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he sat in the old drama room in a bean bag chair and sighed softly just stareing at the ceailing
  Ryan / Rainbowtastic / 9y 169d 7h 53m 14s
*She looked around at the class and smiled lightly, She nodded and started to pass out some papers for the pop quizzes that she was told to pass out*
  Chizu Aki / CowXCheese / 9y 170d 4h 6m 45s
he coverd his head as she left and sliped out of the room because he got some glares from the boys friend and he didnt feel like geting beat up that day at all so he wasnt there whhen the teacher got back but he didnt think she would realy notice anyway
  Ryan / Rainbowtastic / 9y 171d 7h 43m 51s
*Chi smiled and nodded lightly, She looked at the other boy, Standing up she took him by the ear, Her long fingernails pinching it tight as she pulled him out of the desk and pulled him out of the class and down to the principles, Getting him after school detention for 2 weeks straight. Chi walked back in and smiled at the class* "Sorry Every one... Had to take care of him, Now where was I.." She said smiling as she walked over to the board and started the lesson
  Chizu Aki / CowXCheese / 9y 171d 7h 55m 3s
he looks at her " um no.." he says softly earning him a glare from the oter boy. he new he was so dead after this class but he couldnt lie to her
  Ryan / Rainbowtastic / 9y 171d 8h 1m 53s
*Chi raised an eye brow again, and looked at Ryan, She bent down, Not wanting her skirt to fly up as she did so. She looked at him with soft eyes and sighed softly* "Did you hit this boy..?" She said softly, Hating that she had to treat these ALMOST Grown kids like preschoolers, She waited for an answer as she glared slightly back at the other kid*
  Chizu Aki / CowXCheese / 9y 171d 8h 8m 23s
the boy quickly sits
9b " but he did i will get the principle down here" he crosses his arms ) he lays his head on the table not wanting to go thrwe this...again today he already had 3 detentions from just today and was kinda tierd of it by now
  Ryan / Rainbowtastic / 9y 171d 8h 13m 44s
*Chi flinched as she heard a male scream, She looked over at him quickly, She walked over to him and looked at Ryan, The boy that supposedly hit the male. She sighed and stared down at Ryan for a few seconds, Seeing the the boy looked like a sweet nature boy, She looked at the guy holding his eyes. He raised an eye brow and removed his hand so she could look at it, Chi studied it for a few moments before she shook her head* "Stop making things up and sit down.." She said knowing nothing was wrong with the boy, She pointed to the desk, Ordering the boy to sit down right away*
  Chizu Aki / CowXCheese / 9y 171d 8h 16m 21s
Ryan was very shy and always sat in the back away from people. he looked up as his teacher walked in. he was always put in new teachers rooms and stuff because they hoped it would help him with his antisocailness. but it never did he did frequenly get picked on but he was learning to deal with it slowly. when the teacher wasnt looking the kid next to him sceamed ow holding his eye and standing " he hit me he hit me" the kid screached pointing to ryan. ryan just sighed. he was use to all of the detentions
  Ryan / Rainbowtastic / 9y 171d 10h 52m 6s
<<sorry have to get off for the night i will be on tomorow
  Ryan / Rainbowtastic / 9y 172d 4h 46m 4s
[OK. ^^ I'll start.]

*Chizu, Who likes to be called Chi, Drove up to the school parking lot, Grabbing her bag as she got out and walking up into the school she was assigned to since she just moved here to the little town with her teaching degree. Chi sighed lightly as she walked into the school Seeing teachers give her funny looks for being Asian, He blushed lightly and looked down, Looking at her watch and seeing what time it was, She walked into her class. Math was the class the she majored in, She sighed lightly and softly before she walked in, Looking over at the students she smiled lightly at all of them and went over to the board and writing her name* "Hello class... I am Mrs.Aki... You may call me Mrs.Chi." She said looking at all of them with a soft smile.*
  Chizu Aki / CowXCheese / 9y 172d 4h 49m 44s
hmmmm how about student teacher i can be the student but maybe you should be like the seme if you dont mind
  Ryan / Rainbowtastic / 9y 172d 4h 56m 15s
[Hm... We could do-

1.Teacher X Teacher
2.Teacher X Student
3.Student X Student
4.New Transfer student
5.Best friends since they where young
  Chizu Aki / CowXCheese / 9y 172d 4h 58m 24s
hmmm not really i was hopeing you might have some love
  Ryan / Rainbowtastic / 9y 172d 4h 59m 46s
Yes, Yes you may. ^^ Any Ideas?
  Chizu Aki / CowXCheese / 9y 172d 5h 3m 7s

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