The Differences between Love and Hate (Need Everyone)

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Dylan is Bella's older half brother when his parents die he is forced to move in with his sister and Charlie but what Bella doesn't know is Dylan was born a hunter.

Now she must not only deal with the love of Jacob and Edward but also her over protective brother who is a skilled hunter and after a recent tragedy has taken to hunting her friends. Can Bella convince him not all vampires and werewolves are like the ones who killed his father and his little sister or will hate over power and over cloud his usual common sense?

Bella Swan: writerbymoonlite
Edward Cullen:
Jacob Black:
Alice Cullen: firestar
Jasper Hale:
Rosalie Hale: Werewolf pack :

OC Vampires :

Will be set at 250 once people join
I want semi-literate this means for me:
good spelling, no text talk and no one liners

This will be a mature rp sexual interaction and all that is fine, however anything that will become actual sex must be taken to PM or Time skip.

Follow the story line and please don't make it into a 1x1 or I will, kick your ass out so fast it will make your head spin.

If you are a main character please stick as much as you can to the actual characters personality I'm not saying to be mirror images of them but to at least have some of the characteristics.

Violence, Gore, Romance, Drama and Angst will all be a part of this rp and I want it to be a good rp so not boring stuff, if you stick to the story line but want to add some spice too it like characters fighting and dramas then go ahead I'm not telling you how to rp just follow the rules.

If you ditch and don't tell me, I will not rp with you again and I will toss you out for good. But please don't ditch should be fun.

If your gone for a long time say so, however if you do go away for a bit make it so your character is kind of out of the way of the rp and not slowing it down.

Alright and most importantly, have fun! That's what this is all about anyways.

So who wants to join?


Skellie for Original Characters BUT will only be accepted when mains are taken:

Pack/Coven/Just New:
Short Bio:


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