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she nodded a bit
"Been a long time since I've seen you two" she said with a faint smile on her face.
"You know they may make you their toy again" her brother warned and she stuck out her tounge.
"Like it would matter after what you and Ari put me through at the conventions back in america I mean really that was low even for you" she told him and then sighed a bit and just looked at the twins.
"It's odd to see you two again"
  Rose Thomas / luna223 / 9y 94d 2h 1m 55s
Hikaru was surprised "Wait how do you know who we are?" he asked. Kaoru sighed and patted him on the shoulder now sounding noble and feeling better than everyone "Who doesn't know who we are?" he laughed but then went serious "Hmm I know I've met you two before somehow" he said then Hikaru looked at Rose and snapped his finger "Wait a minute! You're Rose right?" he asked then looked at her older brother.
  Hikaru & Kaoru / Vader2 / 9y 94d 2h 11m 46s
she blinked and looked at them a moment and then blushed
"Sorry was just going to practice a bit since our large funature isn't here yet" she said getting up and putting her music sheets away and then her brother smiled
"The Hitachin twins, we haven't seen you in a long time, in fact you two were 3 last time we saw you" he said with a small smirk as she blinked.
"You mean these are the two that liked to pull on my hair?" she mumbled
  Rose Thomas / luna223 / 9y 94d 3h 6m 57s
Hikaru and Kaoru both woke up slowly "Hmm Hikaru do you hear that?" he asked listening to the piano being played "Hey since when did we get another host club member?" they asked eachother then shot up and looked over the couch at the girl playing the piano "Umm excuse us miss but you must be in the wrong place at the moment are you looking for the music room?" they asked walking over slowly smiling.
  Hikaru & Kaoru / Vader2 / 9y 94d 3h 13m 46s
Rose walked into the school with her brother and did the regstration process and then ordered her uniform which would come in the following week. Her and her brother decided to walk around the school as the figured no one else was here.
"Hey rose here's a music room" he said as he looked at a sign that said music room 3 and she nodded as she slowly opened the door and looked around. She spoted a pair of twins asleep on the couch but shrugged a bit as the rest of the room seem to be empty. She then moved over to the white grand piano. She gentely touch the keys before sitting on the bench with a smile as she pulled out her music sheets.
"How about the one you wrote a few weeks ago" he said and she nodded with a smile on her face as she slowly started to play the keys
  Rose Thomas / luna223 / 9y 94d 3h 45m 41s
Haruhi heard the door open again she figured it was her sister. She walked out of her room leaving her homework on the desk and into the kitchen seeing her father cooking. Then she spotted Souru and Mori. She wasn't the least bit surprised that Mori had come home with Souru. "Hello you two." She said smiling.
  Haurhi Fujioka / SororityFire / 9y 94d 4h 7m 37s
When Mori heard this from Souru, he looked back at her in surprise. People didn't invite him to things without Hunny, so being asked to come inside was something a bit different to feel.

Hesitating, Mori then said thank you and walked inside with her.

Just as remembered, the place was very small for someone like Mori, but he didn't mind having to cross his legs to get a good seat. After all, Mori felt very at home with the Fujioka home. He then heard noises from the kitchen. That must have meant Haruhi and Ranka were home as well. He then stood up and waited for Souru to walk into the kitchen so he may follow.
  Mori / LettuceWedge / 9y 94d 4h 13m 59s
Souru rested her hand on her cheek and gave a relieved smile. Now that she had Mori on her side, she felt a bit more confident about her Host life. "Senpai, you can stay a bit if you want. It's nice to have someone to talk to, you know?"

She was sincere when she spoke. Souru honestly meant it. Finally, she had a friend who she could trust, not needing to cover up anything. Haruhi and her old friend Jade... They're the only ones. Well... They were the only ones. At least another Host knew. All of this made Souru feel more secure. As if she could carry on without a single stress or worry in the world.

But still, keeping it away from the others was still challenging. Her friends are the only ones willing to help. A bit more would always be fine, but she would have to trust them.
  Souru / SilverStar101 / 9y 94d 14h 57m 21s
Mori smiled and looked out to the yard. He didn't really want to go home yet, but he wasn't about to say this out loud in front of Souru. Besides, she's been through a long day, why would she want to have Mori around any longer? All he was needed for was to keep a secret. Nothing else. It was about time Mori realized that even though it seemed like something special, it was just a normal thing. This saddened Mori a bit.
  Mori / LettuceWedge / 9y 94d 15h 48m 10s
Rose sighed and put the photo album away as her bother smiled "Hey I have to drive you to school so you get your class information as well as your uniform" she gronaed a bit. "The school maybe nice but I hate the uniforms they are too.... yellow" she said she hated wearing yellow at all but her brother just chuckled.

"Come on I hear they have a large number of music rooms so you can practice your piano while we are there to since ours hasn't been dropped off yet." he said and she nodded a bit grabbing her binder and a folder full of the things that she needed to register with as she sighed a bit and followed her older brother to the car. "Cheer up rose I'm only here for a week" he told her and she nodded a bit as they both got in the car
  Rose Thomas / luna223 / 9y 94d 16h 23m 46s
Hikaru and Kairu were walking through the school and then opened the doors to the host club they both plopped down on the couch exhausted "Mori" Kaoru called "Could you get Haruji to make us something to drink" then they both passed out.
  Hikaru & Kaoru / Vader2 / 9y 94d 16h 28m 56s
Souru smiled. "Thank you so much, Mori-Senpai. I really appreaciate ll of this." She gave a grateful bow in Mori's direction. Souru sat down on her porch steps. Letting out a faint sigh, she took off her disguise. She usually went through this every day. Constantly worrying about who would see her in the process. She stuffed her things in her backpack. Souru glanced up at Mori, then to the yard behind him. Her eyes were a bit distance as she became lost in her own thoughts. Of course I can trust Mori... But just how many people know...?
  Souru / SilverStar101 / 9y 94d 16h 40m 32s
It had been a long day for Rose. SHe had just moved back to tokyo and was now unpacking her things in her bed room. Her brother had come to help but would soon be going back to America to finish his collage. Her mother, Kira Thomas, was a very popular otome game creator and also where her half japanses came from. Her Father, Richard Thomas happened to be a world class designer and often worked around the world. She felt a bit out of place because she didn't look asian at all even though she was half. She looked a lot like her father and her brother like her mother.

After she had finished she sat on her bed looking through her photo album. Most of them were curent. Pictures of her and her friends in america or pictures of her playing the piano, some in the back were her cosplay photos. She didn't tell many people but she did have an obssesion with anime but it wouldn't be like anyone cared to know. She then saw some ones from when she was little of her and her parents, they were talking to some other adults while some twin boys pulled at her hair although she didn't give them the pelasure of knowing they were hurting her.

"Hey nii-san who's this?" She asked pointing to the twins.
"If I remeber right, Hikaru and Kaoru the Hitachin twins, you guys are around the same age so you were about 3 years old in the picture you don't remeber them do you?" she shook her head a bit "No but somehow I do know they're trouble makers" he nodded a bit "They are but Dad worked with their mom a lot so you had to go with him often"
  Rose Thomas / luna223 / 9y 94d 17h 15m 12s
Mori shook his head and looked up at the house.

"I said I would protect you, so that means I'll make sure you're not discovered." Mori replied and smiled at her. "A promise is a promise."

He then followed Souru up the stairs to the apartment door.
  Mori / LettuceWedge / 9y 94d 20h 39m 12s
Souru nodded, knowing that she'd have to take this all seriously. "It is... It is important. I don't know when the others would ever get suspicious. But I'm worried about Kyouya. Haruhi warned me about him. I'm not sure if he's already figured out all of the details, but I'm pretty sure Tamaki is clueless." She walked along the lawn of her house, kicking at the grass.
  Souru / SilverStar101 / 9y 94d 21h 50m 22s

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