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A guard ran up and smirked at Evan [#00FFFF "Prince Evan what an expected surprise if you are looking for your slave we don't have her however we do have a Princess who is being woken up"] he said with a sly smirked Edmond had always hated Evan he always believed Evan never loved his princess like he did. Alura laid in a plush bed having been changed in to a silk gown she woke in a panic looking around she was scared she did not understand what was going on. Slowly she stood up her head still throbbing as she made her way through the halls she heard talking and she ran to that sound she stood at the top of the stairs and a smile graced her lips [b "Evan"] she smiled running down as Edmond went to touch her she backed away [#00FFFF "Princess you should not be running around you are not well to be talking to this thing"] he said worried as Alura shook her head. [b "I don't know you"] she said running to Evan's side her head was killing her as ice began to grow she was scare as she looked at Evan [b "What is going on"] she whispered to him reaching out to touch him.
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Evan returned from his meal in a for better mood that when he left. When he returned though Ralph was waiting for him outside his door. [b "Sir,"] He said. [b "I regret to inform you that Miss Alura has disappeared."] He looked away, embarrassed. Evan rolled his eyes. [+red "Of course she has. I should have known."] He stepped inside his room and pulled on a jacket. [+red "Off we go then."] He paced down the halls and outside. Down the street a ways he found where he was going. The home of Queen Crystal. He opened the door without bothering to knock.
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Alura dreams were plagued with a boy and a girl they were playing and having fun in a game room the boys was like Evan but different this one had so much life in him it was nothing like the one that had raised her. Suddenly she felt a sharp pain in her side and her eyes went wide as she attempted to lash out at the person in the room but she missed and she was gently picked up. [#0000FF "The Queen will be happy for your safe return princess"] the guard whispered. Alura whimpered slightly [b "Evan help please"] she whispered softly as her world faded into black and she was taken from the castle.
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Evan watched them walk off. As soon as they were out of sight he moved on. He wandered for a bit longer, looking for someone, anyone. Then he went to the feeding room. He really didn't want to take Alura here. It was almost empty, with only a few vamps chatting over some drinks and one mercilessly chowing down on a feeder in the corner. At one end of the room was a computer, to which Evan punched in a few words and numbers. A door opened up and a human girl walked out. Several heads came up to look at her before looking back down. Just another drugged up feeder, nothing interesting. Evan led the girl into a private room off the main one. He pinned her to the wall and bit deeply into her throat. The girl didn't even flinch.
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Alura nodded to him with a weak smile [b "Its a promise now"] she whispered to him trying to get passed the stabbing pain in her head. [b "Sleep well okay?"] she whispered as she walked away with Ralph she sighed as she stop the ringing in her head got louder as she bit her lip she looked at a room and touched it and suddenly her eyes glazed over. Hearing someone call for her she shook her head [b "Sorry sir"] she whispered to Ralph walking towards her room and laying down shutting her eyes trying to remember that room.
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Evan was silent for a while while he though over his reply. [+red "Yeah"] He said. [+red "I will."] He watched Alura put her head in her hands. [+red "Go. Rest."] He turned around to call for his guard dog. [+red "Yo, Ralph! Take Alura back to her room."] Ralph nodded and jogged up. He held his hand out for Alura. Evan spoke to her once more. [+red "I will see you in the morning. Goodnight."]
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Alura looked at him and down she wanted to help him she truly did as she looked at him. [b "I...."] she wanted to say no but something told her it was best to return to her room. [b "Will you explain this better to me tomorrow if I do?"] she whispered to him softly looking hopeful as she wonder if he was going to feed still she walked with him she wanted to hold him and touch him but she did not know why it was so different as her head throbbed slightly she put a hand to her head wincing.
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Evan paused when Alura offered her blood. It was a fair offer and, under different circumstances, one that he would not hesitate to take. He pressed his hand to his jaw and rubbed where his fangs ached. They had elongated during the walk. [+red "Perhaps that is not the best for now."] He said quietly. He didn't want to give Queen Crystal another reason to hunt him down. Not that he expected her to do much hunting outside of hunting parties. That train of thought was severed by his hunger. [+red "May I temp you into returning to your rooms? It may be a while before we encounter someone and tomorrow will be a long day. "] He asked Alura.
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Alura place a gentle hand on him "Im sure she'd forgive you Evan I would because seeing you be hurt is too much suffering" she said gently as she looked at him letting her hand drop slightly. "If you want to feed from me you can I will try not to move too much this time?" she said with a charming smile as she pushed her hair back showing him her good eye the one that looked at Evan as if he was the mightiest man alive completely devoted to him and his power and she was comfortable with him being her master and him teaching her it was much better then the life she had had.
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Evan wandered the halls a long time before answering. "It is quite the opposite, really. I hurt her more than she hurt me." He wasn't paying much attention to the conversation and in the end was more truthful than he had intended to be. But he really was having just the most horrible luck in finding someone. They had been wandering for some time and hadn't come across a single person, human or otherwise. Usually the place was filled with people no matter when it was, humans in the day, vampires in the night. Only he, Alura and Ralph, who was still following but at a greater distance, were in the halls just now. And he was getting hungry. He had never seen this place so deserted before. On the other hand, it had been several hundred years since he had been in the palace.
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Alura gave him a weak smile as he ruffled her hair as she gracefully followed behind him. She was letting her tag along and was not surprised when he bear his fangs at Ralph. Then again she made no move to stop it either "Ava seemed real happy about what she found out last night but you don't....I know it is not my place but I'm sorry if the person hurt you" she whispered to him gently she was not objected to giving him her blood again so long as he did not ruin Ava's dress as she sighed weakly looking down at the ground.
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Evan ruffled Alura's hair gently. "I was already awake. I'm just going out for something to eat, but you're welcome to join me." He didn't specify what he was planning on eating, or who as the occasion called for. But he was going to prowl the halls until he found someone worth biting into. "If you're worried about being executed, don't be. I'm sure that Ava would step in on your behalf. She's got more pull here than I do." He started walking off down the hall, but turned around when he realized the guard dog was following him. He bared his fangs at Ralph and went on down the hall.
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"I'm sorry I did not mean to wake you" she whispered looking down as she began to bite her bottom lip. "I was wondering if I could go with you" she whispered weakly she wanted to go because of Evan but she also wanted to go because she wanted to see with her own eyes her mother or the woman posing to be her. "I do not want to be rude but I do not think I rather welcome with out you here and I'm worried about stepping out of line should someone attack and I defend myself" she whispered to him as she scratched her skin. Ava had lent her one of her old gowns and even if her hair cover her face she still looked stunning in the dress.
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Evan was only half asleep, still listening to that music. He couldn't remember where he had heard it before. It sounded so familiar. In his half- dream he followed the sound of it. Someone was singing it softly. He was behind the person singing, he could see their back and their long flowing hair. They turned around and he jumped awake at the sight of their face. Sitting up in bed, Evan put his head into his hand. He remembered where he had heard that music before. Apparently all this talk about the Seer Princess had jarred the memories that he had thought were forgotten. His stomach growled. Evan got up and went over to the hidden door. As the symbol glowed and the door appeared it occurred to him that his hair was probably disheveled. Oh, well. He opened the door and had to blink twice before distinguishing that the person in front of him was, in fact, Alura.
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Alura made herself busy as she sat in her room she was not able to sleep that night and she was worried about the trouble Ecan was going to get into. She sighed as she got up and changed into the clothes Ava had given her and walked to go back to Evan room. She waited outside the room debating if she really wanted to wake him or not it would be bad to hurt him and she did not want to do that to him.

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