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Rayella is a new girl in town. Her family just moved in because her father was hired in the towns largest company. She now lives in a normal house, being just an average girl. What happens when she meets the people at her school? Will they accept her?

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hey SO... its sakura with a changed username. i kno its been four years (LMAO) but i was curious if u'd maybe want to revamp this rp? u can inbox me if u decide!
  gmiho / 1y 104d 3h 1m 14s
The school day started off with no surprises other than the fact that she had discovered the most popular girl in school had her eyes set on Carson. Then again, Carson was a very attractive guy. Those mysterious eyes and his indifferent facial expressions drew in all of the girls, especially since he was new to the school. Rayella didnt like him for those reasons though. He took the time and put in the effort to take her somewhere amazing for the night, and even offered to share a piece of his personal life with her. He opened up to her and she didnt think a guy like Carson would do that. He seemed like he was always busy with some kind of business.

But when he entered class, her eyes stayed at her desk, just pondering what would happened today, or if last night meant anything more than just being acquaintances. Her young imagination already filled with future dates and even sharing another kiss with the boy, but she tried to push those thoughts away when Carson sat beside her.

She was about to reply, but her voice was instantly shut down by the skinny blonde behind him. The makeup on her face screamed "needing attention" but she was attractive. Rayella would give her that at least. Why wouldnt Carson like a girl with a beautiful face?

"Carson! You look like you could use a shoulder massage. Busy night I suppose?" she reached over her desk and then placed her hands on his shoulders, wanting to relax him a bit. Danielle was more than capable of exerting herself onto others and she usually was able to get what she wanted in return. "You shouldnt strain yourself so much. I would hate to see a frown on that pretty face of yours" she told him, obviously sucking up to him.

Rayella just watched her hands on Carson and she felt something stir int he pit of her stomach. Her hands brushed some of her hair behind her ear and she tried to just focus on the teacher's voice when the class began, hoping to distract herself from what was going on beside her.
  Rayella / ellocalypse / 5y 131d 17h 29m 17s

Carson woke up..more exhausted than when he'd gone to bed; last night's even had spiraled out of control and he'd been forced to stay an additional two hours than his father'd previously promised him. Who knew his father's business associate's daughter would end up making such a scene in the restaurant, of all places. Yes, he was single. No, he was not looking for a girlfriend - he had made it so simple and so clear. Was it his fault that she had to push it and he'd let his annoyance slip for a whole ten seconds ? You're irritating. Who knew it was such a powerful sentence ? Of course he had ended up apologizing and promising to make up for it to the bottle blonde but, thinking back, he didn't regret his decision. It'd been the first time his father hand't complained - on account of her annoying disposition getting in the way of their business dinner. He had also ended up apologizing to the man with the daughter complex. I apologize for the fact that my son thinks your lovely daughter is annoying. He'd almost snorted. Thinking back, while he adjusted his uniform, that was probably the first time his father had taken his side. Well, he was never a patient man. Tightening his tie, he made his way down the stairs, greeting his mother with a smile and his father with a curt nod. "Do you have anything planned for today ?" The man asked, discreetly implying that he wasn't allowed to have anything planned for today. Carson shook his head. "I suppose I don't, now." He had intended on keeping the promise with his friend There were other days. "We're having a family dinner tonight." And that was that. Saying goodbye to his parents, he started for the school - it took him surprisingly long to get there. Was he really that tired ? Or was he in a bad mood ? Entering the classroom of their first period, he greeted the wandering eyes with a nod of affirmation before taking his rightful seat next to Rayella. Propping his chin on top of his palm, he let out a sigh. "Haa, I'm tired."
  | C | / -Sakura- / 5y 133d 15h 38m 46s
That night, all she could think about was the amazing night she had spent with Carson. Everything had taken her by surprise. THe fact that they didnt eat in at the restaurant, how he showed her that sparkling lake, and that kiss, she didnt expect any of it. It only started off as a thank you dinner didnt it?

Laying in bed, she thought about how cool Carson was to her. Everything from the way he styled his hair, that indifferent gaze of his and to how busy he seemed to be. He was really busy and it flattered her that he made some time in his busy schedule just for her, even if it had to end.

The next morning, Rayella had her skirt on and the collared baby blue shirt to match. The school uniform wasnt that attractive, but she didnt have to worry about picking her outfit for the day. WHen she headed down the steps, her parents had left her with a banana and yogurt cup to take on the go. She quickly grabbed her backpack and began walking to school.


Her first period was filled with not only the school's winning cheerleading team, but also the stars of the football team as well. She took her seat beside one of her friends and overheard the girl behind her. "Where's Carson? I cant wait until he gets to class. He's been eye candy since day one. He's so attractive" one of the girls mentioned as Rayella kept quiet in front. Her friend told her that that girl was captain of the cheerleading team. Her name was Danielle and she had dated all the good looking guys on campus. Rayella felt a little worried because she liked Carson as well. Hopefully she still had her chance.
  Rayella / ellocalypse / 5y 137d 2h 56s

Cars ? He chuckled as he saw her off, taking a seat at the edge of the sidewalk, waiting for that black limo to pull up and take him away. All in all, he considered this to be a productive two days. He'd gotten accustomed to his school without the need to explain his private situation meaning, no one bugged him unless he felt like being bugged. He'd talked to one of his old friends and had promised to stay in better touch - he was really starting to get ticked off at Carson's aloofness and last but certainly not least - he'd met Rayella; most probably the only girl he'd ever have a decent conversation with without it being forced on him by a third party. She was delightful company and he honestly saw himself spending more time with her, in and out of school. The only thing that confused him about tonight was that kiss - why had he reacted that way ? Usually he would've brushed it right off without even batting an wasn't as if it was actually his first kiss but for some reason, the moment his lips connected with Rayella's, he hadn't been able to make much sense of it. It was just a kiss, not even, a little peck to be more specific and yet he'd been to taken aback by it. He couldn't explain was different with Rayella - he just..he couldn't imagine tossing it aside as he usually would've with any other girl. She was special in some way, he just couldn't figure out what way that was. The sound of a car pulling to a stop shook him out of his thoughts and he got up abruptly, meeting face to face with the man in the back seats. He gave his father a curt nod, strolling over to the other side and getting in without a word. He expected them, the questions, and they were sure to come, but he assumed the business dinner party they were going to attend was of more importance to his father than whichever girl he was spending his free time with. As long as Carson knew where his priorities lay, his father wouldn't question any other choices he made. Yes, as long as it didn't effect business.
  | C | / -Sakura- / 5y 138d 1h 25m 42s
The duckling was simply adorable and Rayella did have a soft spot for animals, but who didnt. They were tiny, fluffy, and just as alive as she was. Her hand gently stroked the baby chick, holding her onto her lap with a smile of joy on her face. But her attention soon switched onto the sound of the phone call. Rayella didnt want to be an eavesdropper, so she kept her attention on the duckling until Carson finished with his call. Her eyes followed the duckling wandering on her lap as she giggled, seeing it trip and fell face forward. It was still so young and honestly she found it adorable that a boy like Carson would pay attention to something so minuscule and helpless. Most boys would simply turn their cheeks.

It seemed like the fun was over when he hung up his phone. Rayella took hold of his arm and followed him back through the secret pathway towards the park. "Dont be Carson. People are busy, it's okay. I've already had a wonderful night with dinner by the lake. So thank you for that" she genuinely meant it too. Never has she experienced a date like this, so she wasnt even upset. In her mind, she felt it turned out better than she expected.

When they arrived at her home, she led Carson up the steps to her porch, turning around to embrace him in a hug of gratitude. "Ill see you at school Cars" she slowly pulled away and then headed back into her home for the night. He was a busy boy and she could tell his family was always busy.

That night, Rayella headed up to her room and changed for bed, tucking herself in and smiling to herself. All she could think about was that accidental kiss. It may have been an accident, but it was still her first and she'd never forget it.
  Rayella / ellocalypse / 5y 140d 3m 29s

So Rayella was an animal person ? Granting very little people could look at Elizabeth and deny her appeal. He handed her the little ducking that on her side didn't seem all that bothered being switched around between them. Apparently animals were a good judge of character so was he meant to take this as a hint ? Suddenly, as if called upon, his phone rang, taking both teens, and Elizabeth, by surprise. He pulled the phone, sparing a glance at the caller ID. Eyes widening slightly, he got up abruptly - seriously ? "I need to take this." Voice reverting back to it's regular state of nonchalance and overall emptiness, Carson unlocked his phone with a few motions of his finger, sliding on the answer button. "..hello." He answered, almost hesitantly, a deep, hoarse voice coming through from the other side. The man, sounding none too pleased, spoke in short, undefinable sentences, unknown to anyone but the listener. "I'm outside." The other side fell silent for the shortest time, after which the man questioned Carson on his location, intentions and overall importance of the matter. Obviously he was implying something. "I'm with a classmate. Is there anything..- " He was cut off by a brief chuckle. Carson sighed, his priorities reset once again. Tell me the address, I'm coming to get you, was the only thing that could be made out from the conversation. After another minute of back and both exchange of information, Carson hung up, putting his phone away in exasperation. "I need to leave." Apparently his father had scheduled a business dinner that, for some reason, he needed to be present at. "I'll take you home." He said and Rayella put Elizabeth down who in turn waddled away and into the water. He offered his hand and she locked arms with him before they started down the street. "I'm sorry." Was all he said. The rest of the walk was spent in silence.
  | C | / -Sakura- / 5y 140d 3h 18m 27s
It was definitely a bold move for Rayella to have kissed someone she barely knew, but she really did feel a connection with Carson for some reason and she felt like if she did break that cold barrier he was living in, maybe she'd be able to see that warmth inside. Her eyes looked into his, seeing that blank expression, making her turn away in embarrassment as she brushed a lock of her long hair behind her ears. Her eyes turned to face the lake, not wanting to see his reaction. If he didnt like it, or want it, she'd be able to take the news later.

Her eyes then fell to the mysterious sound, seeing the yellow baby duck. Her eyes lit up in awe as she watched him put it on his lap. He looked adorable with it and she couldnt help but giggle. "She's cute" she leaned over and reached out to run her fingertips over the duckling.

"Well you've got great inspiration. Can I hold her?" she held both of her hands out and looked up at him, glad that the situation had calmed down. Her heart had been racing every since she sat down on that bench.
  Rayella / ellocalypse / 5y 143d 6h 41m 21s

Again she had caught him by surprise and again he remained dumb-founded. Sigh..get your act together Carson. He cupped his cheek with his right hand, taking his portion of the food in the meantime. "Don't..mention it." He managed, spooning the food to his mouth. This girl..was not good for his heart. Was he embarrassed ? No, nor did he have any reason to feel as such. Was he blushing ? No, who ever heard of actually blushing in the first place ? Was he staring at her with a blank expression plastered to his face ? Indeed he was, with no intention on trying to hide it. He knew that some girls were the very definition of bold but Rayella was something else..she made him feel..unsure ? He couldn't define it but it was an unsettling feeling in itself, one he'd much rather do without. But then again, he liked her company - compared to ninety percent of the girl's he'd been forced to spend time with, so why would he ? Quack! "Oh." He bent down, scooping the bright yellow little animal from the ground and into his lap. "This is Elizabeth." Elizabeth..? "She's my inspiration." The baby duck made a hard attempt at voicing itself in two enthusiastic quacks and Carson couldn't help but smile. "She's very snobby you see."
  -Sakura- / 5y 144d 11h 55m 46s
Rayella still stood there stunned, not sure what to say. If this was on purpose, she didnt really know how to handle it since she's never experienced something like this before, so instead of jumping to conclusions, she waited for Carson's explanation first. She gently dusted her dress off and then she took a seat back onto the bench, her eyes staring down at her fingers that sat on her lap, taking in reassuring breaths to calm her down. It couldnt have been on purpose. What would a sophisticated guy like him want with her?

He switched subjects....phew she thought to herself as she brushed her long hair behind her ear. "So you do know your way around the city. I bet it's good to be back to where you used to live, especially if your parents met here" she let the silence take over, filling her ears with nothing but the sounds of crickets and the slight tremble of the water. When he said it was an accident, she wasnt exactly sure how to feel, but at least she knew that he didnt do it on purpose. "It's okay. I understand. If it was real, that would have been a really great attempt on a kiss you have to admit" she didnt tell him that was her first kiss because whether he considered it an accident or not, she wouldnt forget it.

Her hands reached over to grab the food into her lap and then she giggled "I think it's best if I hold onto the food for now. You did make a good catch though" she grabbed a forkful of the seafood and then brought it up to his lips, hoping he didnt mind. "Thanks for breaking my fall. It was nice of you. I think you deserve a little reward" she offered him the food as a distraction, leaning in to his side and then giving him a warm kiss on his cheek in return.
  Rayella / ellocalypse / 5y 147d 4h 11m 3s

For a long while, he was at a loss for words. How..what- Carson, I..Her words shook him to reality and he raised his head from the ground, dragging his eyes away from the starry sky. He gazed at her for a good ten seconds, confusion still overwhelming him. "..I'm sorry." He didn't know how this happened, he didn't know how he felt about it and he certainly didn't know what he was meant to say to Rayella. Aside from I'm sorry. I'm sorry, I won't do it again ? It was a first for him and coming from him, that was impressive. He stood up, dusted himself off and pulled the saved food along before he sat back down. They both remained quiet for the longest while, neither of them really sure on what step was supposed to be taken next. "To answer your question..I've lived in this town for a long while, but only recently changed schools. Before it was a private academy but now my father's business needs me here. It was a long ride and this school is close." He felt silent again but being a logical mind, he regained his composure. "That..was an accident." He was pretty sure of it.
  | C | / -Sakura- / 5y 147d 10h 48m 15s
Haha thx. I wanted her to still look similar. I like Carson's new look too! He looks so cool

Her golden eyes just watched him unwrap the food and the scent soon filled her nose. The aroma caused her tummy to grumble a little and it made her blush as she placed her hands on her stomach as if to stop the sounds. After taking the silverware, she stabbed one of the pieces of shellfish and then placed it into her mouth. The flavors were so delicious as she chewed, she couldnt help but feel glad that Carson chose the food tonight. "It's delicious. Im glad you chose the food" she genuinely meant it as she listened to him explain something about his family. "That's so cute! So did you use to live here? Then moved back?" she wondered since he was a new student as well. If his parents met here before that meant he must have moved back here.

She was glad that he had brought her to his special place though because that in return made her feel like more than some ordinary girl to him. She watched him lean down and then toppled over him, her eyes closed from the impact, soon feeling warm lips against hers. When she managed to open her eyes, she was so close to Carson, too close for comfort really. Her cheeks instantly flushed in embarrassment as she quickly pulled herself up and off of him. She stood up and lent a hand out to help him up. "C-Carson...I-I..." she didnt know what to say. Was that on purpose?
  Rayella / ellocalypse / 5y 148d 21h 58m 38s

He unwrapped their dinner, letting the steam escape with the evening breeze. Breaking open the small package that contained the plastic silverware, he handed a pair to Rayella, setting the now empty package down beside the bench to be thrown away later. He leaned back into the bench, taking in the whole beauty of the scenery before plopping a piece of exotic sea food into his mouth. He swallowed the salty morsel, turning to answer Rayella's question. "The first time I came here was when I was really young. It was my first time going out of my father's office and this was the place my mother decided to take me. She said this was where my father and her met. Romantic isn't it ? My mother's always been a sucker for these things. I wonder what she'd say if I told her I actually brought a girl here." He laughed it off airily. "It's a bit corny but this place is very special to me. It's my place." He was silent for the longest time, pondering on the continuation of this conversation, then, an idea came. "Wait there for a moment, I need to show you something." He got up, but neglected to remind himself of the food on his lap. When he felt the food slipping from his lap, he unconsciously lept forward, also forgetting the fact that his hand was currently still interlocked with Rayella's. He pulled her along and before either of them knew it, they were on the floor, lips connected on a spur of the least the food was safe.

// omigosh rayella looks adorable as flaky haha
  | C | / -Sakura- / 5y 149d 10h 34m 44s
The look on Carson's face caught her attention as she gazed back at him with her golden stare. He was doing something, something unusual, perhaps she'd consider it analyzing? Was he analyzing her? It felt like he was debating if she was worth his time or not and that thought just made her glance down to the wooden able they were seated at, her hands on her lap, fidgeting her fingers in nervousness as she hoped for a good outcome.

When his voice flowed through her ears, she was expecting something like rejection, but she had received the complete opposite. Her eyes scanned his deep violet stare and she couldnt help but feel the blood rush to cheeks. "T-Thanks?" she had no clue what she did to be something as great as he thought, but if it raised her position in his mind, she wouldnt mind. But when the waiter had taken their food and packaged it away, she was surprised. What now? Carson was so full of surprises. " We're not eating here?" she questioned him before hurrying to her feet to follow him.

SHe just stayed silent as she followed him, her eyes looking around the area to see the glimmering of a lake just a few meters away from them. Her eyes glistened in the moonlight as her face lit up with gleam "Oh wow! Carson this place is beautiful" she stepped forward only to be faced by food "This is amazing, okay" she took hold of his hand in her, her excitement getting the best of her as she tugged him along towards the bench. Not only did he really impress her with this view, but eating their dinner here was definitely something she's never experienced before. For the first time in her life, she felt special. Did he bring his girls here? She didnt know, but all she could think about was how amazing this view was and whether this was something he's done once or twice for a girl wouldnt matter to her at the moment.

Taking a seat on the cold bench, she patted the other side for him. "How did you find such a place?" she asked curiously.
  Rayella / ellocalypse / 5y 159d 6h 33m 38s
There was something about this girl. Something fascinating he couldn't put his finger on. She didn't try and act needlessly smart to impress him, showering him with useless facts the night could've done without, neither did she try and act stupid to earn his affection, playing a klutz all throughout the,dinner - both sides something he was more than familiar with. She was natural. "You're really something, you know that ?" He chuckled and called the waiter once more. "We'll take this to go." Travelling back to Rayella, he noticed the quizzical look on her face. Smiling, he took out his wallet just as the waiter returned with their dinner wrapped in aluminium foil. Paying the man, he got up from the dinner table, gesturing for her to follow. "There's somewhere I'd like to take you. It's not far from here, let's go" Feeling unusually relaxed, he opened the door for Rayella, allowing her to take the lead. The location was around twenty minutes away by foot and when they arrived, they,were faced with a beautiful lake glistening silently in the moonlight. "This is my place. Where I go to think about various things. It's something isn't it ?" He chuckled once more, dangling their dinner in front of her. "There's a bench over there. Shall we ?" A true to,word casanova, wasn't he.
  | C | / -Sakura- / 5y 160d 23h 11m 3s

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