Mew And Mewtwo

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Mew and Mewtwo have settled their differences and have become friends. But what happens when they might want to be more than friends.

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He wrapped his arm around her. "well i guess it has to be a secret no more."
  Mewtwo / ganondorf / 6y 315d 19h 19m 31s
She laughed and sat down, resting her head on her clone's shoulder
  Mew (Risa) / darkelfprincess / 6y 319d 12h 8m 35s
"agreed." he said smilign as he laid down on the ground yawning.
  Mewtwo / ganondorf / 6y 344d 15h 56m 33s
"I know I am insane." She said and laughed. "i don't care about the laws. the laws can kiss my tail."
  Mew (Risa) / darkelfprincess / 6y 344d 21h 38m 45s
"your both insane!" he said panting and sat down. "so yuou two are together. you know the laws right? clones normally stay separate."
  pikachu / link / 6y 345d 14h 11m 13s
"agreed... he said smiling and panting.
  Mewtwo / ganondorf / 6y 345d 18h 57m 16s
She smiled when they were all safe and sat down. "That was fun." She said and giggled.
  Mew (Risa) / darkelfprincess / 6y 347d 22h 13m 54s
mewtwo entered and placed and i.llusion of no cave there and fallowed them.
  Mewtwo / ganondorf / 6y 359d 22h 40m 13s
She nodded her head, knowing her mate would be fine.
  Mew (Risa) / darkelfprincess / 6y 360d 13h 1m 50s
pikachu nodded and ran into a small cave big enough for only mewtwo and them to enter. "come on this is a way i know. leads to a hidden place for pokemon." he said as he entered it.
  pikachu / link / 7y 2d 16h 25m 19s
She nodded her head and went to leave. "pickachu you might want to run."
  Mew (Risa) / darkelfprincess / 7y 2d 17h 26m 2s
mewtwo flew back from the bushes with his left arm behind him. "we might want to move." he said as he held the pokeball in his right.
  Mewtwo / ganondorf / 7y 17d 14h 11m 44s
"I am sorry." She said softly.

<<I believe mewtwo died or something XD>>
  Mew (Risa) / darkelfprincess / 7y 19d 15h 16m 41s
"lucky..." he said going into a small cave. "only other pickachu i met was a long time ago. her trainer nicknamed her amy...""
  pikachu / link / 7y 19d 19h 50m 30s
She smiled and looked down at him and giggled. "Yes we are."
  Mew (Risa) / darkelfprincess / 7y 20d 12h 22m 42s

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