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When you join we can think of something. And i might have a really good idea


Real pics. I want Emo/Punk
Semi lit
No cyber -Timeskip.
WANTING!! Romance
No character controling
Dont take forever to reply
thats it!

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He looked at her eyes,wow he thought.His friends were coming means shit from them. As they walked up he said "mo,i will not date you" He lauged then walked away.He had an image to keep up with his friends,His friends looked at her and glared.He gave tehm hafe fives and smiles.Then looked back when his firiends were not looking.
  chris jon / bleedingheart94 / 9y 289d 19h 5m 35s
you there?
  Carolyn Lucey / IchiXRukia / 9y 290d 14h 34m 11s
"True." she said with a smile,and watched him look for something. Now that she is a little closer to him,he is good looking. Not hair to his shoulders like most boys there,and he had the prettiest eyes. They were a beautiful blue that made her jaw Drop. She then looked around seeing his four friends trugding up. Oh god..Here we go.. she thought ready for anything.
  Carolyn Lucey / IchiXRukia / 9y 290d 14h 43m 28s
He was having a good day that was why. "There is alot to be happy about today" He said.His hair fell in front of his face,He looked at the floor.He moved his hands around his bag. "Belive me i have my days,but i am nice sometimes".
He smiled at her.
  chris jon / bleedingheart94 / 9y 290d 14h 47m 27s
She wasnt preppy,she hated preps. Carolyn shook his hand and smiled slightly. "I thought you was all rude from rumors,but you look happyer than any other day this year." she said with a slight smile showing her white teeth. She then tucked a piece of her blonde with a large black streak behind her ear,and bit her lip lightly not sure if his rude,all the time friends were near.
  Carolyn Lucey / IchiXRukia / 9y 290d 14h 53m 51s
He looked up. It's carolyn,everyone in the school knew her. He stood up and looked at her. "hey and yeah its chirs you must be carolyn." He put out his hand. He was never much into girls like her.The blondes and preps but everyone seem to like him,But not when he was in a bad mood.When he was everyone back off.But he was feeling ok today,last night his motehr said he could come live with her.But that wont stop my father he will find him.But he might as well make today good.He looked her up and down she was cute.He had to admite that.But not very emo he would live.
  chris jon / bleedingheart94 / 9y 290d 15h 19s
As Carolyn was doodling,she looked up seeing Chris. He has always been so Intimidating,that she didnt have guts to go talk to him,but something was diffrent. He seemed slightly calmer than normal. So she Stood up,and put her books up,then brushed her short shots off and walked over to him cautiously. "Hey. Chris..R-Right?" she asked biting her lip lightly. "Im Carolyn." she said fiddling with her lip ring waiting for a reply,hopfully he wont be rude,right? Maybe he is nice...Hopefully.
  Carolyn Lucey / IchiXRukia / 9y 290d 15h 5m 10s
Chris walked to school,enjoying the day and not being in school. He pulled out a cig and his lucky lighter. He smoked it all the up. He was early which was not normal but he needed to ge out og the house. His father came home drunk so he stayed at his mothers. He walked in with his shoulder bag over him.He walk to his lokcer and open it.He had a picter of his sister who died about a year ago. He grad his things then grad his notebook for writing seems that was the only way to be himself he wait for his friends.
  chris jon / bleedingheart94 / 9y 290d 15h 9m 45s
-Yeah,luckily i already have a post made out!-
Carolyn was running down the streets,hoping she wouldnt be late for school. "I hope my clock is fast" he murmured to herself entering the school. She then saw that the halls were decent,and saw the clock seeing she was a good 30 minutes early. So she walked to her locker,and got her books out for her first period,and sat leaning up against the lockers waiting for the bell to ring. While she was waiting,some kids she knew walked by talking,and some she didnt really get time to know as well,but atleast she didnt get picked on at the school,unlike some others she had gone to in the past.She then took out her scetch book and started doodling random things,like her name in bubble letters,or just things that didnt look like anything really.
  Carolyn Lucey / IchiXRukia / 9y 290d 15h 14m 34s
yeah i like that i think it is really good Should you post frist love?
  chris jon / bleedingheart94 / 9y 290d 15h 15m 37s
-Ok here is my idea.-

They are two opposites. ______Is poor,and abused. Carolyn has good money and is loved. ______ was addicted to drugs,and wasnt a virgin. She was never close to drugs,and was a virgin. He can be rude sometimes,and she is always nice. Only a few tings they have in common. What if She goes and talks to him not knowing his life? What will happen?
  Carolyn Lucey / IchiXRukia / 9y 290d 15h 17m 1s
yeah your welcome
  chris jon / bleedingheart94 / 9y 290d 15h 21m 3s
  Carolyn Lucey / IchiXRukia / 9y 290d 15h 22m 39s
Hey could i join
  chris jon / bleedingheart94 / 9y 290d 15h 23m 56s
  Carolyn Lucey / IchiXRukia / 9y 290d 15h 24m 26s

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