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Mori nodded in response. Since she was the sister of Haruhi, he knew exactly where her house was. He then made his way in that direction, along with Souru.

"To tell you the truth, it makes me feel a little special being the only one other than Haruhi that knows. It doesn't bother me that I know, but makes me feel a bit more important." He replied in a serious tone.
  Mori / LettuceWedge / 9y 43d 21h 23m 18s
Souru gave a thankful nod at his responce, and the fact that Mori helped her with her books. It always seemed as though she was struggling with something constantly. But Souru never let that get in her away.

She pointed to the next street over. "Another thing... Haruhi's my sister. If you've been to her house, then you've been to mine. It's not hard to miss," she gave a warm smile and pulled off her hat. "My dad doesn't know I've been pulling off the Host thing. He thinks that all of you know."
  Souru (dressed as boy) / SilverStar101 / 9y 43d 21h 27m 50s
Mori noticed that Souru seemed to have issues with her books as she spoke, so he took the books and held them for her.

Mori then shook his head and smiled.

"I don't mind, and it's not a burden. Please don't take it that way." He replied kindly. Mori really didn't mind the secret, it was rather cute in his view that it was between them only.

"Which way do you live?" He asked.
  Mori / LettuceWedge / 9y 43d 21h 33m 7s
Souru stumbled over to Mori with her books trying to slide away from her. "Hi, Senpai. Thanks for walking me home." She greeted him with a grateful bow. Getting a better grip on her books, she looked up at Mori and sighed. "I'm sorry about all of this, Mori. I don't want you to feel all awkward about it... I'm sorry you had to find out. I hope it's not as much as a burden on you as it is on me."
  Souru (dressed as boy) / SilverStar101 / 9y 43d 21h 38m 43s
The club was finally done for the day. Haurhi said good bye to the other club memembers before sighing picking up her bag and heading for the gate. She decided to take the bus home instead of walking. After waiting for a while the bus finally came and dropped her off by the park near her house. She got off and headed up the flights of stairs before she finally got home. "I'm home!" She yelled to her father who was in the kitchen.
  Haurhi Fujioka / SororityFire / 9y 43d 22h 13m 21s
Jade walked home reflecting on every thing. She got home and layed down on the couch playing with her hair.
  Jade / toru / 9y 43d 22h 14m 40s
Mori understood and took his bag from her with a thank you. He then looked to see if he forgot anything important before leaving the Host room and meeting up with Souru.

When he got to the corner, Mori looked left to right for the girl, wondering if he should wait or assume she was gone. He then spotted her and smiled.
  Mori / LettuceWedge / 9y 43d 22h 17m 18s
Souru nodded at Mori after waving a good-bye to Jade. She grabbed her books and told Mori that she'd meet him at the corner of the street. Souru walked outside, juggling her books in her arms. She thought about how she would explain this all to Mori, and eventually apologize for all of the trouble.
  Souru (dressed as boy) / SilverStar101 / 9y 43d 22h 28m 58s
"Um souru should i go home then? you and your friend can go hang out for a while. I might go home and take a nap for a while. I already learned so much today."
  Jade / toru / 9y 43d 22h 52m 8s
Mori looked down at the girl and eventually smiled.

"I will walk you home. You can tell me what you want on the way." He replied kindly. He didn't want her to think that this bothered him, rather made him feel special from the rest of the Host Club.
  Mori / LettuceWedge / 9y 43d 22h 53m 55s
Souru walked over to Mori. She picked up his bag for him and held it out for Mori to take. "Uh... Hello, Senpai!" She wore a kind smile on her face. "Do you have any time for me to talk to you, later? I kinda wanna clear things up..." Souru looked down at her feet, nervously. She didn't want to annoy Mori, or make him even more uncomfortable with the entire situation.
  Souru (dressed as boy) / SilverStar101 / 9y 43d 23h 4m 31s
Once Mori finished his cleaning, he decided that maybe he should head out since he was not needed elsewhere. Mori then looked around for his bag, which seemed to sit in the backroom. Mori then made his day there.
  Mori / LettuceWedge / 9y 44d 21h 19m 37s
Souru gave a small smile back. "Yeah..." She sat down. "God... Those girls wore me out today. I'm so tired." Souru glanced around at the mess that the girls had left for the club to clean up.
  Souru (dressed as boy) / SilverStar101 / 9y 44d 21h 22m 0s
"Well, I've been better, been catching up on my reading." He smiled smiling at her.
  Kyoya / StarNight-the-Neko / 9y 44d 21h 27m 21s
Souru gave up on searching for Honey. "I've been through a lot today..." Her voice trailed off. She had to keep quiet about the Mori thing. Souru wasn't so sure if Kyouya had already figured out her secret, so it was best to stay quiet. She tried to change the subject. "How about you, Senpai? How have you been?"
  Souru (dressed as boy) / SilverStar101 / 9y 44d 21h 45m 56s

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