Two diffrent people (1x1 need girl)

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They are two opposites.Daimen Is poor,and abused.____has good money and is loved. Daimen was addicted to drugs,and wasnt a virgin. She was never close to drugs,and was a virgin. He can be rude sometimes,and she is always nice. Only a few tings they have in common. What if _____- goes to talk to him? Will they fall for each other?

Real pics.
Semi lit
No cyber -Timeskip.
WANTING!! Romance
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  Heaven / Aotsuki / 8y 103d 1h 37m 31s
She bite her lower lip as she looked at him. "So...what cha doing down here?" She asked as she crossed her arms a bite and walked over to leand against the wall.

  Heaven / Aotsuki / 8y 107d 39m 17s
"Yeah,and Andy Sixx" He said,then shook her hand,but took it back quickly. He then put his arms behind his head and looked at her slightly confused at the time.
  Andy Sixx / IchiXRukia / 8y 107d 47m 58s
She smiled a bit as she looked at him. "You go to West Lack High right? Hi My names Heaven." She said with a smile as she held out her hand. She thought to her slef as she looked at him. She bite her lower lip a bit as she soon smiled again.
  Heaven / Aotsuki / 8y 107d 49m 38s
Andy stopped quickly,not running into her,but was close to it. He then took out his headphones blaring three days grace,and arched a brow "Can i help you?" he asked putting his board down,looking at her curiously.
  Andy Sixx / IchiXRukia / 8y 107d 56m 20s
Heaven sighed a bit as she looked around and soon saw a boy walking on the side walk holding his skateborard. SHe thought as she bite her lower lip and looked at him. Soon she was walking towards him, ot knowing why as she staopped in fornt of him and smiled a bit. She could see the hear phones as she waited for him to take them out.
  Heaven / Aotsuki / 8y 107d 59m 0s

Andy was riding his skateboard down the street,since it really never had cars go by on it. He had his hoodie on,with the hood up and his ipod blaring in his ears. He looked around spotting Heaven. I'v seen her somewhere before...Oh! School. he tought with a smirk,but kept going. One he hit the sidewalk,andy grabbed his board and started to walk,
  Daimen / IchiXRukia / 8y 107d 1h 8m 51s
Heaven sighed as she walked down the street. She was a little happy today. Her fav tea shop opend again and now she could have their red tea once again.
She thought as she turned the corner. SHe thought. She pushed her hiar back as the wind blow past her. She giggled a bit as her blue eyes looked around.
SHe soon started to play with her lip ring as she looked over to the side to see a park. SHe smiled a bit as she saw the kids playing on the slid.

(Sorry ... only thing that came to mind.
  Heaven / Aotsuki / 8y 107d 1h 22m 11s
  Daimen / IchiXRukia / 8y 107d 1h 34m 25s

  Heaven / Aotsuki / 8y 107d 1h 35m 4s
-Ok,and its ok thanks for joining! but could you start? i suck at starting..-
  Daimen / IchiXRukia / 8y 107d 1h 39m 35s
(i'll join if you want me too... but just a fair worning... i have dyslexic but can still mange a paragraph or two.
  Heaven / Aotsuki / 8y 107d 1h 40m 29s
  Daimen / IchiXRukia / 8y 107d 1h 41m 52s

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