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So, out of curiosity, will Lily have any part in the rp? If so, I'd like to join as her, and I'll post the skeleton. If not, I'll still join with another character, if it's okay.
  -Jenna Lynn / Darknessinthehall / 10y 171d 7h 42m 8s
Name: Rebecca (Reb) Collins
Species: Shape shifter
Gender: female
Side: Humans
Weapons: Sword and her powers
Powers: She can change into anything see sees or has seen. she can also control the element of darkness
Bio: Rebecca was born in the year of 7470 in the summer part of the Mezioni tribe, her mother and father were killed by the evil people that were trying to kill of humans, her mother and father were helping them but why found out. Reb lived on her own from the time she was 11 now she is out to help the humans herself and ready for anything.
  Reb McGilton / HellsSpike / 10y 171d 7h 42m 15s
Name: Quez Kobayashi
Age: 17
Species: Human/Demon hybrid
Gender: Male
Side: Humans
Weapons: Sword called Oblivion, small daggers, shurikens
Powers: Wind, Electricity, Energy, Arashi eye, and spirit
Bio: Quez was born in the year 7469 sometime in the Spring. His parents were killed by a powerful demon on a crusade to wipe out all the humans. Quez is destined to fight and destroy him,. yet he doesn't know that he is the one who killed his parents yet. He currently lives with a clan of shapeshifters who have taught him how to change his appearance like them
  Quez Kobayashi / QuezKobayashi / 10y 171d 7h 47m 47s

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