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Dion and <<Name>> had only met limited times during their childhood, and those times were rather brisk and quick. But even so, the two grew a strong friendship. Everytime Dion would come to visit <<Name's>> huge family estate, they would play together until it was time for Dion to leave. It would be several months before the two saw eachother again. The reason was because both <<Name's>> and Dion's family were high class business owners and Dion's family was always traveling the world while <<Name>> stayed with her family in their home. During their last visit, <<Name>> and Dion made a promise that they would marry one day when they were adults.
~It has been several long years now since <<Name>> and Dion last saw eachother. When news reaches <<Name>> that Dion and his family are back in the country and have returned to their huge home, she is excited to see him. What surprises her though is what her parents tell her before they allow her to go off and see Dion. They say that when the two were still children, both family's had made an agreement to marry both of them.
~Here's the thing though, Dion and <<Name>> love eachother like brother and sister, despite their promise. When <<Name>> is sent to live in Dion's family estate, how will the whole marriage thing turn out? The more time the two spend together the closer they get yet arguments break out as well. Will these two be able to push their differences aside for the marriage? Will they confess their true love feelings to one another?

No one liners, at least a paragraph posts, no less. Writers block is understandable, but in that case at least 4 sentences.
Romance encouraged and allowed, but it first starts of as friendship.
Anime pics only, girl should look about 19 or 20.
No chat talk.
Proper grammar and punctuation.
If is comes to cybering, it will be time skipped or taken to the pms.
Be on and post at least once a day.
Dion- Me
<<This starts when she first arrives at Dion's estate.>>

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