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Missy is falling in love with her best frined who which is a girl.Her best friend knows about her bi-ness and was cool with it.But what happens if missy wants to tell her best frind that she is falling for her.Does she feel the same way and been hiding a secert? or will it all end?

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She walk to her own locker boerd out of her mind.Then her ex comes."so sammy girl where is your little hoe frined" lily said as she close sammy locker."you know lily you broke it off go the fuck to hell alright?" she saids she was not goin to let her talk about amy like that."what ever sweetheart"lily said then grad her arm.Hard that it left a mark on her."dont get in my way you are mine" lily said then walked off.Sammy was scared.she pick up her books and walk to drawing class.She text amy.
-i have a big ass mark on my arm from lily-
  Sammy lust / bleedingheart94 / 10y 145d 3h 6m 53s
"yes" she said with a smile,she still felt her hand on her.She like her warm.She smile."seee you then." she said as she got her cell out.
  Sammy lust / bleedingheart94 / 10y 145d 14h 40m 31s
"omg yes we are getting tans" she said she took her hand and felt a shark come before them,that happens when ever she fell for her and when she did she start to dream about her and it piss her ex off which was funny in away.She smile."and crap that is so true im really spook he has not got us yet." she herself text a few poeople then puts it away
  Sammy lust / bleedingheart94 / 10y 146d 4h 27m 51s
"no,and when was the last time i did home work?" she ask with a smile.
  Sammy lust / bleedingheart94 / 10y 146d 4h 39m 17s
"im not sure" she said as she rest her head on her shoulder."but hey now i can got out there again" she said with a smile
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She sat down with some ongs goin thou her head."i was goin to once i stop crying my girlfrined broke up with me last night" she said to her with a sadden look.She was not sure whatr to think anymore.She put her hand on her neck.She like that way amy dress.
  Sammy lust / bleedingheart94 / 10y 146d 4h 53m 35s
She walked up to the school.She just dump her ex girlfrined and was breck over it but now she was havinf feelings for her best frined amy she hate it knowing amy would hate her if she found out.She walked up and walked to the court yard.She saw amy and waved.
  Sammy lust / bleedingheart94 / 10y 146d 5h 5m 24s
plases you
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ofcouse sweetheart lol
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