Lie To Me

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I ask you please just lie to me
Give me something to believe
Something better, something sweet
Something that I'll always keep
Just one escape to a better place
Away from the chaos of the human race
Away from all the noise and sadness
For I just can not stand the madness
Everything is torn at it's seems
Including the fabric of my dreams
I'm not sure how much I can take
For any happiness is surely fake
The world around me is spinning away
And this may be my final day
I know it's hard for you to see
But could you please just lie to me


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I'm sure you're better than you give yourself credit for. I honestly don't think I'm that good

  Kali / secretkeeper217 / 10y 144d 10h 32m 1s
awesome i cant write for shit
  Mayu / babydoll / 10y 144d 10h 48m 55s

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