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Paige, Varrius and Dahvie have always been best friends, closer then friends they trusted so much that they had a three some together. A couple months has gone by and they are all as close as ever even with Varrius having a girlfriend now but what happens when Paige ends up finding out she's pregnant. Both boys want to deny whose it is or they had any connection to it.

However what happens when one is the father and doesn't want to be and the one who isn't does wanna be? ^^ Well let's see.

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how should i come in and sorry i have not posted i've been working a lot with music shows and festivals. i recently just got this job and its show reason and battle of the bands reason and the only way i can check shit is my phone. so i'll post as soon as i get home. and on my laptop and find a way too start in
  Varrius Delain / xLyrax / 9y 217d 15h 58m 47s
Dahvie let out a weak sigh. "Well if you say so but i still think you should go." He watched her get in teh car then went over to the other side of the car and got in. "You better make sure he is up." Dahvie put on his seat belt and smiled a bit up at her. He turned on the raidio and popped in a c.d. It was Blood on the dance floor his favorite.
  Dahvie vanity / h-e-l-l-o-k-i-t-t-y / 9y 219d 6h 16m 47s
She shook her head "I don't like going to the doctors" she said and stood up straighter "its alright I'll go to class today and tomorrow I'll not go, I got a hugge test so I can't afford to miss it" she commented walking closer to the car before feeling slightly better and moved a bit more. "Uhh finally think I'm alright now" she said as she pressed the car thing to unlock both doors and she slid into the driver's seat.
  Paige / pinkbabygirl / 9y 219d 22h 31s
"Yeah well its not my fault people are to damn slow." Dahvie sighed. "Well me and Varrius can walk if you want to just go home. Or better yet why dont you go to the doctors?" He looked alittle worried. "No affence but you look like hell." He smiled al ittle funny trying to lighten the mood a bit. "Come on really go see a doctor and see what is up ok?"
  Dahvie vanity / h-e-l-l-o-k-i-t-t-y / 9y 219d 22h 3m 45s
She shook her head "Ya so you can get more speeding tickets then you already have, no, no I'm fine" she said before leaning on him. "Just need a minute its not to bad right now...just man I've been throwing up all weekend, thought it be over by now but still not feeling good I should just go home" she said feeling dizzy.
  Paige / pinkbabygirl / 9y 219d 22h 9m 13s
"If you say so." He chewed a peace of gum him self as he messed with his hair and picked the paint off of his nails. Dahvie fallowed slowly behind her. "Are you sure your ok?" He tilted his head. "I can drive if you need me to, i do have my listence you know." He rubbed her back a little trying to make her feel better.
  Dahvie vanity / h-e-l-l-o-k-i-t-t-y / 9y 219d 22h 11m 30s
She nodded "Oh ya I'm feeling fine, just a little queasy I dunno something I ate is just not sitting rig-" she paused talking and took a few deep breaths "We should get going to go and pick up Varrius" she said with a small sigh as she took the piece and began chewing it, that even made her feel queasy.

"Uh well let's go" she said as she lead the way to her car didn't even make it half way before she felt her stomach turn even more and almost was sick on his lawn but took a few even breaths and walked very sloowly to the car.
  Paige / pinkbabygirl / 9y 219d 22h 19m 17s
"Uh yeah..." Dahvie started to say befor he got push out of the way and kind of stumbled back. "Wow she really must have to pee." He thought.
He heard a puking sound. (i "She must have the flew or something he tought to him slef as he stood there waiting. She came up her breath reaking. "Yeah sure." He grabbed out a peace of gum and handed it to her. "You feeling alright?"
  Dahvie vanity / h-e-l-l-o-k-i-t-t-y / 9y 219d 22h 29m 29s
"Uhh well maybe next time I'll get a microphone,can you hear that? May I use your washroom?" she asked as she put a hand on her hip. She then just pushed back him and went to the downstairs bathroom she turned on the light before flipping the toilet seat up felling her stomach jump she bent over and gagged violently and was sick.

After she flushed the toilet and walked out of the washroom shaky and pale she sat down on the stair case going upstairs. "Uh you have any gum?" she asked.
  Paige / pinkbabygirl / 9y 219d 23h 54m 10s
Dahive was running a bit late today. He jumped out of the warm shower out into the cold air. He shivered a bit befor putting on his cloths. Dahvie could not hear his friend honking over the loud music and his hair dryer. He finished his hair and he had only make up on one eye done befor he heard a loud nocking on the front door. He ran down fast and opened it. "Sorry hun i didnt hear you honk."
  Dahvie vanity / h-e-l-l-o-k-i-t-t-y / 9y 220d 10m 49s
Paige sat in her car impatiently as she leaned against the back and honked the horn loudly sighing 'Come on Dahvie your going to make us late' she thought grumpily as she took a long gulp of her coffee before honking it even louder.

Usually she wouldn't but lately she couldn't stand waiting anymore, plus 'ah crap' she thought as she got out of the car in annoyance, feeling like she had to use washroom again, that's all she seemed to be doing these days spending time in the washroom. 'KNOCK KNOCK' she walked up to his house knocking on the door loudly.
  Paige / pinkbabygirl / 9y 220d 20h 25m 42s
  Dahvie vanity / h-e-l-l-o-k-i-t-t-y / 9y 220d 20h 29m 6s
aww alright I'll post in a minute
  Paige / pinkbabygirl / 9y 220d 20h 47m 39s
i wanted a little boy but i love my baby girl
  Dahvie vanity / h-e-l-l-o-k-i-t-t-y / 9y 220d 20h 48m 52s
aww wow ^^ my son's 1 yrs old
  Paige / pinkbabygirl / 9y 220d 22h 49m 21s

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