9m 33s
After the coast was clear she jumped off and landed safetly onto the ground, hardly ever making a sound. She looked at the sky that was hardly visible because of the trees. She walked down a small path that she found when she walked farther and father into the forest. It wasnt long after when she decided to go back. She was sure that if she went any farther, she could have gotten lost. She headed back to the wall and jumped up, landing once again, steadily. She looked around to make sure, that no one was watching. She breathed out air with relif. Then she hurried to the roof where they were supposed to meet. She was only a few minutes late. While in the air she noticed the guy from yesterday. Something about him made her feel weird inside but tried not to worry about it. "Sorry I'm late." She said rubbing the back of her head smiling.
  Kasura Shimizu / Ally_Kat94 / 9y 32d 14h 11m 51s
sasuke awoke from a night of nightmares,he has been having these nightmares since he saw his clan get killed and vowed vengence. This nightmare was about how he saw his mother getting stabbed over and over again. Shaking his head to clear the nightmare from his mind sasuke gets up, gets ready, and heads out into the village.
  saskue uchiha(evil) / thelostemo / 9y 32d 23h 5m 15s
The night seemed to go by so quickly. It was like she shut her eyes, and then it was morning. She got up and headed to the shower to get ready for the day. After getting ready, she headed out, making sure she locked her door. She looked up at the sky, putting her hand over hers eyes so she could see. She didnt have anything to do today, except to meet the others on the roof, but that wasnt until later. She decided that she would fix her room up a bit so it wasnt so bland. She already had a plan in mind. The walls were going to black and red stripes and maybe a few posters. She walked down the dirt path, heading to the store. It only took a few minutes to get the things. She thought about doing the room tomorrow since it would take awhile for it to dry. She walked back to her house and put the stuff away. She felt kind of bored from not doing anything and headed out to the forest, that she saw the other day. She thought she would go there to pass the time. She heard rumors about how bad the forest was and how it was dangerous. She didnt believe any kinds of rumors that people would spread. She hopped on top of the wall that bordered around the Village and looked around to make sure no one was watching her go into the forest.
  Kasura Shimizu / Ally_Kat94 / 9y 33d 18h 6m 11s
after class, sasuke walks around the town looking around,he sees nothing of intrest and turns to walk to his home passing an apartment building, at night sasuke gazes at the starry sky and sees a shooting star as well, but does not make a wish wishing is for the weak he thinks to himself. Then, he goes into his home after arriving there and puts on his pajamas and lays in bed, then he tries to sleep.
  saskue uchiha(evil) / thelostemo / 9y 33d 23h 7m 36s
She stood up straight and walked up to the sensei. "Are you really a shinobi?" She asked as she studied him hard. She knew that any ninja could have seen that coming with that Naruto guy around. She gave a small laugh. She walked over to the window and shut it, then walked over one of the desks and sat on top of it. She listened to him talk and talk and talk. The last thing she heard was that they were dismissed and to meet on the roof. 'Why did we come and meet here?' She thought to herself as she headed for the door. She walked down the dirt path, just watching everyone being cheerful with nothing to worry about. Sometimes she wished she had their lives. She sighed as she looked down at the ground, walking to her little apartment place. She looked over her shoulder just a bit to see how far she was to the academy. She wasnt that far from it. She noticed a bright blonde hair guy waving crazily at her. 'Naruto...' She thought as she smiled and returned a small wave. He made his way up to her and started walking with her to the apartments. She figured that Naruto lived in the same apartment place as she did. And it happened to be next door. She said her goodbyes as she walked into her home. It was a very bland room. She was going to have to fix that, but laer. Changed into her pajama's and walked over to the fridge and took out a water. She then walked onto the balcony and looked out into the night sky. She usually did this beofre she went to sleep. It relieved her somehow. She took small sips from her water and looked into the starry night. The stars were really bright, and just in a few moments she saw a shooting star. She sat her water down and clasped her hands to gether to make a wish. 'Wish to gain everything I lost....Love.' With that she walked back into her house. She walked into her room after she put her water back into the fridge and headed for bed.
  Kasura Shimizu / Ally_Kat94 / 9y 34d 11h 18m 7s
saskue looks at the sensai with disbelief this is suppose to be our sensai? this is an elite shinobi? pathetic he thinks to himself shaking his head
  saskue uchiha(evil) / thelostemo / 9y 34d 23h 4m 20s

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