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"Reach for the sky..."

The adventure of strangers reaching one goal. The tower, connecting the heavens to the world. The world called Gaia. The stories of this tower is a legend, to believe or not is up to you. They say, the first beings came down from the tower. Ever since, it was the way life was created, the beings brought down plants and animals, and made a world in Gaia. The tower was then hidden, and soon turned into a myth. Some people spend there lives to seek for the tower, hoping they could reach paradise in the sky.

These 5 strangers come together for one reason... To reach the sky, they might like or dislike each other, but their goal units them.

The search... Begins.

The Defender: Fight to defend the party. ^_^ Uses swords and shields. Daggers and the like

Role:The Defender
Weapons and equipment :Like in pic. Left hand shield, right hand sword.

The Hunter: Uses bow and whips. Hunts the food for the party, and is also the animal tamer/expert

Name: Mikeru
Gender: female (duuuuuh~)
Age: 14
Role: Huntress
Weapons: Bow and arrows. A pocket knife and random other objects that may be lying around at the time xD
Personality and bio: She's quiet and shy. She only really talks when she has to.
Mikeru has had a crush on Juto ever since she laid eyes on him and almost killed him while she was daydreaming, but she hasn't told anyone and she doesn't plan to.

The Trader: Uses Hammers and Axes. Heave weapons and the like. Makes the financial decisions for the party, and know how to make a deal, or make some money for the party.

Name: Erika
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Role: Merchant.
Weapons : 2 handed claymore, or 2 handed battle axe
Personality and bio: Will come later, once the time is right ;)

The Navigator: Uses black magic, and rods and staffs. Is the navigator for the party, decides the best route, and the next destination.

Name:Shalow Kross
Role:would take Hunter, but thinks Sky would want it so I say The Navigator
Weapons :Naginata
Personality and bio:found out

The Medic: Uses white magic, and shields and staffs. Keeps the party healthy, and heals if needed. Knows what sickness is what, and what causes them.

Name: Etherlite M. Vinsdrell Sidhe
Gender: Female
Age: 27
Role: Medic
-She has a "special" family tome of spells. Mystic Code "Sidhe's Spellbook".
-Messenger bag full of items of many kinds
-Secretly carries a knife
-Old Wooden Staff
Personality/Bio: I will make it later on...

Ranger: Uses small blades, and mobile weaponry. Scouts for the group, and makes sure there are no ambushes and traps.

Name: Erika
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Role: Ranger
Weapons : 1 handed sword and a bow, with a back up dagger. and a buckler attached to my other arm
Personality and bio: Will come later, once the time is right ;)


Weapons :
Personality and bio:(Optional)


1.Anime pictures please. ^_^
2.Romance: Go for it, heck it's encouraged.
3.Violence... No... (sarcasm) Yes, violence. :D obviously >.>
4.Keep swearing to a minimum.
5.No killing without permission. If ever you get into fights with each other.
6.If you quit or ditch the RP, please tell us, so we can replace you.
7.Put "The Sky" If you have read the rules.
8.Humans only, unless I give special permission.
9.Don't be afraid to approach me, I'm the friendly type. :D
10.No godmodding and cybering
11.Please spell and write properly. No text talk, and please make posts decent. D:
12.I'll add more if I want too, and I might change the back story, skelly and rules if I see the need.

Roleplay Reply. Do not chat here. (50 character limit.)

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[Pokes, soooo we still doing these adventures????????]
  Erika / skyline339 / 10y 85d 2h 5m 4s
[Please don't tell me this is dead :(]

As she looks out the window the sun is now completely gone, and night time as enveloped the world in darkness. Staying in the dark corners of the inn, she quickly eats her dinner. Knowing that some people have been watching her, and some have seen the gold coins she pulled out. After she had finished eating, she carefully made her way to the stairs, keeping an eye all around her. As she started climbing the stair case, she heard the rumble of a few chairs scraping against the floor. Hurring up, she makes it to her room and closes the door locking it just as 6 shadows could be seen walking up the staires.
  Erika / skyline339 / 10y 92d 2h 11m 24s
[I like how were kinda copying the 1960s batman tv show ;) only thing is you didn't say when to tune in again haha.]
  Erika / skyline339 / 10y 92d 22h 43s
[>.> Alright then, I won't say anything. XD]
  Juto / StrifeX / 10y 93d 9h 55m 47s
<<kay, sorry if it takes me a while to reply xD This yaoi I'm watching is really cute.... and addictive o-o>>
  Mikeru (The hunter) / Mikeru / 10y 93d 9h 58m 5s
[What do you want it to be about? ^_^ Lets talk in my OOC. XD]
  Juto / StrifeX / 10y 93d 10h 6m 7s
<<I know. You can make a 1x1 if you want. I mean you joined mine, so it's only fair right? ^^>>
  Mikeru (The hunter) / Mikeru / 10y 93d 10h 7m 34s
[lol, you know Miki, we can have a 1x1 but I know you don't like em... >.>]
  Juto / StrifeX / 10y 93d 10h 8m 35s
Again, Mikeru stopped walking. Geez, just go up and kiss her already. This story line is starting to get at me. It's so corny.
"I travel alone," she said in her usual quiet voice. "It's not that I don't like you. It's just.. easier this way. If i traveled with you, and something happened to you. There's a chance that I would never forgive myself. So don't take it personally."
It was kind of a mean thing to say, but Mikeru always spoke her mind, no matter how harsh the truth was.
  Mikeru (The hunter) / Mikeru / 10y 93d 10h 10m 17s
He nodded and thought it would be good to go together for the time being... He clenched his fist and walked closer. "Do you want to come with me?" He asked stuttering, he didn't know why, maybe it's because he never had a friend before, but this wasn't a friend, it was an ally. He waited for a reply.

HOW WILL THIS END UP!? Will they meet more people on the way? Who was that girl in the inn? BUM BUM BUM
  Juto / StrifeX / 10y 93d 10h 13m 56s
Mikeru had stopped walking when she heard him turn around. Well what do you know? She must have ninja skills. -angels start singing-
She had heard the words 'You are too?' escape from his mouth.
"That is correct," she said, before she started to walk away again. She had never really fit in with groups so well, so she usually stayed alone. It was convenient and she had nothing to loose except her own life.
  Mikeru (The hunter) / Mikeru / 10y 93d 10h 33m 51s
Juto heard the slight mention of the tower... He suddenly stopped. Yes, apparently people have super hearing if they hear something they want. He looked back with serious look in his eyes, like those dramatic moments, where the wind blows and all that. "You are... Too?" He said staggering. He waited for something to happen.
  Juto / StrifeX / 10y 93d 10h 47m 59s
Like hell he would be! Screw the writer, lets burn this manga! -goes all evil-
Mikeru watched him as he walked away.
"I wonder where he was going," she said to herself in a small voice. "I'm sorry, I'm actually going to the Tower of legend."
She was pretty sure he was out of earshot, I mean, she has suck a tiny voice and he would have been at least six feet or something away right? -coughs- sorry, I'm getting off topic.
She turned in the opposite directing, and began walking.
But, like seriously, It's not like he would have super hearing or something. Who has super hearing? God doesn't make people li.... -cuts off to the next chapter- Fuck...
  Mikeru (The hunter) / Mikeru / 10y 93d 13h 20m 41s
[I'll be right back. In an hour or 2. Hope your still here. ^_^]
  Juto / StrifeX / 10y 93d 13h 23m 55s
Juto nodded and sighed. Guess she might not be going his way after all, it was a sense of assurance at the same time he was disappointed. He started walking off "It was nice to meet you Mikeru. I'm headed to town, so I can get into an inn. I hope to see you around." He said happily. He didn't expect it though. But it was all in the writers plot, 6 peoples fate were sealed. He walked past her and sighed, no more interruptions. He had a bad feeling he was going to be on top of a girl from time to time, he hoped the feeling wasn't going to happen.
  Juto / StrifeX / 10y 93d 13h 28m 3s

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