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They are two opposites.Daimen Is poor,and abused.____has good money and is loved. Daimen was addicted to drugs,and wasnt a virgin. She was never close to drugs,and was a virgin. He can be rude sometimes,and she is always nice. Only a few tings they have in common. What if _____- goes to talk to him? Will they fall for each other?

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She looked up and saw him standing infront of her, "I hate being the new girl is all" she said and sighed then just sat there hugging her knees stairing at the ground infront of her which was his feet.
  Sarah Night / premiepower94 / 10y 131d 8h 7m 41s
Andy was looking down at the ground for a wile,until he looked up seeing that Sarah,was the only one in the halls with him,he then took out his headphones,and walked over to her. "Hey" he said "Whats wrong? You look like somethin is bugin you?" he asked sitting across from her. For a kid that was suspended 6 times,he could be really sweet.
  Andy Sixx / RukiaXIchi / 10y 131d 10h 19m 28s
Selena had free peroid. She saw her and that guy were the only ones. The halls cleared and they were the only ones in the hall. She looked up at him and then back down. She staired at her feet wondering what to do now. So she just slid down and sat there on the floor. Wishing that this year could be just be a little different for her.
  Sarah Night / premiepower94 / 10y 131d 10h 24m 39s
It was a hour later,and the bell rang. It was Andys free period,so he stood up and walked behin the huge mob of people running to teir next classes. Andy didnt know what to do,so he just went out in the hall,and plugged in his eadphone,and listened to some music for a little bit.
  Andy Sixx / RukiaXIchi / 10y 131d 10h 32m 50s
She glanced at him from the corner of her eyes. she sighed. "sorry" she muttered barley able to hear her. She sighed and then looked at the teacher not wanting to pay attention anymore.
  Sarah Night / premiepower94 / 10y 131d 10h 40m 17s
"Yeah,I figured that out just now" he said with a huff,and stood up. he then sat his chair back up,and sat back down in it. Finally the teacer started teaching,but he didnt really pay any attention,since it was a reveiw he knew simple.
  Andy Sixx / RukiaXIchi / 10y 131d 10h 44m 47s
She looked at him, "These chairs aren't really made for leaning back in..." she said trying to make him laugh but knew it probably wouldn't work. She then got off the ground and helped him up ignoring all the laughter they got. Then she sat back down on her chair.
  Sarah Night / premiepower94 / 10y 131d 10h 46m 49s
-hey,im backk! lol elite skills wouldnt let me log into my other account...-

He looked up at her and rubbed the back of his head."Yeah,Im fine." he said with a smirk. Andy then looked around at the other kids laughing,and te nerds ready to go talk to te teacher about no leaning in the chairs rule.
  Andy Sixx / RukiaXIchi / 10y 131d 12h 50m 34s
She looked over at him and gasped, "Are you okay!?" she asked him trying not to laugh at him being so stupid to lean so far back in his chair. She quickly got up from her desk and went to his side just stairing at him waiting for him to reply.

-Yea I should go to it's like 1am here...so yea-
  Sarah Night / premiepower94 / 10y 132d 6h 44m 19s
-Hey i gotta go..-

Andy looked at her and smirked at her,as in good job getting them away from her. He then sat back a little to far in his seat,and it tipped over making a loud thump. "Owww.." he muttered rubbing the back of his head,and sat up in the floor. "i souldnt have done that.." he groaned.
  Andy Sixx / IchiXRukia / 10y 132d 6h 48m 53s
Sarah didn't hear them she just kept playing on her I pod. They pulled the earphones out of her ears and said, "What you listening you!?"
"Hey!" Sarah said snaching them back from them.
"What? You don't like people touching your stuff?" he asked then laughed and grabbed her book bag..
"STop!" she said and grabbed it back.
"What are YOU doing to do about it?" he said teasing her
She glared at them, then she just grabbed a water bottle out of her bag and just poured it all over his head. "That" she said and threw the bottle at him.
All he did was glare at her, "YOU FREAK!" he said and just walked out with his buddies all of them laughing.
Sarah gave a smirk and just sat there and glanced at the guy next to her, then looked back at her desk sinking slowly in her desk as if she was embarrassed.
  Sarah Night / premiepower94 / 10y 132d 6h 52m 22s
-Haha its ok!-

Andy then bit his lip,and decided to go to class,since it was the easyest out of all of the classes. Math. So he grabed his books and walked in seeing Sarah. He just glanced at her and sat in the back,leaning in his seat waiting for class to start and be over. While he was waiting,a few jocks came in and sat by sarah,to try to get her mad,and get Andy in the problem.
  Andy Sixx / IchiXRukia / 10y 132d 6h 56m 51s
ooc-Sorry It's SArah! I am so used to typeing Selena...Sorry!

Sarah couldn't hear the laughter and she didn't know he was talking to her. She then looked up and almost ran into a wall, she then turned and walked into her class still looking at her I pod and managed to get to her seat without falling, tripping, or running into anything.
  Sarah Night / premiepower94 / 10y 132d 7h 37s
Andy heard laughing,but just kept his eyes closed. He then felt a brus of air pass him,so he looked over at her seeing Sarah walking by quickly. "Watc.." he cut himself off not wanting to make a scene. He then looked over at the kids snickering and laughing at her,and gave them a dirty stare. The ones that looked up at him,bolted. Yeah,stop your laughing.It gets annyoing.. he thought arching a brow.
  Andy Sixx / IchiXRukia / 10y 132d 7h 3m 20s
She hated where her locker was. She then walked away and looked at her I pod as she was picking the songs. Then out of nowhere she was tripped for no reason. She landed on her face and her I pod witch hurt her. The ear buds fell out of her ear and she looked up everyone pointing and laughing. She just sighed. Then getting up she put the headphones back in her ear and walked the other way towards the guy she saw just a few minutes ago. She walked past him not knowing how close she was to him, she was stairing at her I pod and ended up brushing up against him as she walked past him. Not realizing it she just kept on walking looking at her I pod.
  Sarah Night / premiepower94 / 10y 132d 7h 9m 15s

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