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This is a 1x1 based on the anime Ouran Highschool Host Club. It's mainly on my favorite pairing, HaruhixKyoyo. owo It's gonna be sooooo epic!!!! I just need someone to be Kyoyo. Until then, here's the plot thingy!!!



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Haruhi nearly passed out. She fell into Kyoya's arms, trying to process all of the information. The truth was, she felt the same way. Haruhi had been trying to hide it for such a long time. Right when they met, Kyoya was kind and helpful. His smile nearly made her swoon whenever she saw it. This was like a dream come true.
  Haruhi Fujioka / SilverStar101 / 9y 9d 6h 44m 2s
Kyoya took Haruhi's face in his hands as he closed his eyes. In truth, this was his first kiss. But he didn't care. She was exactly the first person that he wanted to kiss. And yes, he had thought about it before. He pulled away looking Haruhi in her eyes. "Haruhi, I love you" he told her.
  Kyoya / Madi / 9y 9d 6h 52m 35s
Hruhi's blush grew even more as he replied. "Th-Thank you, Sen-" She was silenced as their lips met. Haruhi froze. She had never kissed a boy before. Has Kyoya ever kissed a girl? I would think so... After all, he is rich 'n all. He probably has had a lot of girlfriends. Haruhi allowed her mind to wander off as the pair kissed.
  Haruhi Fujioka / SilverStar101 / 9y 9d 7h 12m 9s
Kyoya blinked then looked at Haruhi with the book in front of her face. He almost wanted to chuckle but didn't. He then took his boney hand, placed it on the book and gently lowered it, revealing her blush, which was cute to him. "Because you are" he told her. Without realizing it, his lips were getting closer and closer to hers.
  Kyoya / Madi / 9y 9d 7h 22m 9s
Haruhi began to blush a deep red. She needed to cover this up! She didn't want Kyouya to know that she had been blushing at his question. Before answering, she snatched the book from Kyouya's hands and pushed it right up in front of her face so he couldn't see it. "No... Why do you ask, Senpai...?"
  Haruhi Fujioka / SilverStar101 / 9y 9d 7h 36m 43s
Kyoya smiled pulling away, grabbing a book she wasn't reading. He flipped through the manga. It was pretty interesting. "Did anyone tell you how beautiful you look up close?" Kyoya asked, still flipping through the manga. It was the only thing keeping him from doing something...that was unecessary or odd.
  Kyoya / Madi / 9y 9d 8h 15m 49s
As Kyouya began to move closer, Haruhi moved farther away. She looked up from her book and stared at something behind Kyouya, not wanting to meet his suddenly attractive face. "Just an anime, Kyouya-Senpai." Her voice was that same sincere tone as it always was. Did Kyouya just moved closer to me, Haruhi asked herself, wearily. Maybe Senpai did like her. But why? He's rich, she's not. He's the "Shadow King", she's always kind and helpful. Complete opposites can suddenly... Attract?
  Haruhi Fujioka / SilverStar101 / 9y 9d 14h 2m 9s
Kyoya sat down next to Haruhi and observed her. He got a little close, maybe out of Haruhi's comfort zone and asked "Care to tell me what you're reading, dear Haruhi?" he asked. His eyes were calmed as he looked at her waiting for her answer. As Kyoya examined Haruhi's face he noticed that she looked even more beautiful close up.
  Kyoya / Madi / 9y 9d 19h 17m 56s
Haruhi stared at the pile of books s she replied. "Sure, Senpai. Stay as long as you want." She pulled out a chair and sat down. Her eyes skimmed through her books. Kyouya's presence distracted her. Why did he wanna stay? What's going on in his head? from time to time, she'd glance up at Kyouya to check up on him.
  Haruhi Fujioka / SilverStar101 / 9y 9d 19h 34m 17s
Kyoya wasn't much of a perv or flirt and he never tried to make a move on a girl but...something snapped inside of him. Maybe it was his want for Haruhi. His emotion didn't change though as he followed her inside. He set the books down on a table then turned to Haruhi. "Do you mind if I stay here for a while? I don't have anything planned for tonight" he told her.
  Kyoya / Madi / 9y 9d 19h 56m 52s
Haruhi shrugged. "No one, right now... I'm still waiting..." She replied. Her blush faded away as she stared up at the sky with distant eyes. It was true. Every word of it. She hadn't had a love interest yet. she's been waiting for the special person in her life to reveal themself. But you never know. Something like that could change instantly. Haruhi and Kyoya walked up together to her house. She opens the door with her key. "No ones home."
  Haruhi Fujioka / SilverStar101 / 9y 9d 20h 9m 6s
Kyoya tried to look at Haruhi's face but she hid it by putting it down. He quickly found himself behind her as they made their way to her house. "Haruhi, if you don't mind me asking, who is your love interest as of now?" he asked staring at the sky. He hoped the question wouldn't make her uncomfortable. She was never one to get nervous over those questions though...not usually.
  Kyoya / Madi / 9y 9d 20h 24m 43s
HAruhi quickly brushed past Kyoya and began to walk ahead of him. She did that in one motion, trying to hide her blush. I'm used to his smile, even though he doesn't smile much... But why am I blushing? Her head hung low as she walked along the sidewalk. Her thoughts swirled around in her head. Haruhi couldn't possibly find an answer to her questions now. She'll just have to wait and see what happens.
  Haruhi Fujioka / SilverStar101 / 9y 9d 20h 42m 16s
Kyoya smiled that seductive smile pushing his glasses down a bit so he could see past them. "I insist. You shouldn't carry all of that by yourself. You could hurt your back" he said taking the books from her. He then opened the door for her as he waited for her to exit so he could follow behind.
  Kyoya / Madi / 9y 9d 21h 8m 19s
Haruhi looked at Kyoya with her usual, blank expression that she gave him. "Are you sure, Senpai? I'm perfectly fine on my own," she replied. Okay, what's going on?! Was Kyoya alright? This is the second time in one day that he's ever offered his service to her!! Most of the time, he just typed away on his computer, completely ignoring everyone. Haruhi has always been an independent girl. Since her mother died, she had to take care of herself while her father worked. So of course she was used to going solo all the time. But an offer from Kyoya?! What has the world come to?!?!?
  Haruhi Fujioka / SilverStar101 / 9y 9d 21h 16m 9s

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