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Ive been in a couple and they got boring :P
  Quez Kobayashi / QuezKobayashi / 10y 199d 19h 20m 36s
{I know! I don't know how many times I've looked over at the 'Lonely Posts' list and seen: 'Slave 1x1' or 'Master/slave '. It's a little ridiculous.}
  Caite / Caity / 10y 199d 19h 21m 9s
YES!! It's buggin the heck out of me!
  Lily Kobayashi / Darknessinthehall / 10y 199d 19h 23m 1s
{Just saying this... Did anyone notice that there are an obscene amount of slave/master RPs, or RPs where people are in abusive relationships?}
  Caite / Caity / 10y 199d 19h 25m 17s
okay ^_^
  Quez Kobayashi / QuezKobayashi / 10y 199d 19h 27m 52s
Sorry loves! My iPod froze up. I'm going to go post now~~
  Lily Kobayashi / Darknessinthehall / 10y 199d 19h 29m 20s
{Erm... Where's Lily?}
  Caite / Caity / 10y 199d 19h 31m 44s
By the way I'm waiting for you all to post before I try to post again :P
  Quez Kobayashi / QuezKobayashi / 10y 199d 19h 37m 53s
Yeah sure why not lol they are big on the "save the human" thing.
  Quez Kobayashi / QuezKobayashi / 10y 199d 19h 47m 9s
{Hey, can I just chill with the Mezioni Tribe? It would make it a little easier to determine my place in the RP. Thanks, by the way. :D}
  Caite / Caity / 10y 199d 19h 51m 33s
Well your a shapeshifter, and Quez is with a tribe of them, just posted my intro if it gives you any ideas.

Accepted, both of them.
  Quez Kobayashi / QuezKobayashi / 10y 199d 19h 52m 59s
Name: Lily Kobayashi
Age: 17
Species: Human/Demon Hybred
Gender: Female
Side: Humans
Weapons: A small dagger she's managed to hide from the orphanage workers, and later, a whip and throwing knives.
Powers: A small control of the element fire, inherited from her father
Bio: Born in 7469, Lily hardly remembers a life outside of the orphanage. Vaguely, she can remember the vivid night her parents were murdered, and being told to hide next door in the inn, along with her brother. The restnof her memory is of the orphanage, the few trends she had made there, and watching almost all of the kids find homes, except her. She hates the building. The only family she had that she knew of, would be her brother, who she knew not to be alive or dead. She only heard whispered rumors of a prophesy, one he was supposed to fill. For all she knew, he didn't even know she exausted.
  -Jenna Lynn / Darknessinthehall / 10y 199d 19h 56m 56s
Name: Caite Langley
Age: 17
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Side: Humans
Weapons: Two short swords called the Lovers, and a special variety of martial arts.
Powers: None.
Bio: Caite was born without the abilities that most people possessed. Due to her lack of supernatural skill, Caite has honed her physical skills to near-mastery, and has vowed to devote all of her power to preserving the human race. However, it must be noted that her father was, at one point, was against humans, having been promised eternal life by the demons. While Caite fights for the humans, her views are a bit skewed by her father's past.
{Is this alright? I wasn't sure about the father thing...}
  Caite / Caity / 10y 199d 20h 3m 19s
so how do you wish me to come into this? O.O
  Reb McGilton / HellsSpike / 10y 199d 20h 4m 50s
Lily will have a part yes she needs to be found by Quez because only family can take her out of her orphanage

Bio accepted
  Quez Kobayashi / QuezKobayashi / 10y 199d 20h 7m 28s

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