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Jari and Kana two people that never knew each other untill now. They abord a plane going to the same place but something went wrong with one of the wings and it took them down. Jari and Kana wake up realizing that they are the only ones that made it through the plane crash. The worst part is that there are wolves on the island now they have to work together in order to live untill rescue come's and get them. Will they make it or will become dinner?


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Kaname ran over to him as she said "Where does hit hurt" as she didnt want to pull his leg untill she knew where.Kaname looked around as she sat the stuff down and then pulled him out the water as gently as she could. Kaname frowned as she looked at him and then said "I had my leg broken in five different places once i fell off a clift lets hope that your leg is not like mine was cause it would hurt to snap it back into place".She then stopped him from rolling and said "Rolling around is not good for ya"
  Kaname / matthardy / 9y 105d 16h 44m 40s
Jari listend to her singing, it sounded really soft and if she would have had really much experience with singing. He walked over the large rocks on the rivers edge as Kana was behind him. "I think will we reach the hills soon." He smiled and started to run and jump over the rocks. One stone was really slippery due to the water and Jari slided with his feet over it as he fell down on the rock, he screams in pain and reaches with his hands for his leg. "It hurts so much!" Jari was rolling a bit over the ground as he pressed his leg close to him.
  Jari / Assis_Thalere / 9y 110d 15h 52m 46s
Kana nodded as she hugged him back and walked with him as she started to sing i write sins not tradiges by panic at the disco." Oh,Well imagine,As I'm pacing the pews in a
church corridor,And I can't help but to hear,No, I can't help but to hear an exchanging of words:
"What a beautiful wedding! What a beautiful wedding!" says a bridesmaid to a waiter.
"And yes, but what a shame, what a shame the poor groom's bride is a whore.". Kana skipped around as she singed the song cause it ws stuck in her head and she could not get it out.

wont be as much cause my sister broke my dsi charager and need to get a new one or fix it
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Jari drank some more water as he looked across the river. "Are you sure it was a wolf?" He said as he was unsure what she had seen. Jari stood up as she tugged on his arm and he looked in her eyes. "Everything is ok, I promiss, no one will hurt you as long as I am here." He gave her a tight hug and an quick kiss on her cheek. "Lets get further into the island." They started to walk upstream as they walked along the river. The river was still very large and there where much fish in the river that they could eat.
  Jari / Assis_Thalere / 9y 113d 21h 1m 12s
Kaname smilled as she saw him run and then she ran behind him and said "Water!" and walked into it as she sighed feeling the coldness as she looked across the river and saw wolf eyes as she looked back at Jari to see if he saw it too but when she looked back it was gone. Kaname looked at Jari as she said "Jari i saw a wolf" as she pointed to when it was across the river. She walked back to him as she watched him and then looked back as she said"Lets get out of here" and started to tug on his arm as she sighed and she was scared.
  Kaname / matthardy / 9y 117d 15h 36m 1s
Jari smiled as he was walking beside her. "I am thinking about how to stay alive but I would like to eat some candies with you when we get back." He held her hand tight in his hand and looked around to see any signs of other life on this strange island. "I hear something!" He let her hand go and started to ran forward, trough a bush and then looked over a huge river that was streaming on the edge of the island. "Wow this has to be a huge island." He walked towards the river and drank some water from it as the water was very cold.
  Jari / Assis_Thalere / 9y 117d 16h 19m 3s
Kaname smilled as she took his hand and said "Your slow or im fast because im smaller then you" as she made a face at him. "Man i would kill for a candy bar right now!" as she frowned and said "I should have brought a huge as bag of candy maybe five of them bitches so i wont run out ....but i didnt my parent's said i would be too hyper and wont bonucing of the wall's of the plane" as she started mumbling other stuff as she was mad about that candy "If we get off this island the first thing im gonna do is buy a big bag of candy and split withh ya" as she looked at Jari.
  Kaname / matthardy / 9y 121d 19h 18m 0s
Jari laughed as Kana was jumping up and down. "Haha I am comming!" He said and ran towards her. As he reached her they started to walk further into the forrest. The forrest was very thick and it was hard to move at a rather fast speed. Jari crawld over a few fallen trees and then jumped down to continue his path. "This is nature at its best!" He walked towards her and slowly reached with his hand for her hand and looked at her. "You can hold my hand to." He said to tease her a bit and smiled happily.
  Jari / Assis_Thalere / 9y 121d 19h 31m 39s
Kaname nodded as she said "Alright Jari" as she got up and rubed her eye's and then started walking as she held her hand out for something to carry too as she wanted to help him with something."Jari let me hold something alright" She looked at him and took the spear from him as she spined it around the spear and grabed her teddy bear as she started walking to the forrest and then stopped as she waited for him."Come on Jari!" Kaname said as she started jumping up and down like a little kid as she watched him "Man i wished i had some candy"
  Kaname / matthardy / 9y 123d 11h 8m 5s
Jari nodded and started to prepair everything for their leaving. He putted everything in the bags and started to wake her up. "Kana wake up, we are going to leave into the forrest." Jari stood up and putted all the bags on his back so she didn't had to carry all the weight and she could safe up energy. He saw a stick and walked towards it and made a sharp point at it with a piece of iron from the plane so he could use it as defence. The sun was slowly going up higher in the sky and the temperature started to rise quickly.
  Jari / Assis_Thalere / 9y 123d 12h 59m 1s
Kaname looked at him as she said "Jari we walk to mountain" as she sat next to him trying to rememeber what happen she said "Wolf" as that's what she saw a wolf in the forest's and black wolf all she saw was eyes. and she was laying with it untill she re-woke up not rememebering what had happen . kaname looked at him as she laid her head on his shoulder as she closed her eyes and started to sleep again.Kaname seen what had happen to her as she saw the wolf scratch her and then ran off as also knew it was still around calling to her.
  Kaname / matthardy / 9y 126d 11h 34m 52s
Jari left the forrest and went to the shelter with her as fast as they could walk. "We have to get ourselves a weapon and walk trough the forrest towards the mountain, or we are going to stay alive by fishing by the coast and having a main shelter. It is up to you to choose what we will do." Jari stopped as he stood in front of the shelter and still felt that they where being watched but he saw nothing or no one. He sat down on the loose white sand and started to think what they could do. There was something strange on this island but he couldn't figure out what. There has to be a reason why no one lives here he thought.
  Jari / Assis_Thalere / 9y 126d 12h 1m 45s
Kana slowly got up as she said"I dont rememeber" .Kana looked around as she said again "I really dont rememeber" as she had one mark on her arm from the wolf.Kana walked over to Jari lost then ever as she started to pull his arm going back the shalter as she wanted to leave. The wolf was watching them as his eyes were going back and forth but then he just left without the knowing. Kana looked where the wolf as she then looked at Jari who might be alittle freaked out for all she know.She just wants to get out of here and maybe off this island too.
  Kaname / matthardy / 9y 128d 21h 31m 8s
Jari woke up and looked beside him, Kana was gone. "Kana!" He yelled and got out of the shelter as fast as he could. "Kana where are you? Is everything ok?!" Then he heard her voice and he ran straight towards it into the forrest. Then he see's her and wraps his arms around her tight. "Is everything ok? Why did you go to here?" Jari said very worried as he didn't wanted her to be in danger because otherwise their survival chances will go rapidly down. "I was so worried about you." He took a step back and looked at her.
  Jari / Assis_Thalere / 9y 128d 21h 59m 25s
Kana woked up as she pushed her teddy bear under him as she got up and left as she went for a walk in the woods even if she cant see but something was pulling her in there so went to it but all she saw eye's of a wolf or a dog she reached out to it as she felt it's fur and the warmth of it. Kana laid down next to it as she wraped her arm's around it but it growled but she didnt care so it just laid there and then left. Kana woke up as she looked around and yelled but no one was there so she yelled for Jari hoping that he could hear calling.
  Kaname / matthardy / 9y 129d 13h 50m 28s

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