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I do actually, wish they would move the PMing system here...

My Totally Evil And Bullshit Free blog
  Quez Kobayashi / QuezKobayashi / 10y 199d 17h 49m 2s
Aw, that makes me slightly depressed that you aren't posting it. Oh, do you have an account on the old es? You could pm me with it!
  Lily Kobayashi / Darknessinthehall / 10y 199d 17h 50m 55s
{I don't think anyone here is offended. Trust me.}
  Caite / Caity / 10y 199d 17h 51m 22s
Oh I write a hell of a lot worse... I'm not posting the link to the blog though, dont want to accidentally end up offending/pissing off anyone.
  Quez Kobayashi / QuezKobayashi / 10y 199d 17h 52m 34s
So I'm officially in love with that post.
  Lily Kobayashi / Darknessinthehall / 10y 199d 17h 53m 3s
That was beautiful... *wipes away tears* I've never heard anyone say any of those things before.
  Caite / Caity / 10y 199d 17h 54m 14s
As copied from my "Catholicism" Blog, since I am too alzy to post the link

And I told my theology teacher I dont believe in the church, that made him laugh :P

To put it simply, the Catholic church has so many flaws. But I don't like putting it simply. :)

To start, the catholic church says the Pope is always right, but this can't be, since all humans have flaws.

Then of course, this one is obvious, and it is not all of them, but some of them have a thing for alter boys.

The bible says that you can pray straight to God, but then why do you need to talk to him through some priest at confession?

If God makes you in his image then why do some of them try to make you change?

Which brings me to why they are prejudice to gays and lesbians? They are human, God apparently made them that way.

Oh, and this no eating meat on Fridays during Lent, why is it okay to eat fish? Fish is meat! Dumbasses....

On that note, I was asked to give up something for Lent, I decided to take it a step further, I gave up two things. I gave up listening to the priests, and not eating meat on Fridays.

They didn't feel too smart with the whole "Give up something for lent" idea after that. :)

Hell, I'm such a good little Catholic, I decided to give up that first one completely.

Yeah, its true, I can worship my God in my own way. I don't need to follow a cult where your rank is judged by the size of your hat. You've noticed that right? The priests have these little hats, and the popes have the biggest hats ever. You can fit a small boy in one of those hats. Coincidence? I think not!

Besides, whenever you want to shut a priest up, just mention this. The fifth commandment says you shall not kill, yet more people have been killed in the name of God then for any other reason. Example? The crusades. I'm sure God let that one slide though. Yeah, millions of people dying, he definitely overlooked that one. And wasn't it a pope who ordered the attack?! Oh hell yeah, that makes it okay! The pope said we can slaughter a ton of people for a small piece of land, so it's okay!

That's all the Catholic Church is, it's a cult, that contradicts themselves in so many ways its not even funny. We don't need it, we can pray to God and be faithful Catholics by ourselves. I do it, hopefully now you will too.
  Quez Kobayashi / QuezKobayashi / 10y 199d 17h 55m 56s
*Sigh* Nuns these days... What has the world come to? Yeah, I'm Baptist, like everyone else in Pleasantville, GA... I hate this place. Everyone's the same.
  Caite / Caity / 10y 199d 17h 56m 38s
Told you^^ the bad thing is, the teacher actually treats the Catholics better and gives better grades. She even made fun of my nest friend for being Jewish O.o And the ironic thing is, she used to be a nun.
  Lily Kobayashi / Darknessinthehall / 10y 199d 17h 58m 23s
@Quez: I'm not Jewish, that was a joke...
@Darkness: Wow. Now that's some blasphemy
  Caite / Caity / 10y 199d 17h 59m 51s
ait so are you jewish or no? O.o

And I might make an NPC post with Angelo and leon, or Ezion... who is Ezion? Not giving that away just yet :P
  Quez Kobayashi / QuezKobayashi / 10y 199d 18h 1m 22s
Omg talk about blasphemy. I'm atheist, goig to an all girls catholic high school, and told the theology teacher I was catholic so she'd like me better^^ and it's an equine five day, overnight camp at otterbein college.
  Lily Kobayashi / Darknessinthehall / 10y 199d 18h 1m 33s
{!!!!!!!!!!!!! BLASPHEMY! BLASPHEMY! Haha, just kidding. I'm a Jew, so I don't care either way. }
  Caite / Caity / 10y 199d 18h 7m 29s
catholic schoolboy?


Im agnostic :P I dont fit in.
  Quez Kobayashi / QuezKobayashi / 10y 199d 18h 10m 16s
{Oh, wait... that makes sense, now. Anyway... What camp are you going to?}
  Caite / Caity / 10y 199d 18h 10m 53s

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