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Everyone on here is a sarcastic asshole.

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im graduating from college this school year, isnt that wild.
that means it's been about eight years on es.
cheers, you fucking goons.

  Loser / 173d 10h 25s
Woot woot woot had to make sure we were all still posting every 100 days or so
  solitaire / 215d 10h 18s
Well well guess who is finally graduating. Took me fucking long enough.
  Suicide / 316d 5h 45m 42s
I am officially 19 today. I'm an adult where I live now.

I already moved out and live with my boyfriend. Its been six months
  Suicide / 1y 143d 12h 8m 35s
Guys. It's really happening. We are all moving on. I am sO proud.
  solitaire / 1y 320d 23h 30s
That's actually what I was intending for it to say in the first place.
  Suicide / 2y 60d 1h 37m 45s
Daaaaamn. FEEL the BURN.

We're all bitter adults now...It's crazy.
  Black Dynamite / solitaire / 2y 72d 10h 51m 0s
I'm getting my degree. Once I finish high school. They put me back a year because [s I moved] I'm stupid, so I'm not graduating till next year.
  sohma emerald / ricotho / 2y 106d 13h 10m 52s
I'm getting my degree. Once I finish high school. They put me back a year because I moved , so I'm not graduating till next year.
  Suicide / 2y 197d 11h 59m 6s
Damn fam, this place got meta as fuck real quick.

Go out and get your degrees; ES days are over.

[size30 PEACE]
  Aerkkion / 2y 197d 16h 59m 24s
I don't normally draw anymore because I have a lot of homework and writing assignments and I opened my sketch book and finished a drawing from a year ago when I was trying to draw my friend a birthday present. Now he doesn't get his birthday present.
  Suicide / 2y 203d 3h 24m 58s
came to check up on this after like 2 months and the first thing i saw was tiff's rant + anime girl picture in the realtime chat. i love it
  Azure / 2y 204d 1h 31m 3s
Oh god what a crazy dream lol. That won't ever happen .
  Suicide / 2y 255d 2h 1m 49s
Tough luck, cookie.

This is the way it has to be.
  sohma emerald / ricotho / 2y 255d 9h 58m 5s
so i was dreaming last night and a very small part of it was dedicated to the chat being really busy again--like everybody from a few years ago was active again

it was surreal i hated it
  Loser / 2y 255d 12h 18m 14s

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