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They both looked curiously at Rose "a surprise?" they asked each taking a sip of there coffee then thinking of what the surprise could be. They both sighed "Well if you want we could specially request you to be admitted to the host club that way we could pick you up on our way to school?" they said smiling then thought of how well she was on the piano.
  Hikaru & Kaoru / Vader2 / 9y 88d 14h 33m 44s
she nodded softly.
'yeah I understand that... It's nice thought that I get to talk with you again" she said softly with a faint smile as she took another sip of her tea. her eyes closed for a bit as Michiro chuckled slightly with a smile on his.
"I think the next time she see's you she'll have a suprise for you."
  Rose Thomas / luna223 / 9y 88d 17h 21m 49s
"Well you could stay here for a little while longer.. If you can but you may have to leave if the other members don't approve of you being here..." they sighed and thought what Tamaki might say If he saw them with a new girl in the host club.
  Hikaru & Kaoru / Vader2 / 9y 88d 19h 20m 36s
Haruhi yawned and leaned back against the bench and looked up at the sky. 'How are things up there mom?' She thought laughing a bit. She leaned forward and stood up and started to wander around aimlessly. She went by the pond before deciding to head home.
  Haurhi Fujioka / SororityFire / 9y 89d 12h 39m 3s
"ya..thanks for having me over Souruchan!" she missed having a good time with friends. so the time today was nice.
  Jade / toru / 9y 89d 15h 19m 52s
Mori nodded and smiled.

"You're right. Thank you for inviting me into your home, Souru." He replied and for the first time, gave a hug instead of receiving one from someone else. As he did so, a funny feeling erupted itself in his stomach, case of the nerves?
  Mori / LettuceWedge / 9y 89d 19h 18m 44s
Rose had a faint blush
"Nii-san don't tease me" she mubmeled rather embarased as she took a sip of her tea then nodded to Hikaru.
"Thank you, it would mean a lot to me" she said softly to him with a small smile as she looked out the window and saw it was getting late. She sighed a bit.
"I don't want to go home yet" she mumbled softly as Michiro had a small smile on his face as he looked at his sister glad she already had friends before he had to leave again
  Rose Thomas / luna223 / 9y 92d 4h 47m 36s
Hikaru pondered for a moment, "Hmm a prank you say?" he asked himself. While Hikaru was busy thinking to himself, Kaoru looked at Rose "No catch were just glad to help out" they said smiling. Hikaru still thinking, sat down and started drinking some tea. Kaoru also joined him but he was focused on what Michiro had said about the prank a little less, than Hikaru.
  Hikaru & Kaoru / Vader2 / 9y 92d 8h 9m 44s
Soon, it was almost 7:00 pm. Souru let out a sigh as she sat down. "Senpai... It's getting pretty late." A yawn escaped her lips. "We've both had a hard day... And there's school tomorrow..."
  Souru / SilverStar101 / 9y 92d 13h 45m 25s
Mori smiled and nodded. He knew what it was like to have to cook when there are no parents around to do it for you, and the Morinozuka estate never had servants to begin with.

"You're welcome." Mori replied.
  Mori / LettuceWedge / 9y 92d 15h 37m 51s
"T thanks its just that my parents are busy and i have to cook myself and im not a very good cook so..this means alot." she was so grateful to have friends like them. They were always so helpful and fun to be around.
  Jade / toru / 9y 92d 22h 56m 19s
"I had a few recipes shown to me by my mother, she was an amazing cook. I just remembered them and followed what she did." He replied. Most of the things he made were given to him by his mother, who always made great food for he and his brother Satoshi. Mori always made food Satoshi, so making a lunch was easy.

"I could show you how to cook some day if you wish." He added, seeing how Jade had this thing for holding back, much like someone he knew.
  Mori / LettuceWedge / 9y 92d 22h 58m 55s
"Ya were did you learn to cook like that? i havent tasted such good food. you should work as a cook when your older." She could cook herself but her food was simple like ramen and wasnt even that good. She wondered if souru and Mori could teach her but she said nothing.
  Jade / toru / 9y 92d 23h 10m 4s
Mori worked as quickly and diligently as he did at home, making things easier done than said. When the girl walked in to give her thanks for all the things, Mori turned to her, smiled and bowed.

"I'm glad you enjoyed it Jade." He said in his low tone, but in a way to express he was truly grateful.
  Mori / LettuceWedge / 9y 92d 23h 12m 44s
Jade layed down on the couch with a full stomach. The food was so good. She was going to offer to help but could already tell she would just get in the way so she said nothing. Then she finally walked over to souru."uh um thanks for inviting me in." the she turned to Mori, "um thanks for the food it was really good. Im glad you two are both of my friends." she smiled at them happily. She hadnt had a nice quiet time like this in a while.
  Jade / toru / 9y 92d 23h 26m 24s

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