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Spike noticed her getting closer to him and he backed away a bit. He was kind of freaked out about what she was doing and didnt want anything to happen in class. (b "Umm hey do you think we can hang out after school today?" He asked quickly before she got to close.
  Spike Wheeler / AcEOfSpAdES / 10y 203d 9h 9m 25s
She blushed again.... ''I cant believe that i am the first one that says that to you'' she said while she moved closer towards his face.
  Xanadu<33 / iloveit / 10y 203d 9h 12m 2s
Spike stared at her with a blush and he gently grabbed the hand that was storking his hair. "I think you are very pretty and thank you. I dont know thoug. You are the first to say that." He let go of her hand and blushed a little more.
  Spike Wheeler / AcEOfSpAdES / 10y 210d 2h 54m 54s
[Nope x333 sorry for the late reply]

Xanadu blushed ''I still dont really think so'' she said while she looked at him ''You are very handsome..'' she said while she stroked his hair softly.
  Xanadu<33 / iloveit / 10y 210d 2h 59m 22s
[I suppose I should delete this then?]
  Spike Wheeler / AcEOfSpAdES / 10y 210d 3h 55s
Spike turned his whole body to her and looked over at the other girls in class. he didn't see one girl in their that could match Xanadu's beauty. He shook his head as when he did look he got weird stares. He turned his head back to Xanadu and smiled. "Well it seems to me you're the prettiest girl in here and all others must be jealous to call you ugly because you are not."
  Spike Wheeler / AcEOfSpAdES / 10y 212d 5h 15m 46s
She blushed ''Well i never had a boyfriend and some girls says that i am ugly'' she said while she frowned. ''And i am a little bit uncertain'' she said nervous.
  Xanadu<33 / iloveit / 10y 212d 5h 20m 17s
Spike looked over at her curious about what she was talking about. He stared for a while then realising what happened he bushed again and held up his hands. "Oh I'm sorry I didnt mean to say it out loud but of course you are why dont you think so?"
  Spike Wheeler / AcEOfSpAdES / 10y 212d 5h 39m 26s
Xanadu blushed looking away from him. ''T-thanks'' she stuttered. ''But i dont think i am..'' she said while she still blushed.
  Xanadu<33 / iloveit / 10y 212d 5h 42m 27s
Spike looked ahead knowing that he was blushing and tinscaring her a bit. "Well your pretty. He mumbled not realising he said that out loud.
  Spike Wheeler / AcEOfSpAdES / 10y 212d 5h 47m 36s
She nodded ''Yes.. i'm really 15'' she said with a shy voice tune. She still blushed while she bited on her lower lip... She smiled a little nervousley at him.
  Xanadu<33 / iloveit / 10y 212d 5h 52m 41s
When she said her age Spike looked over her again a bit surprised. He smiled at her a little confused at how she was only 15. "Wow 15?" He asked his eyes wide. He tried not to make it obvious, but she was pretty and he was quuite stunned a pretty girl was talking to him.
  Spike Wheeler / AcEOfSpAdES / 10y 212d 5h 59m 1s
She blushed at his comment. ''Ehmm i'm 15 years old''. Xanadu was tall and big breasted for her age. Everyone tought she was 18 or something.
  Xanadu<33 / iloveit / 10y 212d 6h 6m 21s
Spike checked her out a bit noticing she was a pretty girl. He blushed and laughed quietly. "Aww and I was hoping you were just shy around me." He said laughin a bit more. "I am 16, how old are you?"
  Spike Wheeler / AcEOfSpAdES / 10y 212d 6h 7m 50s
She chuckled a little..''Hmm well sorry i'm always shy around guys'' she said as she stretched her back once again. ''How old are you?'' she asked with a cute smile.
  Xanadu<33 / iloveit / 10y 212d 6h 14m 9s

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