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A girl that isnt from the town decides to join the academy. Having such a dark past she doesnt think she would ever fall in love. But when she meets a guy named Sasuke, she falls..hard. She doesnt show it but does talk to him like a friend does. He's seems to be quiet and anti-social but he also falls in love with her. He doesnt think it's that the love is true but it happens anyways. How will this work? in a very ethusiastic tone with thumbs up ahaa

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Sasuke: thelostemo

Kasura: Ally_Kat94

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She laughed a little at his comment when and idea popped into her head. "I have a great plan." She said smirking. "What if you and I "Pretended" to go out and got both of them pissed? That should stop the dumb chases ahaa" She said smiling. She wasnt a fan girl and she wasnt planning on it. She just knew what it felt like to have a bunch of guys, girls for Sasuke, chasing over you.
  Kasura Shimizu / Ally_Kat94 / 8y 258d 23h 50m 14s
Sasuke nods his head "fangirls are extrememly annoying" he says "one time I saw sakura and ino fighting over which one I liked the most...when I like neither of them." he adds.
  saskue uchiha(evil) / thelostemo / 8y 260d 9h 32m 44s
She gave a small laugh. "I know how you feel." She said as she remembered getting chased around by guys and always having to hide all of the time. "Fan guys and Fan girls are so dumb..." She said smiling.

  Kasura Shimizu / Ally_Kat94 / 8y 263d 22h 11m 30s
Sasuke rolls his eyes "please dont remind me of those girls." he says "they are very annoying which is why I do my best to ignore them." he adds. "Two I know by name." he says "they are: Sakura and Ino." he finishes.
  saskue uchiha(evil) / thelostemo / 8y 264d 8h 55m 24s
She smiled as she walked back to Sasukes side. "I think that's the first time I've seen you smile or laugh. I bet your little fangirls would love that." she teased as she nudged him.
  Kasura Shimizu / Ally_Kat94 / 8y 266d 6h 20m 43s
Sasuke chuckles lightly "its ok really" he says "and I agree we arent too different you and I" he adds.
  saskue uchiha(evil) / thelostemo / 8y 266d 9h 2m 36s

She continued walking as she stopped a few feet in front of him. "Your not that much different than me." she said as she still had her back facing him. "ya'know, after know who killed someone you love can do alot of damage to someone. I lost my mother not that long ago and my father when I was little. I sometimes wonder why I can still go on and continue living. Even if I did take revenge, inknow that they're not going to come back. No matter how hard much I want them to, there's nothing I can do...." she said as she turned around looking at Sasuke with a small tear running from her left eye. She wiped it away quickly "oh sorry ahaa I was just rambling on again wasn't I." she said as she rubbed the back of her head laughing. She get so embarrassed.
  Kasura Shimizu / Ally_Kat94 / 8y 266d 20h 44m 26s
"I dont know yet. probably get on with my life" Sasuke says
  saskue uchiha(evil) / thelostemo / 8y 267d 9h 10m 55s
She took at least one step away. "What are you gonna do after you kill him?" She asked as she started walking again.
  Kasura Shimizu / Ally_Kat94 / 8y 267d 20h 34m 20s
"yes I do." admits Sasuke "I'm looking for the guy who destroyed my clan so I can kill him." he says.
  saskue uchiha(evil) / thelostemo / 8y 267d 21h 24s
She stopped and looked at Sasuke. "Yes, actually there is. I've been tracking them for a while but they suddenly disappeared." She said as she looked at the full moon that lite up the sky. "Can forgive them for what they've done to my mother." She said as she smiled a little to herself. She knew that her mother would disaprove of her on taking revenge. She sighed and turned her attention back to Sasuke. "You seem to have you mind on something and also from you said earlier, you have intensions on revenge. dont you." She said as she walked over to him.
  Kasura Shimizu / Ally_Kat94 / 8y 267d 21h 20m 53s
sasuke's eyebrow raised up "do you have a need to have revenge on someone?" he asks her crossing his arms with his dark eyes trained on the girl.
  saskue uchiha(evil) / thelostemo / 8y 267d 23h 34m 50s
She looked back up at the night sky. "Nothing really, just got things running through my head." She said as she sighed and looked at the ground. "Everyone has a past, some have great past, and some...not so much. Sometimes they can be so bad, that you want to do something to change it or have revenge on the people that did it...."She didnt know what was coming over her. "Oh ahaa uh soory." She said as she gave a small noticalble fake smile.
  Kasura Shimizu / Ally_Kat94 / 8y 268d 1h 31m 47s
Sasuke turns his dark eyes to the girl "nothing really" he says not wanting to let the girl know what he was thinking "so what are you up to?" he asks changing the subject.
  saskue uchiha(evil) / thelostemo / 8y 269d 5h 52m 7s
She looked down from the sky and noticed Sasuke. She jumped off the roof and landed near him, walking next to him. "Yo," she said as she looked ahead. "What's got you thinking so hard?" she said as sh looked slighty to Sasuke. To be honest, she didn't even know even a single thing about him. She only knew a little from the introducing they did earlier.
  Kasura Shimizu / Ally_Kat94 / 8y 269d 10h 43m 1s

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