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Rose slowly walked into the club room feeling slightly nervous about this. She felt akward because she had always been so shy and she didn't know how she was going to explain things if Hikaru and Kaoru weren't there yet at the club.
  Rose Thomas / luna223 / 8y 202d 3h 9m 41s
"Well, thats good," he said with a smile. He got up,"Do any of you want tea?" he said rubbing his head a bit.
  Kyoya / StarNight-the-Neko / 8y 202d 3h 14m 10s
Souru gave a small wave toward Kyoya and Jade. "Hi, Kyoya. I'm doing fine." She turned her body so she was facing her two friends.
  Souru (dressed as boy) / SilverStar101 / 8y 202d 3h 28m 44s
"What don't you sit down Jade?" he said patting the spot next to him, he thought the Jade was a really sweet and cute. But he was too nervous to tell her that. He heard a sigh and turned around and saw Souru,"Oh, Hi Souru how are you doing?" he said in a kind tone.
  Kyoya / StarNight-the-Neko / 8y 202d 3h 32m 48s
"Im..doing ok." she didnt want to tell anyone else about her burn so she tried to keep her mouth shut. She smiled a little.
  Jade / toru / 8y 202d 3h 40m 49s
Souru listened in on the two's conversation. She had noticed that Jade was still in pain from her burn. She could read her dear frined like a book. Letting out a sigh, she leaned back in her chair.
  Souru (dressed as boy) / SilverStar101 / 8y 202d 3h 46m 13s
He yawned a bit,"Yea, I pulled a all nighter, but I'm fine," he looked at her with a smile on his face. "How are you today Jade?" he said to her in his gentleman voice.
  Kyoya / StarNight-the-Neko / 8y 202d 3h 47m 36s
Jade noticed Kyoya looked tired. "Kyoya are you ok? You a little worn out." She had a worried expression on her face. She sighed a little too and leaned back and closing her eyes. She could feel her skin burn a little on her arm were mori had put the bandage.
  Jade / toru / 8y 202d 3h 50m 57s
Kyoya, still tired for being up all night. Walked into the club with a tired expression. His hair was some-what messy and his clothes a little messy too. He sat on the couch and let out a sigh.
  Kyoya / StarNight-the-Neko / 8y 202d 4h 8m 0s
"oh thanks!" she looked at her arm. It did feel better. She walked over to the same place she sat yesterday and sat down. I wonder whats going to happen today?
  Jade / toru / 8y 202d 23h 11m 45s
Mori opened the cabinet and pulled out some bandages. Thanks to Haruhi's commoner wisdom, she had suggested they have a health kit in case of injuries. Good thing she thought ahead unlike the rest of them.

Mori then wrapped the bandage properly while tightening it a little.

"There, this should do it." He said.
  Mori / LettuceWedge / 8y 202d 23h 25m 8s
Jade didnt want really any one to help with her burn. She thought it was too much to even ask any one. but she didnt say any thing and followed mori. He was a expert on these things any ways.
  Jade / toru / 8y 203d 19h 12m 21s
Mori then stood up and looked around the room. Seeming that this was an untreated burn, it was best to shelter it so it doesn't get infected.

"Follow me." He replied and began walking towards one of the cabinets.
  Mori / LettuceWedge / 8y 203d 20h 18m 36s
[that or the twins...]
  Rose Thomas / luna223 / 8y 203d 20h 20m 29s
i think we are waiting for mori to post next)
  Jade / toru / 8y 203d 20h 45m 33s

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