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Mori then entered the room where everyone had gathered. When he noticed that Jade had arrived, Mori smiled and waved. He then put the plate in the middle of the table. Mori then bowed.

"I hope you enjoy this dish I've prepared for you all." He said kindly.
  Mori / LettuceWedge / 9y 93d 19h 24m 44s
"should i have not came?"
  Jade / toru / 9y 93d 20h 31m 29s
It was getting a little to crowed in the apartment for Haurhi's liking, she went back into her room and changed out of the school uniform. Before coming back out. "I'm going out!" She yelled mostly to her father. Before anyone could stop her Haruhi pulled on her shoes and ran outside and to a near by park and just walked around.
  Haurhi Fujioka / SororityFire / 9y 93d 20h 36m 57s
"hihii! sorry i was bored so i wanted to come over." She walked in and sat down with every one.
  Jade / toru / 9y 93d 20h 48m 10s
Mori nodded then got straight to work in the kitchen when given the permission. He looked around and found a few things in which he could make fried rice with.

Mori then began to put things together and began the process of making delicious food.
  Mori / LettuceWedge / 9y 93d 20h 48m 19s
Souru smiled and nodded. "We'd really appreaciate that, Senpai. Use whatever you need," She ran over to the door and quickly invited Jade in after hearing the doorbell. "Hi, Jade! Come in."
  Souru / SilverStar101 / 9y 93d 20h 54m 51s
Mori smiled and shook his head.

"You don't have to make anything for me, I'm fine." He said kindly and took a seat after humbly saying hello to Haruhi.

Mori then had an idea.

"What if I made something for all of you? For inviting me in." He asked, feeling he needed to repay the kind family somehow. Mori's cooking was wonderful after all.
  Mori / LettuceWedge / 9y 93d 21h 39m 46s
Jade woke up from her nap and decided maybe she would go over to sourus place. She felt lonely with no one to talk to. Her parents were at work for quite a while still so she put on her shoes and walked out the door. She wondered if Souru still lived in the same house so she walked over the apartments and nocked on the door hoping to see souru or her sister or her strange father open it.
  Jade / toru / 9y 93d 22h 4m 6s
she blinked slightly and then looked at them a moment
"Is there a catch?" she said slowly knowing the twins liked to play pranks. She did know they would help but she had no clue on what they would get out of this. I mean the practicly killed her as little kids but she did remeber the day they had been dressed as girl in pink and blue so everyone could tell them apart and sadly they had looked more girly then she had at the time. Michiro smiled a bit
"She remebers your pranks as a little kids so she's a bit cousis" he explained
  Rose Thomas / luna223 / 9y 93d 22h 10m 1s
Souru smiled and walked through the kitchen. She dropped her backpack in the corner of the room, along with Haruhi's bag. "Uh... Do you want anything, Senpai? I'm fine with making something," she said politely. Souru sat down after taking her books from Mori. She flipped from page to page, silently waiting for a responce.
  Souru / SilverStar101 / 9y 93d 22h 27m 18s
The twins sat there and pondered a moment "Yes you are really good at the piano, we heard you playing on the grande piano and we might be able to pull some strings to get you noticed.. You interested?" they asked with smiles on their faces "Were always ready to help someone when the time comes."
  Hikaru & Kaoru / Vader2 / 9y 93d 22h 48m 59s
She groaned a bit
"I saw them and all I can say is I hate yellow" she said with a sigh and then took a sip of the tea with a faint smile on face.
"But I guess it's nice to at least know you guys while I'm here who knows how long we'll stay with dad's job" she mumbled and then sighed again.
"But I can't wait to make new friends and maybe finaly be able to get my music noticed" she said with a smile on her face as Michiro chuckled a bit
"Don't worry about it rose your good and you compose well I doubt it will go unheard for long" he told her
  Rose Thomas / luna223 / 9y 93d 22h 53m 40s
Hikaru sat down on the opposite side facing them "hmm so you're going to be attending this school.." he said smiling. Kaoru came out with the tea and placed them infront of rose as they both took coffee and took a sip at the sane time. Kaoru looked out the window "I think you'll like it here it's a wonderful school" he told her, he fixed his jacket "The only thing is that if your still like you were before. You may not like the school uniforms for girls." he said and looked at Hikaru who was staring at Rose but covered it well so he didn't seem like it.
  Hikaru & Kaoru / Vader2 / 9y 93d 23h 5m 19s
she smiled a bit.
"Tea's fine" she said with a smile and her brother nodded.
"Oh yeah Ari, she knew exactly who you needed to cosplay as" he said with a chuckle and she blushed a bit.
"I thought we weren't going to bring this up again expecily cause mom and dad don't like it" she said to him as they both sat on a small couch in the room and she sighed slightly.
"We moved back, mom needed to be here to work again and so I'm transfering here and I start tomarow" she told them with a faint smile on her face
  Rose Thomas / luna223 / 9y 93d 23h 17m 39s
"that's true we didn't expect to see you again after you moved away" they looked at her older brother "Conventions?" they asked. They looked at Rose "could we interest either of you in a drink and if you want feel free to sit down anywhere." they said
  Hikaru & Kaoru / Vader2 / 9y 93d 23h 25m 59s

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