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Why do people make such stupid and pointless role plays? They have no plot, and they are all about romance. If you just want to do that then why can't you just email eachother back and forth? It's either ALL about romance..and crap like twilight, wolves, vampires, NEKOS, yaoi, yuri, or its about emos, and the bad boy going for the smart girl, or about DISGUSTING stuff like sexually absued kids. I'm not saying its impossible..and that there aren't stories like that. BUT SERIOUSLY..make them more original.


Lillie is a girl who comes from a abusive family. Her black hair covers her eyes hiding the pain in her eyes. Her father is a alcoholic and beats her saverley, he also sexually abuses her. No one knows what goes on with in Lillie's house. Lilies mother Abuse her physically as well. She burns her cuts her and much worse. Lillie sometimes goes says without food. She sleeps in a closet which her parents lock ever night.

WTF?? seriously.... Whats even the point of that? ITS DISGUSTING!! I see so many role plays like this... and it creeps me out. It makes me wonder what deranged pervert is writing it

Or..better yet..whats the point of writing like ONE facking sentence..or less.. That's not freaking role playing? That's just lazy ass one-lining.

Oh and here is another example:

It's a dark mansion with many rooms, there a thick forest....

THAT IS SO FREAKING POINTLESS!!!! It's a waste of time and space for the GOOD role players who wait for others to join their RPS.. and we wait..and we wait...and the people who join are completely unqualified..and we are forced to dumb down or else It takes DAYS and WEEKS to find good role players. We shouldn't be dumbing down. The question should never be, "why are you so smart." It should be, "WHY ARE YOU SO DUMB AND LAZY?"

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excuse my language but I really must get this off my chest.

I'm getting really pissed by all the 1x1s that are just people venting about how their lives are crappy, and the people who don't bother to read how the category system works. also the things that are blatantly stolen from written literature are just terrible along with the spelling and grammar. finally the people who can't read the rules in the advertising thread irk me a lot, having a single roleplay on the page more than once is flooding if you ask me since it is up there to be seen and having more than one copy of it cuts someone off the list.

Also now that I think about it, it's odd I havent had a single case of a god-mod, that however is probably due to people leaving the roleplays I join or make after a couple of days, before we can even get in everyone is gone and the OC tells me it's over.
  FoxWriterDeluxe / 9y 308d 23h 7m 19s
I prefer just writing stories too, but I still like the interaction with others. But I keep my novel ideas in my head.
  Baka / 9y 338d 6h 45m 28s
Hm, I'm going to have to agree with Baka. I don't really care for the scene right now and the brunt of this site doesn't seem to want to improve their writing skills. I know quite a few members on Elite Skills who have been here for a year or more and they still role play the same. The act never gets old to them.
On the other hand though, there will always be people who are better at writing than you are. This site doesn't have a standard and everyone should at least be tolerant of other people's work. Baka is able to voice his opinion as much as everyone else.
Jimmy Ruska doesn't really care what is posted on his site as long as it follows the guidelines. Baka, if you want to find people of your caliber, network around the site. Elite Skills Chat has some elitists if you want to compete with them, just ask around.
Me? Well, I don't role play anymore. Being a very old member of the old site, I saw how slow the site was to how rapidly moving it is now. I know the majority of the threads out there are either OOC, Yaoi, or 1x1, but you have to search harder to find what you want. I now write stories and have retired from the RPing business, but if you need a hand or two, just message me.
  Willis Illumina / HEAD ES DOODLE PETSUCHOS / Finnigan / 9y 338d 7h 15s
You have all literally taken everything that I have said completey out of context. And again, since your eyes seem to be blind, the title of this thread is "RANT!" And, I never asked for your opinion. I was stating mine. So allow me to be pissed.

AND NEVER ONCE () did I say that that people who are still learning should automatically be talented. I'm talking about the people who have been here for quite a long time and make NO EFFORT TO IMPROVE WHAT SO EVER.
  Baka / 9y 338d 7h 15m 52s
Yes but tleast they don't come to insult them. And as though I may seem to be fighting, I am no, I'm simply deffending in those in which are still learning. Heck I couldn't be semilit even if it was to sav my life a year ago! it took me a long time to make up a good plot story line and also a heck of a creativity. I've yet to get my imperfect writing skill into a better and creative mannor, and my spelling can sometimes be a little off key. But hey! I'm still here ain't I?

And so if people like Vampires and twilight, I for one hate it too, but I don't go on telling them to stop rping about twilight!

I meanI may like something and they won't like it, would I like them to come and tell me stop liking this cause they hate it? No.

Ok on the sexual terms ok, that may be wrong, but they still got pm's and ts. Ts are much better than pms! At least they are not doing it in real life!

I know this is how you feel, and I can understand that much, but what I'm trying to get at is, don't be whining about what you don't like here, in fact take itsome where else. For you and I both know that when it comes to saying crap about how other are, you are the one who's in the wrong for not letting them be them when they are doing nothing bad as so to speak of.

I may hate one liners and other stuff, but I'm still open to them, and I still rp with them.
  Kairi Nightzun / XIII / 9y 338d 9h 57m 15s
I can write perfectly well thankyou!
you have no right to judge me.
maybe you yourself have those writeing skills..
  Eliot / ichigoice / 9y 338d 9h 58m 14s
I'm sorry if I can't take your argument seriously - your ego is really very distracting.
I keep trying to find some valid point that doesn't sound self-absorbed and egocentric, but it's just not happening.


You should hop off your pedestal, especially since thus far I see zero evidence of these mad literary skills you seem to be so convinced you possess.
  [ [ C r e a t u r e s ] ] / chameleons / 9y 338d 10h 2m 0s
Wtf... I don't care to start a fight. ((I could probably say this with REALLY nice words...and I would get a completely different reaction. bUt I'm not gonna butter everyone up. And chances are...all of you are the ones that I am talking about... the ones who can't write for crap. I'm ranting because this is how I feel. I never asked for your opinion. and people create a lot stupider threads than this one.
  Baka / 9y 338d 10h 4m 31s
*sighs* Whatever it may be, if you don't like the site, just leave. As easy as that. And I sahll be going for I got better things to do, than to hear to whine about people you don't like.
  XIII / 9y 338d 10h 15m 5s
honestly i agree with you XIII , no kidding
  Eliott / ichigoice / 9y 338d 10h 22m 44s
Nah I just think he's being stupid I mean really. A person who takes up a space just to start a's sooooo sad really.
  XIII / 9y 338d 10h 26m 39s
Oh, my.
Oh, oh, I do believe I smell elitism.
  [ [ C r e a t u r e s ] ] / chameleons / 9y 338d 10h 28m 22s
Oh sure...that may be true. But do you own the site? No right? Then let people be. God their not doing anything to you...they're not doing anything to anyone, then just let them live.
  Kairi Nightzun / XIII / 9y 338d 10h 28m 34s
And for your information.. I probably can create the most original and best rps in this effing site.
  Baka / 9y 338d 10h 30m 8s
No. No... I don't care. I've just finally gotten to the point that I am so pissed at what I see..


I don't care about "friends" here...really? Why would I? I have friends outside of the computer dumb ass.

and seriously... the sarcasm? No. You are the ones who are so effing ignorant its inconceivable.
  Baka / 9y 338d 10h 30m 47s

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