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Dylan watched his family die before his eyes, his eyes shadowed by blood and garnished by fangs. He was sent away into the asylum but he didn't do it. He knew who it was the werewolves who put him through this all. Dylan moves out to a small town, he goes to school and immediately that scent hits his nose.

Now he's hell-bent on killing this girl but its not so simple because this girl who reminds him of the past, he's falling in love with her. What will happen when _____ shows him kindness, shows him something he never felt or had before?

real picture
Werewolf girl needed
Violence, Drama and Romance needed.
Some funny.
Limit will be set at 250 but it can go over obviously, just not under.

THIS is a mature RP!

Roleplay Reply. Do not chat here. (250 character limit.)

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Victoria slowly backed up against the door. "I am not the one trying to kill someone over nothing. You want to kill me for just being who I am. I cannot help who I am. I didn't even know until last year....I am weak and useless...but I would never kill a human...ever...not even a baby..." Her breathing quickened and she kept her body tensed.
  Victoria Johnson / Elizabeth / 9y 230d 19h 59m 33s
He frowned as he looked at her taking another drag before looking at her "What is the matter with you, aren't you supposed to be fearless?" he asked as he slowly approached her but didn't attack her or anything "You look as if I might bite you, when your the one that would bite" he mused.
  Just Dylan / pinkbabygirl / 9y 230d 20h 3m 53s
Victoria walked out of her front door and froze. His scent hit her and she spotted him. Fear paralyzed her as every fiber of her being screamed at her to run, but she couldn't. She watched as he lit a smoke -can't spell it lol- Her heart raced as she hoped that he wouldn't kill her.
  Victoria Johnson / Elizabeth / 9y 230d 20h 6m 4s
Dylan was suspended from school, so he left early he sighed cursing himself out on his lack of control, he took out his bow and arrow and walked out of the building and past the bus stop thinking it better to walk then run, he kept walking until that scent hit her and he saw, her she was living across from him. He collapsed on the stair and lit a cigarette.
  Just Dylan / pinkbabygirl / 9y 230d 20h 9m 41s
Victoria gasped and pure terror showed in her eyes. She just shook her head and walked out of the classroom and out of the building. She took off running towards home, or well her new home. She couldn't take it. She didn't like it there.

When she got home she was completely alone, which she was so happy to be. She went up to her room, and changed her clothes before heading back out.
  Victoria Johnson / Elizabeth / 9y 230d 20h 11m 57s
Dylan walked back into his room and it was like his vision blurred he suddenly had the girl pinned against the wall again "YOU!" he growled his eyes where like a beast let out of his cage.

"DYLAN TAYLOR! Go to the office now!" the teacher spat out as he was dragged off her and brought out of the room.

"Ah seems as if you've met the lunatic of the school" a boy with dark hair and green eyes commented he was beside her on the other side.
  Just Dylan / pinkbabygirl / 9y 230d 20h 16m 28s
Victoria kept her ground. "I heed your warning and I promise you I will do nothing." She shook her head and once he was gone she went into the bathroom and burst into tears. She hated humans the way he accused her of. It was wrong. She had done nothing wrong, and this guy was already going to kill her. After a few minutes she cleaned herself up and found her first class which just so happened to be the same class he was in. She tensed up and went up to the teacher and gave him, her paperwork. She found a seat in the very back in the cornor, that stayed clear from the guy, but the teacher had different plans for her. He told her to sit right next to Dylan.
  Victoria Johnson / Elizabeth / 9y 230d 20h 21m 4s
He glared at her "Don't try and reason with me werewolf, but if anything does happen just remember I am at this school and I will kill you without any regrets but for now I'll let you dwell in here just understand my warning" he said and walked away towards his first class.
  Just Dylan / pinkbabygirl / 9y 230d 20h 26m 25s
Victoria shook her head and released him. "I told you...I do not kill humans...I don't eat them either..." She stepped away. "So I guess you will kill me...but I do not see why you should because I did nothing to you. All I did that has seemed to make you angry is walk into this school and attend classes, and to further piss you off, pin you to a wall, but is that really a reason to kill someone you do not know?"
  Victoria Johnson / Elizabeth / 9y 230d 20h 28m 40s
He glared pissed she got him pinned to a wall so quickly "Let me go bitch" he growled and glared at her "So then kill me what are you waiting for, if you don't I will kill you" he snarled not afraid of death his fists clenched in anger but he couldn't really move much else.
  Just Dylan / pinkbabygirl / 9y 230d 20h 31m 24s
Victoria had about enough. This human had no idea who he was messing with. Her eyes flashed black and quickly she had him pinned to the wall. She growled. "Lestin to me Human, I was moved here. I am a child of the state, and for your information I am new to this whole wolf thing, so back off. My parents were killed in a car crash when I was five, and so I was put into foster care. I move from place to place each year. I eat no one. I eat just like you do, and if it will make you fell better, then go ahead and kill me." She released him and stood there waiting for his next move. She dared not move to wipe her tears away or nothing, she just stood there.
  Victoria Johnson / Elizabeth / 9y 230d 20h 34m 52s
He smirked at her "Why did you come to this school anyway, why did you dare to set foot on my area you not know this entire district is protected? What is your goal into coming here?" he snarled with anger eyes turning black with rage and hate.
  Just Dylan / pinkbabygirl / 9y 230d 20h 42m 39s
Victoria walked looking for the class. The hall was now empty. She gasped as she was shoved into the wall and threatened with a dagger. Tears filled her eyes. She honestly thought she was going to die, and she dared not change there. She tried to resist a little but the silver weakened her greatly. "I do not know what you speak of! I eat no babies, any humans...." She was starating to shake from fear, and the silver was weakening her even more.
  Victoria Johnson / Elizabeth / 9y 230d 20h 44m 59s
He nodded "Um sure okay then.." he said and pretended to linger behind her after awhile he walked out pulling out his trusty dagger it was made out of silver, he saw her and ran up and tackled her from behind and pinned her up against the wall in the corner of the school.

"YOU what are you doing in a school don't you have babies to eat?" he growled his knife close to her throat.
  Just Dylan / pinkbabygirl / 9y 230d 20h 43m 41s
Victoria tried to get a word in but he spoke too fast for her to even speak. She felt at a loss and didn't kno what to do. When she followed him out into the hall she glanced around but mostly kept her eyes to the ground. "Victria Johnson, and I moved from New York, and I am a Senior." She sighed slightly and glanced at him but she got the feeling that he didn't even want to be around her. "You know what...Don't worry about showing me around....I can find the classes myself..." She said slightly.
  Victoria Johnson / Elizabeth / 9y 230d 20h 53m 6s

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