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JOIN THE ALL NIGHTERS TEAM!!! This is a group of people who love to stay up all night long. You can RP, chat, cuss, etc. I don't really care. C'mon and stay up all night with me!!!!


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Roleplay Responses

Hello there~
  Lady Phantomhive / Elodie / 7y 327d 22h 30m 6s
Lalalala. Why
  Rin Kagamine / SilverStar101 / 7y 335d 1h 31m 55s
Hai. ^_^
  Kyle / Cadicus / 8y 120d 23h 28m 49s
I haven't been on in forever! Dx
  Rin Kagamine / SilverStar101 / 8y 121d 9h 7m 8s
Hey ^-^ Glad to see at least one person is back. :)
  Kyle / Cadicus / 8y 128d 7h 10m 49s
Hello~ How is everyone?
  Lizzy / Elodie / 8y 128d 7h 40m 14s
Hi......... Whats up
  lily and seth / lilymorgankamp / 8y 298d 2h 58m 24s
  Anarchy Stocking / Elodie / 8y 308d 13m 57s
  lily and seth / lilymorgankamp / 8y 308d 2h 37m 34s
What? What do I do mommy? :o
  {~Germany~} / Picklegirl12 / 8y 309d 2h 58m 4s
You just did again.
  Kyle / Cadicus / 8y 309d 3h 35m 56s
No,no I didn't.
  {~Germany~} / PickleGirl12 / 8y 309d 22h 24m 33s
Yes, yes you did.
  Kyle / Cadicus / 8y 310d 1m 37s
  {~Germany~} / PickleGirl12 / 8y 310d 3m 49s
You just lost the game =P
  Kyle / Cadicus / 8y 310d 22m 49s

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