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Six word memoirs have been going around ever since this was founded.

The challenge is to take a certain part of your life and put it into exactly six words to express your feelings about it.

1. This is 'Six Word Memoirs' for a reason. We're not writing poems with six words in each line, even if it is just two lines. I'm a lenient person, but I WILL START DELETING YOUR POSTS IF YOU DO THIS TOO OFTEN. The objective is to fit a whole idea in just six words.

2. We're looking for deep, meaningful things that make you wonder or want to know more. Nothing too ordinary or, lets face it, stupid.
Examples of bad posts:
Today I had some ice cream.
I'm really really really freaking tired.
Poop poop poop poop poop poop.

3. If you make a post and you want to make another one within the same hour or two, please edit your previous post and write it there, underneath your original one. That is, unless two or three more people have posted before you.
This eliminates a 'spam' feeling.

Need good examples?
These were found in the book "Not Quite What I Was Planning".

1. Still looking for Elvis. No Leads.

2. Never really finished anything, except cake.

3. Not quite what I was planning.

4. Savior complex makes for many disappointments.

5. Bad breaks discovered at high speed.

6. Caring for parents. Life is circular.

7. Nose broken, beauty queen changes profession.

8. Life behind a microphone is lonely.

9. I still make coffee for two.

10. Chosen path leads to bitter remorse.

Be creative. Express yourself. Share your memoirs. And have fun. :]

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four years. i still miss you.

our lives will still go on.
  coffeecup / 2y 322d 14h 25m 9s
Poured cereal, there was no milk.

Want a relationship, nobody wants me.

Ate the best steak for dinner.
  Awesomness / 3y 116d 9h 5m 39s
I don't care for you... much.

Those silly Kings fighting dull wars.
  Yana Hildron / Dhiamara / 3y 122d 23h 34m 47s
I won't be the third choice.

Your loss buddy, it's too late.
  Grace R. Meehan / bookface / 3y 177d 23h 22m 51s
I'm sorry, and I miss you.

Won't you please forgive me, Kaden?
  Noctiluca / Tesana / 3y 193d 23h 53m 11s
I want your hands on me.

Text me, text me, text me.
  Grace R. Meehan / bookface / 4y 23d 2h 5m 44s
Your face and smile haunt me.

OH, yes. Stupid fifty character limit.
  Abacus Smith / singmealive / 4y 163d 3h 44m 11s
He is not all I have.
  Anastasia Pelagyo / 8y 44d 8h 37m 24s AGO I AN BIRTHDAY HAD / cleolamora / 4y 176d 2h 13m 55s
I'm so glad I found you.
  Noctiluca / Tesana / 4y 183d 8h 48m 51s
Too busy following all the rules.
  Estellaa / 4y 199d 13h 17m 41s
i've been reading ragged, old books.
  preoccupied / 4y 202d 20h 8m 40s
Broke as hell, like my washer
  Coverage / 4y 203d 13h 33m 30s
it's painful, not talking to you.
  ferris / coffeecup / 4y 213d 7h 27m 14s
On the edge of the uncertain.
  Gourami / 4y 213d 10h 20m 29s
Where did that new me go?
  Noctiluca / Tesana / 4y 215d 2h 53m 6s

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