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We all at one moment in life have to deal with hatred, but sometimes we don't realize that the people we hate, end up being the one's we fall for, but what happens when we end up rooming with some one who's our polar opposite, who we do nothing but argue with?
You'll be rooming with me, this is strictly to help me work on my writing, but there's going to be romance, and there's going to be harsh words. If you can't handle "Name Calling, Drinking, Physical fighting" then don't join. I can post a few paragraphs and I am working on more. Don't use text talk and at least give me four sentences.


Name:James Masters
Favorite Color:Red

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"It wasn't a sex party!" her voice shaking. She turned and looked at him "It was just a study thing, what he decided to do was unplanned." she said pushing her hair back some. "A lot, if you're going to start fights with people you don't know." She skipped over the dating part. It was her choice and she had kept with him through every thing.

Her attitude was back, she layed next to him and stared up at the ceiling with him, still irritated at the fight. "You should paint that." She said then moved out of his bed and into her own room. "No more fighting with Harold. He comes around to much for fights to just break out in here" She yelled from across the hall, not even offering a good night to her new room mate. She already had cable on her T.V. so the news was on in her room, she put her hair in to a neat pony tail, and changed into a big shirt. She didn't wear any pants and threw her dirty clothes into a bin, smiling. Her uniform for tomorrow was hung up nicely in her closet and she crawled into bed, smiling a little, being her self, drifting in and out of sleep from the evening news, cuddling a pillow between her arms.
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"Well it looks like a freaking SEX party inthere!" he said.He closed his eyes and heldhis face in his hands.He then muttered, "I cant believe you dated that douche"loud enough for her to hear.He looked up at her and then laid back,staring at the cieling.

"GAHHH!What is wrong with me!?" he exclaimed.His hands spread on either side of him.He looked at her with a red face.But it was out of embarassment.He was blushing!It had been a while scince he had done that.Cockiness could do that to a person.
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Carlyn looked at the ground, her face bright red, every one leaving the apartment after the incident. She didn't see what her ex was doing. "What the fuck are you doing?!" was what she yelled when James had pushed him. She wasn't shocked when Harold tried to throw a punch at him, but she knew his glare and was ready to take what ever he had at school tomorrow. After every one left she went to Jame's room and pushed the door open and sat on his bed.

"Please just tell me, what you were doing in there." she said staring at his closset door. "Since when does violence get you anywhere?" she asked.
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James came out once more for a drink and saw Harold,Carlyn's ex,moving his hand up the girlhe brought's skirt."What The Fuck?!Is this some fucking sex party?How about you take your little hoe and goget a room!" he yalled pushing Harold.He was upset because he was told that they were going to study.He also just didn't want to hear any shit from Carlyn.

Harold pushed James and James' face got red.He punched Harold,making him fall.Then he grabbed Harold by the shirt and threw him out of the apartment door.Then he looked at the girl he was with."Go by your faggot boyfriend!" he said.Then he closed the door and looked at everybody."Im sory!" he said blushing.He walked to his room.
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Carlyn sighed knowing her change much had confused him. "No, I've got everything under control" She said forcing a smile out at him. A few girls had already asked her how she knew him, and who was he. She just explained that they were room mates now, and that was as far as it was going with him.

The guy looked at him, and sort of laughed. Her ex, wasn't as sweet as everyone else viewed him, he had his dark side, especially when he was drinking. Carlyn wasn't afraid of him being around, she was more afraid of him knowing she was with other men. The girl made the rest of the women in the room look like saints. She had the skirt hiked up so high you could see her panties easily, and her hair was down and messy. She looked like a girl from play boy.

Carlyn sighed, knowing that he was only with her for sex. It took a little bit but soon every one had a place in the living the pizza was taken and ate carefully as they read a loud from the books. Soda was greatly appreciated from every one, but one question broke the study circle. "Why is Harold here if he's your ex?" asked a blond girl, who was easily distracted. Her ex just smiled. "Because I damn well feel like it, now get back to work."

She noticed James would find any reason to come into the living room, whether he needed something, or he couldn't figure out how to work something, Carlyn would usually blow him off though. She'd help him with a few things, but not every thing.
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James made a snappy face at her before they came in.He winked at some of the girls the nodded at theguys.He shoved the crust of the pizza in his mouth.He looked up and saw her get more silent.He lokked throughout the group of people for the solution.

A few minutes later he noticed the problem.He saw a pretty tall guy walk in with a girl.Of course he was taller,being 6'9" made him a little more intimidating.He flashed a look at her saying 'Want me to help?'He was kind and always willing to help when it came to ex's.

He was taller and stronger than theother guy,so it didn't seem hard.Ifshe did nod in agreement,he would help her.'I mean that's what roomies do!Right?' he thought.He shifted his glance towards the ex and a grin slid across his face as he turned back to Carlyn.
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"If only looks could kill man" Were the words out of the pizza boy's mouth when he saw her staring at James. Her eyes seemed full of rage. "I tell you what, Carlyn, fuck the number, how about I come over tomorrow and we go out?" he said, smiling. He seemed shy in the beginning but nothing ever truly sticks.

Carlyn smiled at him and nodded. "I'd enjoy that." after a few more minutes of chatting, she watched him leave, then turned her glare back on to James. "What the fuck was that?!" She exlaimed angryly at him, not even noticing that he was eating the pizza. "I hope you don't plan on bringing any girls here! I can tell you what payback won't ever be so sweet." She said shutting the pizza box, her hand pushing more force then needed to it.

She grabbed the marshmallows from him and sighed, jumping when the doorbell rang. In came a few girls and a couple guys, all holding large text books. She flashed them all a happy smile and grabbed her own book she was reading and joined them in the living room. The texts books were all chemistry and she was easily the best dressed. "Hey guys" she spoke quietly, unlike before. Her harsh toned seemed to fade into a kind one. "There's pizza in the kitchen, and soda too." She said, when her ex walked in. He was about 5 foot 8, and well built. That may had been why she was so quiet. He had short brown hair, and was with a girl when he came in.
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"Ohhh Well arent Ms.Flirty today!" he said seeing what she gave the pizza man.He walked up to thephone and called the people.He orderedcable for his tv.Then he put down the phone and smiled."Cable in a week." he said then he looked at her.He opened up a bag of marshmellows and poppedone in his mouth.He threw one at her and said,"Hey,DFlirt Face!" he chuckled and ate another one.He put them down and grabbed a piece of pizza."Yum!" he exclaimed taking a bite.
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"Call the cable company, it's your tv, you can pay to have it on." She said looking up from the book she was reading. She flashed him a stern look, as she flipped the page. She wasn't going to help him out, he had to do things on his own. She smiled letting her book draw her attention a way from the irritated man, standing in her living room. "Phones on the counter" she mumbled pushing her glasses back on to her face, only to take them off again, when the doorbell wrung shortly after words.

"Hello" She answered the door to an attractive guy. He had blond hair and was built nicely, she couldn't help but flash a toothy smile at him. "Come on in, I'll grab my wallet and pay you." She said instructing him into the kitchen. The pizza man put the box down on the counter next to the phone. He left the soda on a table and looked at the other guy and just frowned, when Carlyn came back out she handed him her money, with a piece of paper. It had her number written on it and after he left, she snuggled back into the couch.
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James noded "No,Talking" he said.He didn't have anywhere else to go so that was his only choice.James grabbed his half drunken coke from his bag.He drank the rest and laid the bottle on the table.He was the neatess person in the world.He went to the room and laid on the bed.He saw a tv there and turned it on.It said 'Unable To Display Program'.He walked out of the room and muttered"Stupid bitch" as he walked up to her."Hey,Why is the Tv not working?" he asked her in a worried tone of voice.He assumed she hadn't gotten it turned on.
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She didn't really pay much attention to him as she pointed to the room across the hall from hers. She put on a pair of glasses and sighed, grabbing a book from one of the lower shelves in the living room. He seemed like all the assholes she's dated her whole life, and wasn't letting her self get trapped in again. "Look I have a few friends coming over tonight, we're going to be up studying, we have a few exams in the morning." she said looking over at him "I'd appreciate it if you weren't here, or if you at least didn't talk to any of them?" she sounded like a bitch for the way she was talking to him, but didn't want her friends getting the wrong idea. Even though they were all in collage they were still a bunch of perverts.

She was soon in the kitchen ordering a large pizza with mushrooms and extra cheese, two sodas and some mozzarella sticks. The book she had pulled out, she immediately started reading it. She didn't mind the company as much as she minded lazy company. She hoped he was at least neat enough to pick up after him self.
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James looked at her as he walked in.When she asked him if he had a key he nodded."Well, I suppose I can follow those rules," he said jokingly.He chuckeled and looked around."So,Where is my room?" he asked curiously.The apartment had a large kitchen and two bathrooms.It also had a dining room and two bedrooms.Obviously his was the free room,buthe didn't really know where it was.He had a rolling suitcase with him.He had just moved to the town and signed up for a college but was told he came too late.He would just have to go a year late.He yawned then stretched.He was six foot,five inches.He outgrew most people in his family and was the skinniest.He was used to girls falling for him the minute they saw him,obviously it wasn't like tthat with this girl.He was relieved.He quickly answered the girls first question,"Im James,James Masters" he ran his slender fingers through his jet black hair.
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Carlyn sighed, getting her stuff finally situated in the apartment. It all seemed like it was going to be okay, she had everything going for her. She had a job, and her parents were finally gone. This was the cheapest apartment and she wasn't ready to give it up to anyone. She sat on her bed, and looked at the wall smiling.
"Nice room." Rang in her ears as the new room mate came in. She felt bad at first for taking the biggest room in the apartment, but didn't really care. Her black hair fell in front of her hazel eyes as she turned quickly to see a male. "Thanks" She mumbled in response to him, she wasn't one to be thankful for anything. It was rarely when people got a thank you, or I need help.
"Who are you?" She asked looking at the person, standing up and pushing her collage uniform's skirt down. She gave him a bit of a smile and quickly pushed him out of her room so she could shut the door. She wasn't the one who invited men over to have sex, but she was experianced, when she had people over she didn't let them get a way with everything. She was five feet tall, and very slender. Her hair went down to her shoulders as she walked by him. "I supose the land lord gave you a key?" She asked, now putting her skills to work as an accountant. "Look you have three simple rules to follow, No parties, no drugs , and no sex when I'm here. I don't want to hear any shit about what I have to say to you either."
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Okay then. I'll post the starter then and we can get going.
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