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Name: Willow Anthis
Age: 18
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Side: Humans
Weapons: Her trusty sword; a veil of healing remedy she keeps strapped to her waist
Powers: Precognition
Bio: Born into a family of warriors, Willow was raised to be a dogmatic follower of the human race. She was taught how to fight by her father, and how to love and forgive by her mother. For the most part, she preferred her mother
  Willow Anthis / HeyYou / 10y 167d 13h 18m 1s
{Me, (obviously) but I don't know about Quez, Lexi, Sammi, or Mai.}
  Caite Langley / GoldenDelicious / 10y 167d 14h 36m 5s
anyone on?
  Reb McGilton / HellsSpike / 10y 167d 14h 39m 40s
| Lol. I'll take your word for it. Night. ^_^ And sure, I'll probably be on. |
  _Serenity_ / mailynn / 10y 168d 7h 1m 28s
{Yeah... you would too. Trust me. *yawns* My gosh... Well... I'll see you tomorrow? I'm gonna head off to bed...}
  Caite Langley / GoldenDelicious / 10y 168d 7h 3m 30s
| Lol. I love how you shudder in horror. |
  _Serenity_ / mailynn / 10y 168d 7h 8m 31s
{Meh. If you knew Brit and Rosie... *shudders at the horror* Just be glad that you don't. I love 'em to death, but they drive me INSANE. The babies are precious, though.}
  Caite Langley / GoldenDelicious / 10y 168d 7h 11m 34s
| Lol. It's going to be an interesting day tomorrow if you end up staying up late and have to get up tomorrow morning. |
  _Serenity_ / mailynn / 10y 168d 7h 15m 57s
{That they do... and I should, but Rosie's still up, and Brit too, so... Meh.}
  Caite Langley / GoldenDelicious / 10y 168d 7h 26m 39s
| Lol. *Pokes shoulder* Why don't you go to bed then? It's like nine so it's not too early. Long drives suck! Especially the 12 hour ones I've gone on... |
  _Serenity_ / mailynn / 10y 168d 7h 31m 0s
{I didn't even realize that... that's pretty funny. Oh, man, I'm drifting in and out of sleep... that was a l-o-n-g drive... *snores, then wakes up suddenly*}
  Caite Langley / GoldenDelicious / 10y 168d 7h 32m 17s
| Lol. Oh so true.cluod. So close to Cloud.... My hero. <3 ... Sorry. |
  _Serenity_ / mailynn / 10y 168d 7h 34m 23s
{Oh ho! The Engrish language cluod be so much wrsoe than it is!}
  Caite Langley / GoldenDelicious / 10y 168d 7h 45m 23s
| Lol. You should hear some of the things I say... My english teacher probably hates me. xD |
  _Serenity_ / mailynn / 10y 168d 7h 46m 23s
{You should; maybe we could ruin the Engrish language...}
  Caite Langley / GoldenDelicious / 10y 168d 7h 47m 49s

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