Grand Adventure-Chapter 1

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The tale of 5 adventurers, each having their own skill. Friends from child hood, they decided to travel together, in a never ending adventure. Through towns, city's, forest, deserts and the likes, it never ends. Trading, fighting, and working, they all live and work for each other.

They travel in a wagon, and set out camp, or use the inn for night, they hunt for food and gather materials. A true adventure starts here!

The world is filled with mythical creatures and magic, and land form's of all kinds. The land is called Lanzhiem, and it has it's own regions.


The Defender: Fight to defend the party. ^_^ Uses swords and shields. Daggers and the like

Role:The Defender
Weapons and equipment:Like in pic. Left hand shield, right hand sword.

The Hunter: Uses bow and whips. Hunts the food for the party, and is also the animal tamer/expert

Name: Erika
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Role: Hunter
Weapons : Large 2 Handed axe, and her pet
Personality and bio: Coming soon :P

The Trader: Uses Hammers and Axes. Heave weapons and the like. Makes the financial decisions for the party, and know how to make a deal, or make some money for the party.

Name:Kavin Miles
Weapons :Battle Axe with Pain spiked Light battle armor.
Personality and bio:Found out during story.

The Navigator: Uses black magic, and rods and staffs. Is the navigator for the party, decides the best route, and the next destination.

Name: Isabelle
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Role: Naviator
Weapons: Small Wooden "Wand", Black Magic
Personality and bio: ...

The Medic: Uses white magic, and shields and staffs. Keeps the party healthy, and heals if needed. Knows what sickness is what, and what causes them.

Name: Etherlite M. Vinsdrell Sidhe
Gender: Female
Age: 21
Role: Medic
-She has a "special" family tome of spells. Mystic Code "Sidhe's Spellbook".
-Messenger bag full of items of many kinds
-Secretly carries a knife
-Old Wooden Staff
Personality/Bio: I will make it later on...


Personality and bio:(Optional)

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Looking around, making sure everyone was ready, she got the horses to get going. They traveled for awhile, east always to the east. She had her own dark reasons for going in that direction, which of course she kept to herself. Laying back in the cart, she giggled to herself, thinking about her own future...
  Erika / skyline339 / 10y 83d 4m 10s
[I deleted the ones during the RP, but not the ones before. Theirs 4 pages of the stuff. XD]
  Juto / StrifeX / 10y 83d 18h 15s
[Haha, alright then Felly. And I'll help as well. XD]
  Juto / StrifeX / 10y 83d 18h 8m 46s
(b [[ Striffey! Lol. *hugs* I have to get off like now :

Isabelle looked over at Juto again, then slid herself into the wagon. But she got near the front so she could talk to the others in the wagon and Juto and Erika. She liked to talk to people, when she was in the mood that was. She nodded her head at him when he said that everyone was to get in. He was correct. They need to get into the wagon and starting to head where she told them. "We are heading east for a while." Was all she said for now, as the others trusted her words.
  Isabelle | Wind / Feline_Chic / 10y 91d 14h 18m 17s
Juto was waiting for the rest to put their equipment and belongings in the wagon. He looked at everyone and then looked at Isabelle with a smiled as she put her stuff in the wagon. Why did she choose the next destination? Well everyone always wondered this. "Alright everyone, ready up. Were going to leave soon." He said happily and with enthusiasm. He walked over in front of the wagon and checked on the two horses they used. They were in good shape and just had food to eat, so they were all set. Erika was the one who drove the horses and everyone else goes inside the wagon, and does their thing. Juto was always outside walking beside it, encase something happens.
  Juto / StrifeX / 10y 91d 14h 25m 20s
Isabelle walked over to Juto, and threw her other small bag into the wagon with a grin. She knew where they were going next, as she was the navigator. And as she had told everyone their next destination, everyone else knew too. But only she knew the reasons they went to certain places, the reason they would burst into good luck at new towns. It was because of her, and her black magic. She was the youngest out of the friends, but it didn't bother her. She liked to surprise them with what she could do.
  Isabelle | Wind / Feline_Chic / 10y 91d 14h 35m 49s
Kavinpacked his gear and readied himself for the journey. H got his axe and his supplies and put them in a bag he carried on his back. He held his axe most of the time always prepared for battle. He sharpened it a bit and counted his money. He waited around quietly for the others to get ready to set off.

Kavin had been an expert trader and he always made a profit, Even when buying. He sold many things having his own shop in town. He also always had the necessary supplies for adventures like ths and would be the one most relied on to buy things for everyone.
  Kavin Miles / AcEOfSpAdES / 10y 92d 18h 17m 19s
Sitting up in the shadows in the tree she watches over them, also watching in the distance for different threats. Erika's long ears perked up at the sound of a bird rustling in the branches next to her. She smiled to herself, finally she could get away from the bars and actually go on an adventure and find treasures. So far the day was uneventful, jumping down from her branch almost noiselessly, she lands on the ground crouching, her blue hair covering her face. Slowly standing up she walks back over to the group. For a hunter she was quite tall, but extremely strong, most hunters didn't like using 2 handed weapons, but even when it's strapped to her back she gains a mental boost. It makes her feel so powerful, making it to the group, she stood silently, She never was really much of a talker, but that's how most elves were. Looking on at the magic user, giggling a little, she never would take a bag or anything. Nature has it all everything that you could ever need, but then again, city folk don't know half this stuff, even though they are friends, she has been away lot on different adventures things.
  Erika / skyline339 / 10y 94d 4h 4m 38s
Juto was always enthusiastic, and they set camp in the middle of the forest. Everyone was packing and getting ready to head off the again, the navigator already made the path for them. He had his bag all set, he had bandaged and all of the sorts. He chucked it in the wagon and sighed, he looked back to see all his childhood friends packing up as well... He laughed and smiled. He remembered when they use to play adventure, and now it's happening. He saw Etherlite having trouble with her bag, she was the oldest, but she was still our good friend. He decided to help, seeing everyone else having no trouble. He walked over and leaned down picking up some of her bags. He smiled at her, and started walking back to the Wagon, to place the bags inside.
  Juto / StrifeX / 10y 94d 15h 2m 57s
A child as most saw the girl, was dressed entirerly in black. If some looked at her wrong some might say she was a devils bringer, which in a way was correct. She could use black magic, but all she could do at the moment is navigation. Which in a way is hard, but it was the first thing she could do. In a bag, she packed her spell book, her black magic parchment she uses for navigation, and other items including a few things she knew she couldn't find on the road for difficult spells, and many other things she would need. She didn't need many things, shown by the mediumly sized bag she threw onto her back to carry. Also, hidden on her leg, was her 'wand' she uses.
  Isabelle | Wind / Feline_Chic / 10y 94d 15h 15m 32s
Etherlite a young woman clad in the garments of what seemed to be either a priestess, alchemist, or magus, at the very least a scholar of some kind. She seemed to have a serene and calming air about her. She was packing an array of things into bags and such. She collected things like books, first aid kit, alchemy components, food, cooking supplies, and many other things. Unfortunately, she could not carry this all at once by herself, she had much trouble just trying to carry one bag.
  Etherlite M. Vinsdrell Sidhe / Etherlite / 10y 94d 15h 30m 33s
Name: Isabelle
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Role: Naviator
Weapons: Small Wooden "Wand", Black Magic
Personality and bio: ... Unknown

  Isabelle | Wind / Feline_Chic / 10y 94d 15h 35m 1s
Your right, I know it's like that. And the one with the sword and shield as well. >.>
  Juto / StrifeX / 10y 94d 16h 17m 59s

"I am assuming you are the main hero."

  Vin Han Shanghai / Etherlite / 10y 94d 16h 32m 38s

"Wrong my dear boy, Love Interests make it interesting, most common comical experiences are the main hero and some older side/support character."

Vin: A writer, and artist, a father, and some guy who drinks tea all day...
  Vin Han Shanghai / Etherlite / 10y 94d 16h 34m 33s

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