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Max is just a friendly, ordinary guy with two big problems he's in love with a girl, who his best friend hates and he and his girlfriend are never completely together.

Max is the jock at the school alongside with john and they are the most popular guys in school and also extremely intelligent as well. While Max's girlfriend Claire is a cheerleader and while she is popular cheer leading is not her only talented.

Max, John and Claire have known each other since they where all in diapers but now things have begun to clarify as they enter their senior years. john is in love with Max but Max is really in love with Claire but she is in love with also Jamie.

Max and his best friend hate Jamie and Jamie and Max always get into fist fights and are extremely competitive against each other. Will things turn around, will people change will Max's best friend finally get Max or will Max and Claire will get married?


Friends are needed:

Enemies especially needed:

Best friend- Anti-roy/ John
Girlfriend- AngelofDarkness/ Clare
The guy who has a crush on the best friend:


1. no anime pics I want real pics.
2. Limit will be set at 240 cause I can get extremely lazy.
3. everything is allowed

Roleplay Reply. Do not chat here. (240 character limit.)

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Claire was still getting ready for school applying her make up and putting hairspray in her hair. She had texted her boyfriend to see when he was going to be at school. She was trying to find a ride from one of her friends. "Jess is such a bitch."She said to herself when her friend said she couldn't.
  Claire / AngelofDarkness / 9y 198d 21h 52m 20s
im ok he said . and i dont know either i just dont like her he said . toss me the ball he said wanting to switch subjects . and ill try again to get along with her he said looking at max. he then started jumping in place to strech his legs a bit
  john / Anti-roy / 9y 200d 14h 19m 28s
Max nodded "Ya sorry man thought you'd be upset since you don't like her too much and I don't know why, she's a sweet girl you know and I wish you two would get along more" he said as he ran up and swiped the ball dribbling it and tossing it at the net missing and hitting the rim it bounced off and he caught it.

"Damn I must be off my game" he said with a sigh "You alright man?" he asked..
  Max / pinkbabygirl / 9y 200d 14h 22m 27s
so thats where you went.. said john feeling a bit hurt he got blown off. i guess you had a good time trying to hide how hurt he was. and sorry i cant rember her name he said though he was lying he didnt like max's girlfriend sence he was blown off
  john / Anti-roy / 9y 200d 14h 28m 8s
He bit his lip but took a deep breath to not correct John knowing it was better if he wasn't "Oh she's doing great really great we went out on saturday night" he said then cursed in his head he had blown off John and hadn't told him the truth about why and he just blew his cover 'greattt' he thought sarcastically.
  Max / pinkbabygirl / 9y 200d 14h 32m 16s
john caught the ball and looked at him. you know the normal he said dribbling the ball. music, pratice and video games all i do when i have nothing to do he said laughing a bit and passed the ball back to max. hows whats her face he asked talking about maxs girlfriend
  john / Anti-roy / 9y 200d 14h 39m 26s
Max caught it and shrugged "Oh nothing much man, just been busy" he said as he dribbled the ball in between his legs with agility and then he passed it back to John.

"What about you dude?" he asked not wanting to tell him the truth if he told John he'd blown him off to chill with his girlfriend, John would throw a bit of a hissy fit.
  Max / pinkbabygirl / 9y 200d 14h 42m 11s
john was running from his house and wishing he lived closer. damn it he said still running hoping to see max . when he finaly got to school he headed to the locker room and changed and headed to shoot hoops and saw max. HEY! he called throwing the ball to max. how ya been? havnt heard from you in a while .
  john / Anti-roy / 9y 200d 14h 47m 3s
Max wrapped his arms around himself it was cold this month despite it was only september he could feel the frost bite starting to set in which made him break into a light jog towards the school he ran until his lungs where going to burst and raced into the school hands on his knees panting slightly.

"Man should never have taken up smoking" he commented out loud breathing, coughing and slight wheezing before standing up at attention and looked around he hadn't seen John in awhile mainly because his girlfriend wanted all of his time and it was starting to put a strain on their friendship.

Max walked towards the gym prepaired for a long work out with his fellow team mates. He walked into the change room and began to remove the layers of clothing he wore and hopped into the shower. When he was finished he put on his gym clothes and went out to go and shoot a few hoops while waiting for his team to get there.
  Max / pinkbabygirl / 9y 200d 14h 49m 49s

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