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Tashiro slowly got out of the razor hot water and grinned as he noticed that his hair was completely straight for once. He walked over to his bathroom mirror and put his deodorant and walked over to his dresser in his bedroom and grinned as he grabbed his tore up jeans and beater on and put his fur jacket on. He walked down stairs and put his shoes on and ran out the door and jumped into his truck and drove off towards school. He grinned as he neared school and as he did, he played loud, metal music.
  Tahsiro / Saynot / 9y 297d 22h 12m 3s
Neomi yawned as the bright sun was peaking into her window. She sat up and sighed. She looked at her alarm clock and realized it was time to get up. She swung her legs off the side of her bed and trudged to the shower slowly. When she got in she let the hot water run down her body. She washed her hair thoroughly and her body as well. When she got out she dried herself off and began blow drying her hair. She brushed through it and put on a dark blue jean skirt a black tank top and black fishnet leggings. She straightened her hair and applied eyeliner and mascara and walked down stairs. She sat at the table for a moment. She was the only one home and was going to drive in her beat up car to get to school but first she decided what she was going to eat. She grabbed an apple and headed on her way to school.
  Neomi Feilds / kryptonickay / 9y 297d 22h 23m 37s
Alright honey ^^

Tashiro woke up to the steady, loud ringing of his phone that woke him up each morning. He groaned and sat up, his long, black hair was everywhere and when he sat up in his bed, his shorts and boxers fell and he slowly stumbled to his bathroom and started his shower and looked into the mirror. His eyes were all puffy and red from the night before. He had been up all night texting his friends and he was rather tired.

Tashiro got into his shower and jumped at the intense heat that was now swarming his body. He had turned the heat up way to far and was red because his skin was rather cold when the heat hit him. Tashiro was seventeen and was rather bad for what he would do at school. He was not known for letting girls get to him and would let them drool over him and touch him and he would not even glance at them.
  Tahsiro / Saynot / 9y 297d 22h 27m 43s
Pretty much (:
  Neomi Feilds / kryptonickay / 9y 297d 22h 36m 36s
We agreed to the Jock falls for the goth right?
  Tahsiro / Saynot / 9y 297d 22h 37m 49s
Totally!! Sooo you start (:
  Neomi Feilds / kryptonickay / 9y 297d 22h 38m 9s
  Tahsiro / Saynot / 9y 297d 22h 38m 39s
I'm here ((:
  Neomi Feilds / kryptonickay / 9y 297d 22h 41m 51s
  Tahsiro / Saynot / 9y 297d 22h 49m 38s

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