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The lurve between Velius and Tamara - continued from the Incubus story sparked from Darcy's awesome plotness. @-@

Well, obviously, they are troubled children.

We will soon correct Velius' moustache, no? >3


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Tamara shrugged at the female incubus. Like she cared at this point. She and Velius were over anyway. Couldn't Trixie tell? Surely she was not invested in this incubi-human relationship. Most incubi Tamara had met were shocked at the genuine care Velius expressed for her - the mass consensus was that humans were food, not companions. All the young woman wanted right then was to leave with some shred of dignity, and to escape the awkward silences that had been filling up their home ever since they came to this painful decision. Not from lack of things to say, but a wound of overwhelming emotions that they both were holding back to prevent an ugly scene.

Even now, Tamara wasn't sure how Velius felt, such as had been the nature of their relationship since it began - with the human''s emotions easily read, and the incubus' deeply hidden behind his unmoving mask. She had only ever glimpsed his emotions on rare occasions - in the tender way he held her, gently so as not to hurt her; in the look of fear whenever she was in danger; with that possessive glare whenever another incubus glanced her way. Had she imagined that twitch of sorrow when it was clear their relationship was coming to an end?

She listened to her ex-lover tell her how to get in touch with him should the need arise. Tamara shook her head, silently vowing never to do so. She pinched the inside of her left arm. [i No more tears.] She would move forward - perhaps forget all this monster-human business and cross back into a normal human existence. A small voice in the back of her head doubted very much that she would ever be able to just ignore the signs of an incubus for the rest of her life, even if she did only live amongst humans hereon after. [i You'll be looking for Velius' shadow.] No doubt she would.

She lifted her eyes to Velius' form, imprinting him in her mind. [i This is probably the last time I ever see him. He might run off tomorrow to find a fresh one to feed on. Someone who won't demand more of an investment in the relationship between them.] [b "Goodbye then, Velius."] She said. Three words, loaded between the lines. Everything she wanted to say - it was just too much, so she would say the bare minimum. [b "Take care of yourself,"] she continued softly. She turned towards the door to leave, her hand on the latch. Her shoes echoed on the hardwood floor. [b "And thank you...for everything."] Her face was dry, expression a mix of resignation and sadness. She had run out of tears, finally gotten over the disbelief. It was time to get this farewell over with.

Time for a fresh start.
  Tamara Kingsley / SnowJin / 240d 11h 25m 39s
  Trixie smiled at Tamara when the young girl told her where her luggage could be found. The seductress wanted to laugh at the tought of moving bags and, lord forbid, boxes. She could break a nail with that sort of work, instead she looked to Velius. "Darling, I believe that was aimmed for you." She smiled brightly, stepping out of the way as the male passed by them, his eyes straight ahead. It was when the male was in the bedroom that her attention to the only other female. "Anger now turns to regret later." Her eye flickered to Velius as he passed them by carrying the luggage and out to the car. "Get to some common ground, sweetie." She continued once Velius was out of ear shot. "Do you really want to leave on bad grounds?" Velius entered the house again, and Trixie beamed a smile at him, making him pause for a moment, eyeing her. Trixie reached out and touched Tamara's shoulder. "I'll be in the car. Velius, try not to hurt one of those beautiful muscles." The female winked and saultered away from them, swaying her hips in a manner that would make most stare. Velius glanced behind him once Trixie closed the front door.

"Shes..." Velius tried to find the words that would describe Trixie, but couldn't think of any. "Well, you should be safe with her. At least from others like.." He waved a hand at himself, since they both knew what he was talking about. It would be better this way. Tamara had wanted freedom, a chance to fall in love the normal way, and he could give her that. Even if they were meant to be together, perhaps she could find someone better than him out there. No. He knew she would find someone better than him out there. One did not have to look far to find something better than a monster that stole a piece of you everything you were near them. "Do you have everything you need?" Velius asked, finally looking towards her, his hands twitched at his side, wanting nothing more than to reach out and pull her fragile body to him, but he resisted. "If anything should happen and I am needed. Trixie knows how to get in touch with me." He cleared his throat. He had not told her that their home would no longer be there. That he already had sold it to someone else. It wasn't hard to sell an apartment like this one and it was enough money for Tamara to start some small life for herself. She could make it into more, she was a smart girl.

  Velius Kirta / Darcy / 7y 44d 21h 28m 45s
She heard the door click open, and some seductive female's voice drifted through the air. Tamara turned quickly, wiping any unwarranted tears with the back of her hand, glancing at the mirror to ensure she had her calm face on straight. Those trembling lips stood as a flaw, and her throat felt as if it would tear into two if she spoke. One hand reached up to smooth back her hair, acting as a mental reassurance. She would walk out of here with less than a word to that man who had already forgotten her and begun flirting with the other female. Bloody hell. At least wait until I'm out the door before you start celebrating. Tamara allowed jealous rage to push her body into motion. Holding the first of the three boxes that were piled onto one another, she began pushing them towards the bedroom door, scraping noises sounding as they begrudgingly allowed themselves to be shepherded.

She looked up at the slim blonde female that stood in the door, and took in her sly smile. Tamara shrugged, pausing in her movement. "I'm ready," she said shortly, then tilted her head at the boxes between them, a silent query as to whether Trixie meant to give her a hand with the things. She concentrated hard on the smooth cheeks that shaped Trixie's face, the cute nose, that full mouth. She paid attention to every detail- anything, anything to ensure her eyes stayed away from the solemn figure in the corner of her eye.

It began to rain outside, as if the skies were determined to just make things difficult.

[Short ugleh post. D:]
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There were a lot of things Velius the Incubus was.

Velius above anything else was a incubus, a monster, and a hunter. Velius was a singer, a thinker, and a planner. Velius was a night owl, an early birdie, and an insomniac. Velius was hardly ever tired, hardly ever angry, and hardly ever totally unhappy. He was the type of person who could find total bliss in nature and pure serenity in the singing of a mother. He was the type to appreciate all he had and never scorn those he loved. He was the type who planned out all that he would do and liked to weigh out pros and cons of a decision. Velius was neat, organized and strived to be very good at everything he did.

Among all the things Velius was, being someone who thoroughly enjoyed emotional scene's was not one of them.

Something seemed to click into place as Velius watched Tamara closely, her facial expressions changing which gave away that she was going to give the tough expression. They had been together for years, it would took him a few months in their relationship to understand - that and they had a quite the spats when they first got together as well. Nothing going as far as this, but after going so long and Tamara continuing to just fight for her freedom; there was nothing that he could really do about the situation then let her go. Not fully let her go, since he would still be watching her day and night, he just wouldn't be able to be with her anymore, to touch her like his body longed too. Even know his eyes trailed her fragile form... he shook his head, dark shaggy locks fell into his eyes at the act but he didn't bother to pull the hair away from his eyes. If anything it could block his view of her.

"I'm not moving out Tamara." He stated coldy at her retort at him. The 'we' sticking out more then all the other words. No, there was no longer a 'we', Tamara distoried that word the moment that she stepped foot outside that door without him. Now there was only 'you and I'. "I'm not trying to delay anything. You're the one that stopped me from helping you earlier." The incubus tsked in disappointed at the passing memory - the only thing that either of them would have anymore.

Turning away from Tamara before she could say something else that could distract him from pushing her out the door sooner. The few boxes that his ex-lover had decorated the hallway before the door. In the last few days, it stood as a silent reminder of things to come, of the many unspoken words that would soon remain unspoken, and that of what he was going to have to do - date. Well, not truly. He was simply going to woe some poor females into bed and then slip off into the night, never to be heard from again. If he was lucky, the transformation would begin in unnoticable places, perhaps his hearing would be the first to go, then maybe some slight beard would grow in. Alright, the last one was more of a personal wish then anything else on this since he was never allowed to have one when Tamara was around. A loud knock at the door drained the incubus of his thoughts, bring him back to reality as he glanced back at the female in the bedroom as if she were going to disappear without him noticing.

Clearing his throat just outside the bedroom door, Velius moved towards the front door, not bothering to look back at Tamara to see what she was doing. Slipping the locks out of place and opening the door, Velius mentally cringed as Trixie stood in front of him. The sucubus only came to his chin, even when her short bob of blonde hair was poofed out. Her eyes were caked with make-up and on anyone else it might have looked over done, but Trixie always managed to get it to look just right. Her pouty lips pursed out while her eyes glanced over her.

"Darling, is she ready?") Trixie batted her eyes as if on que, pushing herself against Velius as she entered the apartment.

"You'll have to ask her." Velius turned from the door, letting some distance grow between him and Trixie. Even if Tamara was still in his house, the incubus couldn't help but notice the tighting in his pants. "Bedroom."

"Little quick to just jump the gun." Trixie gave the incubus a sly smile while Velius rolled his eyes. "She's in the bedroom." He grunted in return. "All the better." Trixie twisted and slautered towards the bedroom.
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Tamara licked her lips.
Could you find a box to pack yourself in?
"I-uh. Yeah, I think I have everything." She glanced round the room, avoiding his glance. It seemed empty now, with most of her life packed into those bland boxes. She was on the verge of making one of those teary scenes - couldn't Velius be less obvious about how he could not wait to get her out of his sight?

He was already distancing himself, wasn't he? Look at the way he made it sound so casual, as if the only link between them were material things she might have left behind on her way to a new chapter in life. Tamara fidgeted, tugging at her finger joints obsessively. A new chapter. Perhaps he meant to close this one quickly, and turn over the page, forget her. Like she was a burden, now that she no longer fulfilled his needs. Anger seared her mind. Did he think this was a one way relationship? How dare he begin preparing himself for her departure so smoothly. Tamara wished she could pull off that smooth, neutral tone just as well, that her voice didn't tremble with pent up emotions - that she wasn't human, over-brimming with all these feelings. Damn incubus that was born to be perfect.
She shifted hair with stiff fingers, her palm coming to rest against the nape of her neck. Strands still between those fingers were clenched, she took comfort in the silky texture of those bronze locks. Though she would much rather be pulling Velius' head closer, feeling his breath sharp against her lips-
Tamara ripped her hand out, and firmly locked both hands together in front of her.

Her eyes ran over his form, desirous as his lean body was further accentuated by the sunlight. She imprinted the sight into memory. Pain wrenched at her heart as she was reminded of how it hinted at an ending. Tamara wondered if she should pull out a scene from a soap drama, that she should go crawling to his knees with tears streaming down her pitiful face, begging for forgiveness, proclaiming her eternal love. That she would try harder, to make their relationship work- But I am not to blame, she told herself. I'm not the one who's held back thoughts and hid true feelings. She knew how he grew tired of protecting her. Otherwise, why else would he seem so eager to be rid of her?
Not being able to stand all the crazy thoughts going through her head, Tamara stood up quickly, marching towards her things. "Well, I suppose we might as well move out now? Since there's no purpose to delay this any further?" Crisp tones, overly neutral features. Her back was ramrod straight, tension bristling those small shoulders, hair tumbling off them. She had closed the distance between them, and was exhausting her willpower, trying to keep her body from betraying its want for familiar physical contact. Tamara was used to having Velius close by, never more than five minutes without an arm on her shoulder or a hand around her waist. Yet now his arms were across each other, pinned to his body as if he loathed to touch her.

Her chin tilted upwards. Enough of this bullshit. If he was so eager to get rid of her, she would not linger any further. She would throw herself into new projects, get out into the world more, make her life so eventful and filled with everything other than Velius that he would come begging for her love again the hole in her heart would be filled, and she would miss him no more.
  Tamara Kingsley / SnowJin / 8y 1d 7h 37m 25s
He had been ignored, but then again, what else was new? His entire life, Velius had been trained to shut up and listen to those with power. Bullies, guardians, even police officers: everyone wanted him to sit there in silence, to surrend what was his without a fight. Sure, there were a few exception where he was expected to speak. This rule, of course, was only in effect when he had been addressed; in which case, he added his short commentary about the given subject and resumed playing the "quiet game". So, naturally, when one of his own kind ignored Tamara's simplistic attempt to grab attention, he simply was stuck in a position to hide. No it wasn't really her fault and yes it was completely her fault. The tug of whose fault it was would never really be blamed fully on one person. Velius ran his nimble fingers through his sweaty locks. Moving a few moves out into the town car that he had rented for the day. True he had this thoughts that Tamara was taking her sweet time just to annoy him, but perhaps it was fear that was within her.

Mentally he snorted. She hadn't feared anything when she ran out of the apartment, stripping him bare of any trust that they had with one another and getting attack. Why would she fear leaving him? It was what she had wanted. Back at the resturant she had suggested that he continue to feed from her, though that thought was far from his mind. His body craved her as well as the monster inside of him, but the rest of him had put a distance between them. Cooling all actions down to a point that even a hand on the shoulder was too much. No, he had made his choice and he would stick with it. There were others that he could feed off of since humans were only into looks, he figured that he could attract one or two of them. Hell, maybe three, but none would replace the brunette in his heart.

Letting his eyes flicker over to her form in the bedroom, he leaned against the door frame. "do you have everything? Or is there some more?" Truly, he could not remember having this much stuff in their apartment. If anything, there had seemed at times when they barely had anything. It made the male ponder if Tamara was a secret pack rat - but where would she hide it? A strange sensation jolted Velius from his trance, his hands roughly went through his hair again. Again he had ran his fingers through his hair, causing it to fall over itself in a strange manner. The skin on his scalp: the temporary touch left a cold feeling over his body. Velius felt himself involuntarily shudder at the temporary caress of his follicles. Would he be like this towards his own touch all the time now? Shakin ghis head free of the thoughts, the incubus took a few strides into the room, arms crossing over his chest in a 'in-thought' manner.

"Its only going to be a few blocks away," he started eyes glancing at the few items that she was putting away, "if forget something I could bring to over to you at some point." he said with a slight smile, the most emotion he had shown all morning. It was simple, yet elegant; a mark of the ruthless Roman emperors of old imprinted atop silk porcelain. Velius would never let it out that he had no thoughts of going near her after this, that this would be their final moment together. She should have known that, that it meant to run away from his touch, what her words had cut before she had fled down the hall four days ago. Rolling his shoulder, he winced as it popped its joints into place. There was talk of his one becoming free and radicial among his kind. His eyes flickered towards the doorway, counting down the moments in his head as if he were waiting for one of his kind to just attack at that moment.

The safe house was run by a few of his kind, some of his kind that had never found their ones or that their ones had been taken from them. Of course, Velius had to give it to them for keeping their wits about them afterwards. If something were ever to befall Tamara; Velius shuddered at the mere thought. Nothing would happen to her, not when he was still alive that is. This was the chance for her to be normal, this was the life that she was supposed to have - almost free of monsters and he would make sure that she got to live it out as carefully as he could.
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It is for the best.
It is what you want.
These words rang in her head, over and over again. She boiled. What she wanted? How dare he try to pin the blame on her again. Why was she always painted the selfish one, the one to be blamed for all that went wrong? It was her fault that incubi chased them and hurt Velius, it was her fault that things were going cold, and according to Velius, even though he didn't say it in so many words, it was her fault that they would be living separately from now on. So, fine. She would take the blame. She would take the blame because she was tired of arguing. Tired of trying to explain that she was afraid, that she didn't feel like she could reach him anymore. It wasn't just being physically present that Tamara wanted. Was it too much to ask, for him to share his soul with her?

She thought about how prepared his answer had been. How he had already found new sources to feed from. Tamara didn't like the way he insinuated that he would feed from another at the risk of harmful side-effects for her sake. Oh, no. She wouldn't let him blame her for that. "We can..live separately. You can still come over to feed though. Don't want you catching bugs." She shrugged, as if she was being generous - as if she was just expressing how much more convenient it would be anyways, from him to feed from her. When what she really meant was, I don't want you going near any other female. You belong to me. Only me. Mine. My incubus. These feelings lay embedded inside her, so caught up in this game of twists and not saying what they meant. They were breaking, Tamara knew this. She couldn't stop it, didn't know how. Trying to hold on without seeming too clingy, trying to keep together so as to hide all signs of weaknesses. She wouldn't give Velius any reason to discard her, to find flaws in her mental state, to say 'goodbye' because she was no longer capable of handling the way the things life threw at her. The things he threw at her. She would catch them all. She would survive anything and everything, if it meant that Velius would be close by.

Tamara shoved the food into her mouth methodically, chewing without really tasting the food. It should have been sweet, should have been tasty, it was one of her favourite dishes. But she had ordered it out of habit, familiar ground was always the safest to return to. She nodded. A few days to pack. A few days left to be in the same room with Velius. She stared at his perfectly curved fingers on the table, watching the muscles flicker under his skin. She loved the way he moved. Her legs shifted, careful not to move too much, so as not to bump into his. Tamara didn't want to feel his legs flinching away - she might just let go of the pool of water that grew behind her eyes. And that would just be peachy, wouldn't it. For her to break down in front of Velius, to give him further reason to think that she was weak, unstable, and useless.


Tamara stared at the book in her hands. She was on the bed, leaning against pillows, the blanket cosy around her legs. She wasn't really staring at the book. Nor was she staring at the boxes of clothing and other things that were stacked next to the door. Light filtered in from the open curtains, through the transparent window. Out of the corner of her eye, she traced Velius' shape over and over again. How his body was lean, though it became soft when she leaned into it. How his arms knew the shape of her body, and her measurements, encircling her just right. There were no awkward hugs or angles. They knew each other's form anywhere, large crowds were sifted through quickly and without fuss, til the right hand slipped into their own again. Memorized, through the years. Velius' face, arms, waist, shoulders, neck. All that had supported her. Tamara licked her lips. She wanted so much to hold him, right now. Before she left the next evening. The few days weren't enough. She wished she had caught the flu or something, just so she could stay longer, and just so Velius would take care of her one last time. There was hardly any doubt in her mind that he would forget her eventually. Out of sight, out of mind, after all. She feared it badly, yet couldn't bring herself to forgive his cold shoulders, couldn't bring herself to forget all past mistakes and try to make things work again.
  Tamara Kingsley / SnowJin / 8y 28d 8h 3m 10s
His eyes flickered towards her and then to the retreating figure of the waitress before letting his vision rest on Tamara for the final time. Something in the way she moved, her eyes no longer meeting his, starting down at the table, her little figets. They all made him want to reach out for her, take her face in his hands and force her to look at him. Make those quick movements to fill the seconds stop - make her actions react only to his. Mine. Ours. Take her. Feed. The inner beast screamed out in need; now wasn't the time for that. As much as he wanted to find purchase of her skin, he could not bring himself to touch her - it would be the end of him and this facade. Minne. Ouurs. FEED It roar its ugly head once more, forcing Velius to cling the to booth seat, his fingers digging painfully into the seats edge until he was sure that his fingernails were soon to split in half. The wave of pain that hit him as something snapped on both hands was just the distraction that he needed. What she needed. What she wanted.

Wasn't this all for her?
Hadn't she run from him?
She had run from him, looked at him like he was nothing more than a monster, let hateful words fall from her lips onto his ears.
This was all for her and she dare not look at him? Was it too shameful to look upon the face of the monster that up until a few hours ago you had bedded? Pity him for thinking that this was something more than just a contract between souls. Tamara was his soulmate, whether she wanted it or not, she was. In his heart, there was only her, though his body craved everything.

Slowly unclenching his fingers from the edge one at a time, Velius rolled his left shoulder to keep it from being stiff. His eyes darted to the road and then to the customers around them. No one was a monster here - other then himself. Perhaps that was what Tamara had wanted him to see. The only monster in their relationship was him, would always be him and she had proved that to him tonight. Clearing his throat he looked back to her face to find her looking at him, waiting for his answer to her questions. At least she was looking at him; though he had no really answer for her. Not anymore. He opened his mouth to speak, but no sounds came out and after a moment of silence, he closed it and ran his hand over his lips, looking at Tamara, but not looking at her all the same.

"How will I feed.." He paroted out, blinking once and then twice as he mentally ran through all the women that he could have. Most of which he was sure that he would get a disease from. "I can feed from another. I am not sure what it will do," his eyes focused on hers, "but it is for the best. It is what you want." Velius leaned his back against the booths chair, straightening to his fulky heigth as he watched the wautress walk around the tables refilling drinks before scurrying behind the counter to bring around Tamara's order. A small smile lit up his face as he recalled all the times that she had ordered that exact same thing. Though the smile didn't last long and disappeared after the womam sat down Tamara's food and walked off to the next table.

"You might have to wait a day or so-" Velius voice broke off, a hand covered over his mouth as he regained his composer. "A day or two to remain at the apartment. That should give you some time to pack." He continued on, his voice returning with its new coldness for the conversation. "And then Samuel will come for you." Velius paused for a long moment, his hand out reached and placed itself ontop hers, his eyes searched her face for something, though none could say what. "Stay safe, Tamara."
  Velius Kirta / iiMrDarcy / 8y 35d 21h 47m 28s
Her words had not been enough, it seemed. Now Tamara sat across the cold metal table from Velius, and she couldn't help taking note of how he was removing the need to touch her. How quickly he had slipped into the opposite seat, how quickly he had released her hands. How quickly his words now slipped into her ears, poisonous eels with oily words, their breaths shards of ice piercing into her mind. It shocked her, what he now suggested. If someone had told her that Velius wanted to be apart from her, she would have laughed loudly in disbelief. Velius was glued to her side, always. Velius was hers. She was his. They were never apart. But now..But now he wants me gone. Tamara clenched the edges of her sleeves, squeezing them between stiff fingers. Had those words, the time between then and now, the silence she had left in her wake - had it given him time to clear his head, for him to start thinking about his wants instead of hers? Had it brought him to the conclusion that he didn't and shouldn't want her anymore?
Her lip trembled. How can you be so cold? she said raggedly, in her head. Eyelids too afraid to lift themselves, she stared at the table, tracing its various stains as thoughts shifted sluggishly through her brain. What was she to do? She had never prepared for this, never quite believed that he would leave her. After all, she was his One. He needed her. And she had depended on that need, relied on its steel bonds to keep them together. With it, she had been reassured of 'forever's existence.
"How are you going to feed?" she asked, finally lifting her eyes to meet his. She licked her lips. Her voice had come out cracked, marking her reluctance to ask the question. She didn't want to hurt herself anymore. She didn't want the truth, if it would hurt her. She didn't want to know that his heart had grown bored of her, grown cold to her very human ways, grown tired of her needs. Had he thought of the succubus he could be bedding instead? The ones with powers she didn't have, the ones that didn't need protecting and constant surveillance?

The waitress returned for their order. Tamara scanned the menu quickly, placing an order for chicken chop rice and a glass of honey lemon juice. The waitress tottered off after Tamara's "That's all, thank you." Tamara picked at her sleeve, gazing fervently at Velius. She knew not what to do. But her pride would not let her reveal her need for his touch. She would not bend and break when he obviously didn't want her around anymore. "I'll be fine wherever you put me." Her voice smooth, measured. She would show him that she was in control of her emotions. She would hide away the hurt. She would pretend that they both wanted the same thing, that separation was mutual, that he was not the first to suggest such a thing. She would act like she was mature enough to handle this. Crying and drowning her face in buckets of chocolate ice cream could come later.
Tamara was like a child. She imitated others to fit into the situation, she was stubborn, and behind all the pretence, she had nothing. The reason for Velius' sudden proposition was not clear. The copper-haired female also believed that Velius had gotten past her outburst and tearing out of the apartment when he had heard of the danger she had been in. Perhaps she believed him to be ever-loving, ever-forgiving, ever-accepting of her flaws, because he loved her. Because he needed her. Heck, she had gotten past it, if it meant he would encircle her in his arms again, and keep her safe. Tamara was willing to overlook his brooding silence and inability to communicate, because she wanted him, told herself she needed him.
  Tamara Kingsley / SnowJin / 8y 39d 8h 8m 21s
It felt as if Velius had missed more then just an attack on her life, it was like he had missed a how chapter and was somehow trying to tell what was going on. The police man that was there seemed to want her to stay with him. Tamara on the other hand wanted nothing more then to get away from the place and continued home. At least he thought so as the closer they got the more she seemed to want to run away from him once more. His eyes wanted to search her for some answers, wanted her to talk like she normally did, but it seemed that she didn't want to tell him. To keep him in the dark. All of which confused him. Frowning his brows, Velius looked ahead as he tried to think of some place to take her at this hour that would be open. He wanted to say that there was food back at the apartment, but it would be a moot point to say that to her now.

"This way." He mumbled unfer his breath, turning sharply down an alley way and walking through it quickly to the other side. Velius shivered at the contact between their bodies, between the cold and her warmth it was almost too much to take. "There's only one place thats nearby..." He normally didn't talk - that was her job. Or rather she had always talked to him in the past, about everything, even in his silence he would take it all in. Now the only words that seemed to leave her mouth were ones that made him cring. She wanted nothing more to do with him and personally he couldn't blame her for it. Tamara, he knew, would want freedom from this curse some time. He hadn't thought that it would be so soon. Though all the signs had pointed towards it - her words here no longer kind and she had become cold under his touch, there was no love for him anymore, there was nothing there anymore.

Not long after Tamara had gone, Velius had made a vow to himself. It had been a concern of hers that the only reason they were still together was because of their link. However much he loved her, he wouldn't let her think that. Even if it meant his looks would go to hell. He had already found another woman to feed off of, the woman next door that had been hinting around him for the last few weeks. "Most of their stuff is greasy." He commented darkly, pushing open the door to a darkly lit resturant. His eyes quickly scanned around to make sure there was no others lurking in the corner.

He nodded to the waitress as they entered, ushering Tamara into a nearby booth. Instead of sitting next to her, he took the seat opposite of her. It was slightly uncomfortable to sit next to her when there was a problem that they needed to work out. As much as he would like to forget that she had ran from him like he was a monster, he couldn't. Swallow hard, he turned his head to the side as the waitress walked over and handed them their menus. "I think I could find a safe house for you." He ran his tongue over his bottom lip, eyes still trained out the window, watching the cars go by.

"There are a few of them, but if you want one further away from me, I understand." His voice sounded cold, he was almost pround of himself for sounding that way. On the inside, it felt as if a thousand razors were going through him. But he couldn't help that. He still loved her, as a human, as the monster she saw him as. However, she would be better to be with another human, a human that she didn't have to run from. Perhaps one that she would run too. He could only hope for her happiness, though that didn't mean he was going to be bitter about it. Hell, he was still mad at her for running from him.
  Velius Kirta / iiMrDarcy / 8y 51d 1h 15m 3s
She latched on to his arm, even though her mind swam in an unbalanced goo of mistrust, disgust and desire to jump into Velius' arms. He was her safe harbor, always. But this ongoing fight between them was not a one-week problem, or a tiny issue. It was a rock that had snowballed into a crater that wedged itself between them, stifling all flows of communication and rendering her clueless and him uncaring.
Thornton stood up and nodded at the man, his eyes drifting back to the girl that didn't seem certain about what she wanted to do. Before he could utter a word, however, Tamara drew her body up on her feet, and smiled at the officer. "Thanks for all your help," she said with a slight cough at the end, laced with the edges of a watery smile.
"Y..You're welcome." Anytime, he wanted to say. He seemed as if he had more to say, but as Velius' figure stood there like a strong reminder of Tamara's status as a stranger to him, Thornton decided to leave it at that. What more could he say, anyways, without sounding like he was coming on to her?

Tamara, on the other hand, dragged Velius towards the door, shivering slightly as they went back out into the cold. She could only hold her act for so long, among humans. The young woman no longer knew how to play the game of Pretend that humans play so well. She had long felt like her mask had been stripped away - being holed up with only Velius to talk to in their apartment did not help her exercise her social skills, and certainly didn't quite create a need for her to not bare her feelings. And yet...somehow Velius had gotten more and more distant. To Tamara, it seemed as if he was bluntly ignoring her feelings and thoughts on purpose, sidestepping questions and concerned comments with distracted answers or cold silence. He was so obsessed with keeping her safe his way that Tamara felt she was talking to a programmed robot who wore her beloved's skin and spoke in that alluring voice, while piercing her mind with those deep eyes.
Where had her Velius gone? Where was the young man full of hope, holding secrets darker than the night, weaving dreams of their future together when Tamara snuck out of that broken place called home to spend time with him under willow trees and stars? Where was the incubus who proved not to be a monster, and had pledged his life to her, and she to him, because they were bound to depend on each other for survival? It was an attraction she didn't mind being forced into, for Tamara was intoxicated with this creature that thought her his everything, and was willing to go to anything to make her laugh and keep her happy. Where was he now? Her eyes roamed across his stubble - there was a twitch in her arm as she thought of yanking it out right there and then - tracing the line of his chin, not daring to meet his eyes. Her hand now slipped down his arm, lacing tightly through his fingers - as if there was a way for her to hold on to the Velius she loved, hold on and pull him back out of that chasm they had somehow fallen into. She leaned against him as they made through muds of crowds in the streets. "It..It was a crazed one," she muttered, referring to the incubus that had attacked her. "It scratched me. But I think that's all." Tamara hesitated to mention the strange scene that had scared the incubus away, hesitated to mention the strange man and the fair lady that had saved her in the alley, although unintentionally. That particular detail faded into the back of her mind now, unprovoked at the moment. "Are we going straight back? I need to eat." She didn't know what she was saying, but it was all coming out in a rush. Words words and more words. Words that just popped into her mind, words to say just for the sake of saying them. Words to keep Velius from uttering any horrible notions, words to keep the gloom at bay, words to spark conversation. She didn't want to go back to the apartment, where they would both sit in silence and that awkwardness of the after-fight, having too much to say to each other, and no idea how.
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The air was biting, cold and crisp as it whipped past his cheeks and into the greater unknown. Stoic, unchanging velvet eyes were fixed in a solid gaze at the street and houses ahead of them. In a daze he closed his eyes, wishing the weather to magically turn for the better – but of course he didn’t have that kind of power, soul taking just wasn’t enough these days it seemed. Currents of brisk autumn air rushed around him and ruffling his hair, dousing them with a faint scent of turned and fallen leaves. This was undoubtedly his favorite time of year - it was also near his would be birthday - when it was not too hot outside and just chilled enough to compel him into shedding his summer skin for a light jacket. Just one breath filled him with anticipation; for Halloween, for cocoa and fireplaces, for the birth of premature Santa displays in storefront windows. Human holidays that really had no true meaning to them, but were always the highlight of some month, making the tiny humans have the faint glow of excitement everywhere they went. Of course, it was around those times that the humans were hunted the easiest. There was always some fool wanting more than what they had, wanting to trade their souls so easily for something, most of it money making the game so disgustingly easy for the soul eaters. Tilting his head to the side, he eyed the man next to him, sizing him up and judging exactly what would make this man’s soul tainted. Maybe to get rid of the scar on his face? Or to have a brief glimpse of the so called ‘soul mate’? Another thing that Velius never under stood the meaningless fascination with socializing with others.

Tamara was always like that too, wanted more from humans, wanting more humans to be around. However, there was nothing that Velius could really allow. To let more humans in would mean more opening for her to get hurt – granted she already proved that if she were alone for a few minutes or hours she was already looked after as a quick meal. Stupid girl. Though he could hardly blame her. However, he would never get the chance to say that to her if she was killed, since it would end his life as well. Even walked towards the place that she had pointed out that she was ‘staying at’, his arms were beginning to decorate themselves with scratches and bruises. Velius mind could only fill in the blanks so much as to what had happened to her to know that his feet need to pick up speed. He could ask her about it later – if there was a later for them.

“Tamara.” He parroted out slowly as he pushed open the door to the station, his eyes moving side to side as if he were reading the words out in front of him rather than hearing them from the window of the station, forgetting for a minute the sharp gust that poured in around him. City lights burst in patchy areas all along the horizon - he wondered how many belonged to slight insomniacs just like him. Faintly, far in the distance, the hurried screech of wheels on pavement struck the air like a brief hit of lightning. Then it was gone. With a shake of his head as he retreated, his fingers pulled though his dark brown locks - who would drive a car in weather such as this? Perhaps someone with a death wish. Shaking his head to rid the water that had made its home in his locks he closed the door behind him, wandering through the station like a mad man until those eyes landed on their prize.

“Tamara are you alright?” He asked slowly, trying to think of an answer that a human would understand, though it was rather harder then he thought it would be. Velius put his hand on Tamara shoulder, unsure if any other touch would be welcome from him. “We should go home.”He replied to an asked question, taking the term ‘monosyllable reply’ to another level. "And you officer? Thank you." It was common courtesy to extend the same question, and it wasn't like he was not curious. He just didn't know how to turn his questions into anything more descriptive. Unintentionally he didn't stick around to find out. Velius was not meaning to be rude, far from it, his attention had been moved to a few shiny aluminum cans that rolled around outside of one of the trash cans that sat in front of one of the desks. Trash did not say ‘WELCOME, come inside this nice clean station’. No. It spelled ‘get the hell away now, before you die of food poisoning’ in capital letters. Even a soul eater knew this much – at the very least – when human food was not something they consumed on a daily basis. Besides, it was also bad for the environment to leave those things aimlessly blowing around.
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Stay away from windows. Tamara stared into her reflection, facial features seeming devoid of emotion - but the truth was this female trembled at the sight of people walking by the station. Stay away from windows. Almost as if jolted out of trance, Tamara turned away from the glass, replacing the receiver with a none too pleasant clash on its holder. She stood up, then attempted to scurry towards a more secluded spot. Officer Thornton took the opportunity to step beside her and smile brightly into her face.
"Anything I can help you with?"
"O..oh, no. Velius is coming to pick me up in a bit." She smiled her thanks and ignored the guilt that laced her stomach as his face fell. Serves him right. Better to quash those hopes before they fester and mutate. Already Tamara was treating this slight infatuation with her features like some infection, prone to spreading some calamity if uncontrolled. Her eyes darted constantly towards the windows and the glass-paned doors. Velius' shadow was still out of sight, and the sun had already begun its journey west.

She moved to place herself on the plastic seat, wrapping the loaned blanket around her form more comfortably. Officer Thornton obviously was not ready to give up, for he put himself in the seat next to her, and leaned back as if to make himself comfortable. As if he was going to sit there for quite a while. The frightened creature and the confident authority were quite a contrast. Tamara had her legs up on the seat with her, hidden under the folds of the starchy blanket. She was a folding card, into herself as if she could disappear if she diminished the space she took up. The officer sat with legs crossed, arms taking up ample space on the chair's arms, fingers laced into each other, relaxed.

She could almost feel his brain whirling, trying to think of something interesting to say, without seeming to come on too strongly. Damn it. Velius, wherever you are, hurry up! Tamara knew he would not linger in shadows or even hide in swarms of crowds if he was alerted to the danger Tamara was in. Though what danger she was in right now, the girl couldn't quite say. With guns and shiny uniforms around, the girl had pretty much thought most incubi would avoid the station. She was not worth the risk, one delightful, sweet-smelling child that would count as a meal for incubi without a Chosen one. Then again.. An insane one wouldn't quite care for the risks. And the police did not make a habit of locking their front doors. She stared now at the swinging doors, flinching as another uniformed human made her way through the doors. A glance was spared towards the huddled creature in blankets, but other than that, no special attention was paid towards Tamara. She sighed, partially relieved, then leaned her head against liquid knees. She had tuned the police officer out, and decided that it was best to feign sleep.
Her bones were like dead weights, dragging her down. In moments, her drifting lids fluttered closer and closer towards her cheeks, and finally refused to open anymore. Her body hardly relaxed, Tamara listened to the sound of the limping fan as it traced a path around its axis over and over again. I must stay awake until he comes. The fan's sounds soon became a lullaby.
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Everybody wore a mask.
Nobody was real. Everybody was fake, false, forged. They had just gotten good at hiding behind their mask. Mirroring each other because it was easier than being who they truly were, or maybe they had simply forgotten who they really were...somewhere from then and now people lost their emotions and they never really remembered. They had just gotten good at lying…pretending and Velius…he was the best at it…and Velius - he was the most famous for it.

Velius wasn’t real. Velius was just a puppet wearing a mask. Moving only when the puppet master saw fit. Imitating. Mimicking. Acting. He had stolen numerous identities. Dawned different roles, unlike those that stuck true to what they were and who they were.

The inky black of night blanketed the little town of Mosier in co darkness still; the moon just starting to dip below the horizon and the sun not even high enough to color the sky yet. In a quiet little house buried hidden from view on the far edge of town, Velius Kirta lay buried under the fluffy, warm comforters of his queen size bed; snoring blissfully away and guarded against the cold world outside in his cocoon of covers and the large body lying next to his own. Upon the small, clearly IKEA generic stock, bedside table a little digital clock blinked 3:59 insistently before flickering over that last minute only to fill the bedroom with the loud strains of his body being attacked by an unknown source – the source that was attacking Tamara. At that moment in time Velius really would like to ‘stop believing’, what the hell did they have to be so grotty about this early in the morning? Groaning in intense displeasure a tanned hand stuck out from his warm little nest and flipped the damn thing off . However it wasn’t the alarm that Tamara had brought to make the room feel more home-y, it was his cell phone.

Propping himself up on one elbow, the dark haired male brought the device to his ear, listening warily to the voice on the other side. Had she not run from him earlier? Spitting out hateful slurs of him not loving her enough? So why was she calling now? Right. Because he had pulled her into this mess, pulled her into this trap that she had no choice but to stay in or die. He was just the protection that would eventual have to hand her over to someone that would love her and she could love in return – without having to hand over her life every other day.

Shrugging it off, manic hands ruffling through thick brown hair in frustration as attention returned once more to the conversation on the other side of the line. “Tamara.” The name hurt to say aloud. “Stay wherever you are. Don’t go outside and keep away from the windows. I’ll be there in a bit.” Snapping the snapping his phone shut, Velius tore away from the bed, ripping the sheets from his body as he stalked towards the door, barely bothering with the time to slip on the shirt and pants that sociality proclaimed that he needed. Fuck sociality. The only thing that Velius cared about in this world was Tamara and she was out of reach from him.

The very thought that things might tumble down around them was a very scary thought.
A thought that Velius knew he couldn’t pick himself up from.
This time was different, this time was the last.

There would be more questions to come later on from his lips, followed by many arguments and a painful strain. All of it promised to estrange him from his past, as well as the people he had once called his friends and the one that he claimed his lover, if that was what they truly were. In old times whispers would spread through the ‘others’ like wildfire of what had happened to him life – he didn’t care, he would merely follow. For the second time in his second life, the brunette would be an outcast, and it was a strange thought. But there was no taking any of it back now.

Everything's got a moral, if only you can find it.
Tamara was his.
Slipping out of the protection of the apartment, Velius stumbled down the sidewalk; ignoring the glances that passerby’s gave him as he worked his way towards the station. Why was she so far away? The answer was clear – because of him – he was driving her away and seemingly towards her death. There was only one thing that Velius could wrap his mind around; he was poisoning his little Tamara, and it was only his responsibly to take care of said poison, no matter the damage to himself.
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She screeched, a loud wail as the incubus grabbed hold of her arm. She sounded pathetic. How many times had Tamara played scenes like this through her mind? Velius had drilled some sort of self-defense moves into her head. Funny that she couldn't recall them when they were sorely needed. Tamara reeled back, reaching out with desperate fingers to claw at whatever part of the incubus she could reach. He was a feral one, almost falling into insanity - his eyes roamed over her, hunger dripping down the side of his lips and into his chin.
Her nails caught onto the side of his neck, and drew red lines across it. He drew back, hissing in pain - and copying some move in a movie, Tamara stomped her feet into his belly, then turned tail and ran. She skidded and slip-slapped her way down the street, not bothering to look back at the howling piece of shit that would be on her soon enough. She ran past an alley - then doubled back and ran down it. Rotting garbage and the smell of sewage greeted her, but Tamara rushed on. The shadow of a dump reached her feet, and she realized she had company.

The sunbeams that lighted fire to her hair made the pale creature look like some unearthly angel. Come to save me? Tamara drew a disbelieving breath. Her hopes were quickly dashed - a pained look filled the woman's face, and she looked pissed and as desperate as Tamara felt. Tamara drew into the shelter of the dumping bin as another person - a male - trotted into the alley. The incubus could be heard snarling behind her as he retreated. Obviously, something about this one scared him. Finally. The tired woman turned her head in time to see the incubus slinking out of the alley. Her feet move, words of gratitude on her lips. But then the words the strange man spoke didn't sound nice at all. Helpless, Tamara listened as he chastised the pale lady with horror-inspiring words, and before she could register their arrival, they were gone. "No..." Tamara rushed out into the open, not caring to be caught eavesdropping.

Anything, anything than being left with the incubus. The lines between bad and good blurred when put beside the venomous bite of feral Incubus. Almost tripping, Tamara pushed herself into the street, looking around wildly. She did not see the man that walked out with a pissed face. Or notice the blood drying. She ran, towards more familiar buildings. Into more populated roads the distraught female went. People drew away from her as they caught the look in her eye that was akin to the desperate glint you could find in the eyes of the insane. A blue uniform caught her eye. Reflex caused Tamara to grab a sleeve, force the startled man to look at her. As well as she could, she poured out her situation to him in broken words, in words that did not include 'incubus' or 'monster'. He was human, and most likely ignorant of the real thing. That much she remembered.

"Whoa. Okay, okay, lady. I got you." He held her shoulders in what he thought was a comforting gesture, attempting to smile but failing to do so because his mind was still processing her state. "Relax, now, 'kay? You're in good hands. We'll just get you to the station and get you cleaned up and warmed up, alright?" His eyes ran over her, assessing the damage. Coming to the conclusion that she didn't need emergency first aid, his features relaxed, and his body stopped leaning towards the shiny weapon on his hip. Gently, she was coaxed into a clanky vehicle, smelling of coffee and official business. Streets whirled by her, Tamara seized the sides of the seat, holding on to safety.
She was led - someone tsked at her bare feet - into the building, given a cup of tea and a starchy blanket. Her plight was recorded - A man attacked me in the alley. Questions about her state of dress were given vague answers, drawing tight looks from the officers around her. Where do you live, miss? Is your boyfriend abusing you? Are you taking any pills?

"No, he doesn't. I just..Can I just make a phone call?"
Her hands wrapped around the receiver that was handed to her. The policeman who had found her hovered in the corner of her vision, he seemed to have taken a protective approach to where she was concerned, often offering comforting smiles. Tamara ignored the softening look in his eyes. Officer James Thornton, his badge flashed as she dialed Velius' newest cell number.
"H-hello? Velius?" Her voice hrmmed and adjusted itself, remaining a little scratchy. "Can you come get me? I'm at the station.." She ran a hand through her hair. "A man attacked me." She gulped. Hoping that Velius wouldn't be too mad at her. Putting aside her anger at him for the moment. She needed to be safe, and he was her safe harbor.
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