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Story line.

Carlyn disguises herself as a boy to take the martial art classes. She works hard to excel and show their sensai that Girls can kick ass, but because he won't teach her as a girl she cuts her hair and joins the class as a guy. Being flat chested and wrapping her self around the breast and upper stomach area keeps people from thinking she's a guy. She notices ________ first as being the top student and wants to prove herself to Sensai asks to be put up against him in a spar.

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Giggled for a moment at the seller's comment, Then looked at Carlyn "Same thing your ordering, aslong as it dosnt taste too bland"

He looked around, as he saw the teacher walking by "Does she always hit on new guys in the class? Or is it just me?" He asked, holding back his laugh, As he finally threw the eaten apple in a trashcan

Then turned to Carlyn "Maybe you want some payback for her throwing things at you?.. " he suggested.
  Aseun (A-see-yun) / Fash / 9y 71d 9h 14m 48s
(i "Aseun, please stop licking the apple" Carlyn said sighing a bit. She looked at the door, the class was use to all this happening. Every one always thought this class room was a ton of fun, but to her, her teacher was insane.

The teacher just smirked a bit, "Now that's not going to happen. She throws things at me all the time, so I'm just returning the favor. Plus her mother broke my window last week." she said sort of glaring at the thought of Carlyn's mother and stones. "So, take a seat any where." She said once again smiling and handing out books.

When Ms.Jones got to Aseun's desk, she gave him a good look at her cleavage. As usual, every one else in the class sighed. "Carlyn, you will come to the board and solve this problem, and will not move til it's solved." she said, moving back up to the board.

Carlyn sighed following her, watching her write out a long problem on the bored. It took her at least five minutes to finish copying it out of the book. They were in advanced mathematics anyways. She smirked and took the rest of the board up with chalk, solving the problem with in ten minutes. Then the lunch bell was rung. "Go on now class. " Ms.Jones said smiling to every one.

Carlyn grabbed Aseun's arm and walked with him down the street, to a local Bento seller. "I'd like one fresh please." she said as if they'd known each other for a long time, the seller responded with a "Anything for you and your boyfriend. You're sharing right? Surprise or none today Miss?" he smiled at her. "We're not sharing, he's not my boyfriend, you know I like it when you surprise me." she responded back to him. She loved his food. It was the best place to get a bento box. "What do you want?" Carlyn turned to Aseun and asked.
  Carlyn / Carlyn3 / 9y 122d 3h 37m 2s
Would catch the ball, and pretty much stare back at everyone in a moment of silence.. before looking at the teacher
"Sure, On a condition that your never to throw things at Carlyn again.." He grinned as he slightly posed

He say it obvious that the teacher was hitting on him at this point, he thought he'd benefit Carlyn's marks and position in the class using this, as he still had the apple in his hands, he started to lick it again, On purpose..

He hoped that'd bring abit of humor to the class, as hes obviously put the teacher in a bad situation, after all he was eating in the class basically.
  Aseun (A-see-yun) / Fash / 9y 131d 20h 36m 16s
The teacher smiled looking at attractive boy, as Carlyn rolled her eyes and mumbled a "here we go again". The teacher made glared at Carlyn. "Aseun, would you like a seat towards the front?" said Ms.Jones winking a bit at him.

Carlyn grinned cheaply as her brother stood in front of Aseun "No you can't have this one! It belongs to Carlyn!" He shouted at her putting his arms in the air. He some what hoovered over him. "Ryan go to your class!" Carlyn sighed, and stood up staring at Ryan. "He's not mine!" she shouted at him. Her brother's teacher soom came through the room and grabbed him, and threw him over his shoulders.

"Oh, hi Ms.Jones" he said pushing his Jet black hair back, as Ryan blushed being able to see down Ms.Jone's top, his teacher standing in front of him. "Sorry about letting Ryan go again. I'll try to keep him held down better." he said walking a way and into the next room.

"Aseun would you like a seat closer to the front now?" the teacher asked again, looking at his face. The girl students and a few of the boys were all staring at him. "Even if you belong to Carlyn?" she said again. "He doesn't belong to me!" she shouted at the teacher, and grabbed the ball from the ground and threw it back at her. The thought of her teacher and Aseun dating made her stomach curl.
  Carlyn / Carlyn3 / 9y 132d 17h 23m 46s
Blinked.. looking at the teacher, he smiled and leaned on Carlyn slightly, in a sleepy way

"My name's Aseun, I never been to school so im here to see how things go!" He said excitingly, as everything that happend lately left him really excited.

The thought of the teacher being nice to him and mean to the two creeped him out slightly, and what did that student mean by not giving her time to make up?
  Aseun (A-see-yun) / Fash / 9y 133d 10h 38m 49s
Ryan watched Aseun and put his arm on her shoulder. "So, is he going to be in class with you?" he asked, as people started asking Aseun questions about his life. "Yepp, he's going to be in class with me today..." she replied and one of her friends spoke up to her, "How do you think Ms. Jones is going to react." "Probably beat the crap out of Carlyn, for not giving her time to make up her self up." replied to another.

The bell rang, as Carlyn looked over and saw Aseun entertaining a couple underclassman by licking the apple over and over again. "Uhmm....Aseun..." she started before putting her head down and staring at the ground. "Please stop licking the apple...".

It only took a few seconds for her to get him to follow her to class and sit down. "Ms. Carlyn who's your guess?" was asked by an attractive older woman. Wearing pants, then every one turned to the clock and counted down on their fingers, as her brother came in. "That's just a random person!" he said sitting down behind Carlyn. "Ryan, please go to class." then his arms wrapped around Carlyn and he stared at Aseun. "I don't want to leave my baby sister here with a stranger though!" he said smiling at Aseun.

Ms. Jones shook her head in disbelief and turned around, throwing a ball at Ryan, "DON'T MAKE ME GET THE PRINCIPAL AGAIN!" she yelled, the ball hitting Ryan then Carlyn. She then began to blush looking at Aseun. "Hello, may I ask your name?" she asked kindly.
  Carlyn / Carlyn3 / 9y 137d 7h 20m 57s
Would lick the apple's bite over and over..
When they finally were close to reach there
Upon meeting the group of people, he smiled

"Pleasure to meet every and each one of you" He stated with a slight nod and a smile, then proceeded to lick the apple, looking at Carlyn for a moment, before looking back at the group.
  Aseun (A-see-yun) / Fash / 9y 137d 14h 45m 0s
She would watch him and handed him an apple. Of course the apple had a bite mark taken out of it. She walked grabbed her bag, and looked at him. "Are you sure your ready?"she asked walking out of the many doors then another.

"Okay we're almost there!" she said smiling, at the complaints from the four mile walk. When they were finally there she was greeted by her brother happily, being pushed to the ground with a glomp. ("sis!") was all she heard. Then she felt him kiss her cheek, after she was able to get up, she was greeted by a group of people. "Oh this is Aseun." she said smiling a little.
  Carlyn / Carlyn3 / 9y 137d 15h 19m 2s
Would wake up slowly, yawning then blinking..
His eyes would slowly focus, as he looked at you
"Wah.. what time.. "

He rolled over and re-closed his eyes.. before suddenly opening them and jumping off the bed "We're going to be late! Ill get dressed!" He rushed his way into the bathroom, coming out with a tooth brush in his mouth as he now started walking between the rooms in a rush, his pants half-worn as he puts on his shirt, he finally pulls them up and sighs in relief..

"Im.. ready.." He smiled as he looked at her, Then at his hand watch.
  Aseun (A-see-yun) / Fash / 9y 137d 15h 31m 2s
She looked at him a bit 'Well then...he's quickly asleep. she thought as she took his shirt off of him, for him. She shut her eyes and slowly drifted off to sleep.

Time skip to the next morning.

"Beep Beep!!" rang in her ears as she punched the closest thing to her then rubbing her eyes. Aseun had wrapped his arms around her some time last night. She had hit him again. She was sure that he was going to freak out on her one day, but he hadn't yet. She crawled away from his grasp and took a shower, towel dried her hair, and dressed in a black and red school uniform, before waking Aseun up.
  Carlyn / Carlyn3 / 9y 138d 7h 50m 1s
Aseun giggled "Im sure.. now sleep" he closed his eyes..and fell asleep pretty quickly, sleeping innocently while he was full of energy a second ago..

He seems to have a habit of shoving his hand into his shirt while hes sleeping..
  Aseun (A-see-yun) / Fash / 9y 138d 7h 57m 24s
She looked at the pillow and sort of laughed, playing with her hair "You didn't go to school I take it?" she said smiling a little. "Aseun...my brother will be right across the hall from us...Are you sure you want to come to class with me?" she said some what smiling.

She bit her lip a bit pushing her self into his back some.
  Carlyn / Carlyn3 / 9y 138d 8h 3m 34s
Would suddenly open the bathroom door, smiling "Uh-heh.. Big day tomorrow we should sleep early!" He stated smiling, as he grabbed your hand and started pulling you towards the bedroom

"What will i wear!?.." He said to himself, giggling he threw you onto the bed then jumped next to you, sighing in relief

"Ill see what schools look like!"
  Aseun (A-see-yun) / Fash / 9y 138d 8h 12m 12s
"You're going to class with me?" She asked laughing as he hurried to the bathroom and went to the bedroom. She put her hand on the door and looked back at the bathroom, and just sort of smiled. "Well this will be odd explaining to people to my teacher." she said to her self, and set out her school uniform.

She touched her hair, where he had rubbed himself against and just smiled. "Okay, I have to be up by 6 in the morning tomorrow." she said making the bed, then going back into the living room and cleaning up the mess from her parents.

She bit her lip at the thought of the people in her class making fun of her, for having an older friend with her. "Well, tomorrow is going to be the most interesting day of them all."
  Carlyn / Carlyn3 / 9y 138d 8h 33m 55s
Shook his head "School isnt really needed.. and We'll go to the class together you know" He smiled, hugging her tightly as if he didnt want to let go.

His smile would be wide as his eyes closed, rubbing his cheek against your hair "Even if not forever.. your still staying a month.. Ill take as much time as i can get!"

He'd suddenly let go and grin at you, "You really are beautiful" He said in a low tone, as he turned his back

Rushing to the bathroom "Nature's call!" He closed the door behind him.
  Aseun (A-see-yun) / Fash / 9y 138d 8h 54m 1s

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