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She would've have never seen herself in this position ever, that she would be on top of the roof her standing on the ledge and looked down to where she would jump to her death, she would and she would have no regrets any longer that is when _______ her best friend and someone with a mad crush on her finds her can he stop her from committing suicide? Will he ever find out what really drove her to this?

must be able to write a paragraph.
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His breath rushed out of his mouth, his breathing heavy as he ran down the darkened slick streets of the town. He had to get to her, get to her in time to stop this crazy act she was about to perform. He made a quick turn and ended up slipping on the wet cement, falling to land hard on his backside. He grunted at the unexpected event.

He pushed himself back up to a standing position and took off running again. If only he could fly, it would be so much easier and faster. But no, flying was forbidden in the human realm. Drake found himself wondering just how he was going to explain to the girl that he knew what she was planning to do? Deciding to solve that problem when the time came, he pushed onward, his goal a large dark building in a quiet part of the city.
  Drake / Daeren / 9y 235d 14h 51m 2s
Stephanie was shocked about how high she had been able to climb, she hadn't known what to do it felt like nothing was going right and then her best friend ended up killing herself, Stephanie found it ironic that what she cursed out her best friend for so long she was about to do. "Ironic" she said out loud to herself dryly as she sat down on the ledge no one saw her it was much to dark for anyone to notice, no she wanted not a crowd but just a calm fall into the afterlife.

She took a deep breath she was not fond of heights and to look down was making her anxious she closed her eyes feeling the rain paint her face as she closed her eyes thinking about her life so far as she slowly moved even closer to her death.
  Stephanie / pinkbabygirl / 9y 235d 15h 5m 38s
sure thing
  Stephanie / pinkbabygirl / 9y 235d 15h 27m 25s
<would you mind starting, I haven't gotten my picture uploaded onto the site yet.>
  Daeren / 9y 235d 15h 31m 17s
okay sure that's who shall begin?
  Stephanie / pinkbabygirl / 9y 235d 15h 36m 10s
<Can I join? However, I do have a plot idea to add to the rp. How about he is an angel that was sent to protect her, having foreseen what she was planning to do. He then works to try to make her see the positive side of things, helping her to overcome her fears?>
  Daeren / 9y 235d 15h 38m 1s

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