Family Needed...

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Mom: Taken
Dad: Open:
Sisters: Open
Brothers: Open
Twin: Taken
Aunts: Open
Uncles: Open
Cousins: Open
Kids: (Optional...)

No I do not mean pictures...

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Roleplay Responses

Disnal....why dont u talk to me anymore .....are u mad at me or something? is me neckoangle
  hey~ / Deaths_twin / 8y 42d 10h 32m 22s
walks over and leans into her slightly forcing his canines into her skin, letting the warm blood trickle down his throat
  Takimaru / Vader2 / 8y 43d 2h 26m 7s
Bite me then allow my blood to run down your throat.
  Kisha Si / Disnal / 8y 43d 3h 2m 4s
waiting as well What's supposed to happen..
  Takimaru / Vader2 / 8y 43d 3h 12m 10s
  hey~ / Deaths_twin / 8y 43d 3h 45m 7s
-nods waiting-
  Kisha Si / Disnal / 8y 43d 3h 46m 13s
:DDD hii what uppp

hii disnal xDDD
  hey~ / Deaths_twin / 8y 43d 3h 46m 46s
looks at her arms

Hiya :D
  Takimaru / Vader2 / 8y 43d 3h 47m 26s
hii guys XDD
  hey~ / Deaths_twin / 8y 43d 3h 49m 55s

uts arms out in fronmt of you

  Kisha Si / Disnal / 8y 43d 3h 52m 26s
takes the pain
  Takimaru / Vader2 / 8y 43d 3h 58m 22s
  hey~ / Deaths_twin / 8y 43d 4h 14m 41s
Remember, this can't be undone. -my canines sharpen a and I slowly force them into your neck-
  Kisha Si / Disnal / 8y 43d 6h 15m 30s
nods I think I want to try it...
  Takimaru / Vader2 / 8y 44d 2h 41m 29s
They're in a pack, this pack goes to the same school, and has a keeper, I wish for you to be my beta. -looks at you and places head on your shoulder.- In order to turn you, I must bite you and you must bite me and drink my blood. But, as my brother, I warn you, there will be pain, wether you can stand the pain or not I'm not sure of.
  Kisha Si / Disnal / 8y 44d 5h 46m 28s

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