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"im doing ok."
  Jade / toru / 8y 215d 20h 47m 45s

Kyoya looked at them,"So, how are you two today?" he said smiling at the two of them.
  Kyoya / StarNight-the-Neko / 8y 215d 20h 52m 10s
Mori then cleaned up along with Haruhi after the guests had left for the day. When he saw that there was another girl left with Souru, he wondered why but didn't attempt to find out. Instead, he kept to himself like everyone expected him to do.
  Mori / LettuceWedge / 8y 215d 20h 53m 11s
Souru smiled. "I'll introduce you to Honey-Senpai next." She searched the room for her friend.
  Souru (dressed as boy) / SilverStar101 / 8y 215d 21h 1m 40s
Finally all the girls left the club. Haurhi picked up the left out trays and took care of them. There was a crash, Haurhi sighed she already knew what it was without even looking up. She went over and picked up broken pieces of china off the floor.
  Haurhi Fujioka / SororityFire / 8y 215d 21h 1m 51s
"m." ^-^
  Jade / toru / 8y 215d 21h 7m 26s
"Well, it nice to meet you too Jade-Chan," he said with a smile and in his gentleman tone.
  Kyoya / StarNight-the-Neko / 8y 215d 21h 9m 34s
"um hello kyoyasan." she then bowed to be polite.
  Jade / toru / 8y 215d 21h 14m 57s
All of the girls began to file out of the club. As they left, Souru stood up and dragged Jade over to Kyoya. "Kyoya, this is my friend, Jade. Jade, this is Kyoya."
  Souru (dressed as boy) / SilverStar101 / 8y 215d 21h 17m 20s
Kyoya smiled a bit when Mori left him, he went back and read a few more chapters of his book. After a while, he decided to get himself some water.
  Kyoya / StarNight-the-Neko / 8y 215d 21h 22m 47s
Souru smiled and nodded. "Okay, then!"

  Souru (dressed as boy) / SilverStar101 / 8y 215d 21h 23m 2s
"ya of coarse its nice to see guests here anyways. The girls are so nice to you guys."
  Jade / toru / 8y 215d 21h 28m 18s
Souru gave a gleeful nod. "Of course. The girls will be leaving soon. When they leave, I can introduce you to everyone," she chimed in. "Is that okay?"
  Souru (dressed as boy) / SilverStar101 / 8y 215d 21h 30m 20s
Mori then sat in his chair and watched as the girls talked amongst themselves, while he stayed quiet and nodded when talked to. It was rather a lonely day, other than learning of Souru's secret.

  Mori / LettuceWedge / 8y 215d 21h 34m 59s
"ya thatll be nice. i havent met all your friends yet could you entroduce them to me?"
  Jade / toru / 8y 215d 21h 37m 25s

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