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A young girl, daughter of Vampire Slayers, lives in a ctiy that has many Vampire sightings. The Highest Vampire Clan is most talked about and has been needed to be put to rest. Her parents were murdered the night they go out, and shes been left at home. A dark figure sneaks into her room, its a vampire servant that works with the highest Vampire clan. He takes her away by knocking her out. To know now that she has to marry one of the two princes. Who will she chose?

I was kind of thinking about a small twist after she chooses someone and all but I'm not so sure about it:

There seems to be a twist....Two royal families and a war about the girl. It seems that another hidden royal family wants the girl for their two sons as well. Whats going to happen between them?

~No dropping
~No one liners or I'll but a limit. If you cant think of anything you can put that you couldnt really think of something and I'll understand ^^
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(u Characters:
Girl: Taken
Vampire Prince: Taken
Vampire Prince: taken
Servants: Can be more than one
Princess: Taken


Short Bio:
Anything else that you want to happen in the story:

Username: Kikido
Name: Miyuki
Age: 18
Personality: Secretive, playful, kind, dark, sometimes cruel, hates anything bright colored, loves anything dark and creepy
Hobbies: Drawing, singing, playing violin, designing dresses, writing poems and stories
Short Bio: She's been the type of child to be considered disturbed. Not much had really happend to her, but when she was changed she started seeing spirits and is sometimes haunted by them, wishing they would leave. She's learned to live with it, but still sometimes hate it.
Role: Princess

Username: yue_yandere
Name: Shinobu
Age: 18
Personality: Eccentric, mischievous, apathetic, blunt, perceptive, can act boyish at times
Hobbies: playing the piano, fighting, reading novels/tarot cards, telling fortunes, and swordplay.
Short Bio: As a fae servant, she is capable of performing many tasks, so long as you don't ask her to cook or sing. While indeed more a bodyguard, she likes to think of herself as a "cute maid of sorts... who can also double as a user of violence." She wandered the streets as a pickpocket until she was found by a member of the royal family and made a servant after they witnessed her fight off the bodyguards who tried to drag her to prison.
Role: Servant
Anything else that you want to happen in the story: I don't really need to be paired with anyone. However I do need the permission of one of the people who are rping as members of the royal family to say that person is the one who scouted her.

Name:tadashi sato
Personality:quiet, calm, but wont be afraid to point out dumb ideas when he sees them.
Hobbies:reading, parkor, playing piano, cooking, and spooking others when he gets the chance.
Short Bio:born a human servant he grew up only knowig how to serve vampires and tries not to get caught spending his free time doing parkor.

Username: DestinyTheLoveless
Name: Aaron
Age: 21 in human years
Personality: Sometimes sensitive, humorous, sarcastic, persistent
Hobbies: Drawing, writing, composing and listening to music, and thinking
Short Bio: Aaron was always a fairly nice guy. And yet, when rubbed the wrong way, he can start ripping out throats. He can be an angel at times but the devil at others.
Role: Prince
Anything else that you want to happen in the story: I like fighting, lol. Without it, though, I'm still okay.

Username: Cryevilabgel
Personality:collective and shy around newer people
Hobbies: writting and skate boarding
Short bio: Had a very difficult childhood. made him distant and can be a bit harsh at times. is irish :D

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Miyuki started to quicken her pase, but the rain had already started to fall. She liked the rain and always got in trouble when she'd run out. Now, she couldn't get in trouble because it wasn't her fault.
"I know Tadashi." She replied. "But I wanted to be in the rain, it's alot of fun."
She stopped and stood while the rain poured down. The drops hit her face and ran down her finger tips, Miyuki starting to smile. She felt like a child again and had to stop herself from spinning around.
When she heard the loud boom of thunder, she jumped feeling like she couldn't move at all. The next thing she knew, she felt a hand around her and saw that is was Tadashi. She stayed still as she was carried to the castle and up into her room. Once she could sit, her body shook a little but quickly regained her posture, not wanting to seem weak.
"It's fine Tadashi, I understand your concern."
Quickly she hid herself in her closet as she changed into a new dress. The first dress was very simple, one that would be okay if it was torn. This dress, though, was an elegant one. It was her favorite dress and one she only wore for special occations. She took bringing the girl as such of an occation. The only problem was the back, she couldn't tie it on her own and usually had to get help. Before she walked out, she grabbed a dress for the girl to wear, knowing it was the right size.
"Tadashi, help me tie the back and then tell my brohters I have the girl. I'll make her look presentable to them."
  Miyuki / Kikido / 8y 316d 23h 38m 11s
Quickening his pace he followed closely behind the Princess and squinted a bit feeling small droplets of water on his face. "Once again, I am sorry young miss..." He whispered while pulling his jacket off and slipped it over the girls body to keep her warm and mostly dry as the rain began to pour down on his head matting his hair to his face. Looking to the Princess he shook his head and sighed. "That is why I urged you to head out earlier Princess." He said knowing he was going to have to do the laundry again and always hated the smell of the dried blood on the Prince's clothes. Hearing lightning strike a nearby tree he shook his head and broke into a dead run as he snatched up the Princess around the waist and ran to the corner of the wall under her bedroom window then leaping off his left foot he bent his right knee then pushed off his right foot before landing in the Princess' bedroom through the open window then set the Princess down before laying the girl down on the bed. "Forgive me Princess, I do know how you hate to be picked up but it was necessary to save your dress from shrinking when it dries." He said as he turned and faced the corner of the room so she could change and he could gather the dirty clothes to wash.
  Tadashi Sato / sloganist / 8y 324d 23h 44m 40s
She didnt say anything after what the man, named Tadashi, since that's what she heard the girl call him. She just stared at the girl in front of her. Well more like glaring than staring. She looked up at the sky as dark clouds rolled in from the distance. "Looks like I failed at being a vampire slayer.." She mumbled softly to herself as she felt a drop of rain hit her nose. She sighed. She looked back up into the sky as it began to sprinkle. She always felt calm when it rained. And sometimes it rained when she was sad, like some old movies she used to watch. She wasn't sad as much, just angry from what that girl had done. It did remind her of one thing her mother told her when she was little.... (i 'Always do good things, because you can never change the past.' She knew, no matter how hard she tried to believe, her parents were never coming back.
  Onix / Ally_Kat94 / 8y 325d 18h 49m 24s
Miyuki continued along, seeing the castle only a few feet away. She hardly heard what Tadashi was telling the girl, but she didn't have anything to worry about. Tadashi was loyal, and wouldn't betray her.
"Tadashi, when we get home, would you mind putting her in my room. I'll look over her wound and see what can be done."
She didn't want the girl to hate her so, but Miyuki really didn't mind that much. All she really wanted was to actaully talk to another girl, Shinobu was the only girl besides her mother and other scared maids that she talked to. The girl didn't mind talking to her brothers and Tadashi, she loved it, but sometimes she just needed another girl.
"It seems that it's going to rain soon. We better hurry." She noted, looking up at the sky.
Grey clouds had started to come in. Thunder could be heard far off, lighting having to be not that far away.
  Miyuki / Kikido / 8y 333d 4h 50m 59s
feeling the girl move in his arm he pulled the meat off her face and slid it into his pack again. before sighing and nodding to her then softly brushed the girls hair out of her face and leaned down having his lips right next to her good ear. "i truely am sorry but i have to keep my family safe... i hope one day you will forgive me for this." he whispered then looked to the Princess and slowed down slightly so not to step on her dress. watching the ground his mind slipped back to his memories as his body remained following Princess Miyuki.
  Tadashi Sato / sloganist / 8y 335d 21h 38m 37s
She slowly felt her eyes open, and blinked a few times. She felt something slimy on her face but she couldn't tell what it was. she tried moving a hand to pick it up, but her hands were tied. Same for her feet. 'Seriously? This is ridiculous.' She thought to herself. She wasn't happy and just wanted to go home. But she realized that she no longer had home. She sighed. This was a terrible night.
  Onix / Ally_Kat94 / 8y 339d 20h 35m 41s
"You really can't think of another name can you?" Miyuki sighed. "No one has a creative name for us anymore Tadashi it's quite sad."
Turning, she started to walk back, listening to Tadashi comment. Smiling, she thought it true, the girl had shown a toughness she hadn't seen before. Even with the toughness, however, the girl seemed a tad unsmart to her. To challange a Vampire of royal status was suicide. All hunters knew they had guards around them. Miyuki, of course, really only had her little Shinobu but Tadashi sometimes came along. She thought he came everytime but she could never find evidence to it.
"She didn't want to come quietly, so you did what you could to make her." She answered Tadashi who seemed worried. "Tempting fate is fun, it makes life much more interesting, and I could really care less about what's expected of me, it's not like I'm ever going to take the throne, I love my brothers too much to kill them."
  Miyuki / Kikido / 8y 338d 6h 42m 36s
Picking the girl up and cradling her in his arms he looked at where his foot connected and sighed. "she really does leave the impression that she is tougher..." he muttered then pulled one of the steaks from the pack on his back and softly placed it on the side of the girls head as he carried her towards the castle. "Princess, do you think i might have kicked her too hard?" he asked feeling slightly bad for the pain he most likely caused her. he knew that he was too kind towards his own kind most of the time but did his best to exceed the expectations of those around him even if it was the simplest task. watching the girls face his heart almost dropped at the thoughts of what would possibly be done to the girl once at the castle, but he shook his head to clear away the thoughts. "Honestly Princess, i dont see why you tempt fate so often when there is so much more expected of you at your home." he said as he looked away from the girl making sure he had her ankles pinned to his torso and her head rested against his chest over his still beating heart so not to let the girl wake in a startled way.
  Tadashi Sato / sloganist / 8y 344d 5h 35m 50s
Onix crumbled to ground from a kick to her head. It left her head throbbing. She noticed the girl take her face, turning her face. She couldn't make out to what she was saying due to that stupid kick. She felt her head heavy and going in and out of consciousness. She mummbled to herself, "Stupid Blood-Sucker..." she faded into the darkness as she passed-out. Her head pounded even when she was unconscious and she felt as if she was going to be sick. She could feel the side of her face growing from it being swollen. She sighed in her head as she thought of her parents and she killed them. 'As soon as regain consciousness, the blood-sucking girl is gonna get it.' She thought to herself.
  Onix / Ally_Kat94 / 8y 344d 21h 57m 49s
Miyuki took a stance, ready for the girl again. However, Tadashi had already kicked her before she had a chance. She looked down at the girl, still holding her smile on her face.
"Well I wasn't expecting you to come quietly anyways, but it would've made the job so much easier but also boring."
Kneling down, she looked over the girl, moving her face from side to side. When she was satisfied, she stood again, sighing to herself.
"I still don't get why mother and father want one of my brohters to marry her, but it's not my decision to make. Just remember this girl, you're going to marry into the family so you might as well get along with everyone, including me. Let's go Tadashi, you seemd to have her restrained so it shouldn't be dificult to get her home."
  Miyuki / Kikido / 8y 338d 6h 42m 17s
watching the girl after she flipped away from him he nodded to the princess's words. noticing the girl charge at them he sighed and took two steps and leaped off the wall to the right then pushed his foot off the wall as he brought his foot backwards causing his foot to slam into the side of the girls head that came off the wall. as he moved in the air he grabbed the girl by her top to keep her head from smashing into the wall then as he landed he turned in place towards the princess and dropped the girl to the ground. "i may be human but at least i can help Princess Miyuki, and with all the years of serving your family for the sake of mine i will not let you get harmed..." he said as he knelt down and began tying the girls hands together as his neckless fell from his shirt and hung in front of the girls head. "so did you plan to go shopping for real this time or just slaughter the villagers?" he asked as he made sure the ties were tight.
  Tadashi Sato / sloganist / 8y 345d 14h 54m 43s
She glared at the girl as she charged but was suddenly raised in the air by her wrist. It was a guy. He was talking to her what seemed to be about 'safety issue's' She glared at him, "That was my whole intention, and don't talk to me like I'm some little kid. I know how to take care of myself." With that she kicked him so she free herself. While kicking off, she flipped backwards. Being forced to do gymnastics came in handy sometimes. Even though she didn't know that it would be for slaying blood-suckers. She only began the basic training of slaying about 2 days ago "I'm not even that trained, but i bet that can beat both your butts without my weapons." She didn't have a choice with the weapons, since the vampire took them all. She glared at them. She hated them, the blood-suckers. She looked at the girl with shock. 'She killed my parents?!' She was so mad. She made her hands into fists as she charged again. 'They're not taking me anywhere.'
  Onix / Ally_Kat94 / 8y 346d 3h 12m 53s
The girl was falling for it. So far Miyuki had her right where she wanted her. But she treaded carefully here, she knew this girl wasn't stupid. Her parents had to have taught her a bit about Vampires and what to expect.
Seeing the girl turn on her, she seemed to smile a bit. Miyuki was expecting this and had a weapon of her own ready. But as the girl jumped at her, who should apear but Tadashi. She was taken by suprise and took a step back.
"I was carful Tadashi." She replied, "I knew she would turn and I was ready. Now I have no use for thie knife anymore, already killed her parents with it."
Miyuki turned to the girl with her smile still on her face. She was so proud of this mission. Usually her brothers tagged along, but she had finally been given one on her own. And it was a very important one as well. This girl was going to have a bright future ahead of her.
"Well, I don't know where Shinobu went, but we might as well head back. I don't want to worry my brothers and I don't want you to get in trouble for leaving your work."
  Miyuki / Kikido / 8y 338d 6h 41m 33s
silently following Miss Miyuki by rooftop so she wouldnt know he was around tadashi slowed to a stop as one of the vampire hunters seemed to catch on. as the girl charged at Miyuki he hopped from the rooftop and caught himself on a windowsill just long enough to drop down in front of the charging girl. as the girl was close enough he grabbed her wrist and lifted her off the ground while taking the girls weapons off her person. "Miss Miuki, you really should watch out for the trained ones." he said in a monotone voice as he used his thumb to press on a nerve in the little girls wrist so she would drop the weapon. "as for you young lady, you shouldnt run with sharp objects, you might have hurt someone." he stated as though he were talking to an infant.
  Tadashi Sato / sloganist / 8y 348d 12h 14m 42s
As she was walking around searching for where the vampire or vampire's had gone, a girl ran up to her crying, and asking for help. She didn't exactly know what to do but as she was studying the girl, she seemed a bit...different. She knew that the girl was crying saying that she needed help but her eyes told told a different story. Plus, this girl smelt weird. She didn't want to sound rude but she did. The smell of blood filled her nose, 'Gross..' She thought to herself. She thought about it for a while and smiled. She decided to play along and she was good. "Where did you last seem them?" She asked as she pulled out her Vampire Slaying Daggers, and started walking toward the place the girl came from. She had this dirty smirk. 'Of course a Vampire would show up at the scene. This was going to be oh so easy.' She laughed darkly to herself as she turned to face the girl again. Her face was so angry but she wanted to do this after what they did. She started circling the girl. "You can't fool me...Vampire." She hissed as she charged at the girl. She wasn't going to get her out of her sight, and she was going to end that stupid blood-sucking vermine's life.
  Onix / Ally_Kat94 / 8y 352d 22h 41m 21s

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