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He sighed lightly and skooted over in his bed so she could get in bed with him. He saw the pain in her eyes as well and motioned her to sit down and or lay down. "honey, I know how you feel...."
  Tahsiro / Saynot / 9y 295d 20h 8m 12s
She frowned. "I don't really either. Closest thing to family I have is this woman my mom used to know. They used to be best friends." Memories of her father beating her mom slipped into her mind and she shook her head quickly to erase them for the time being.
  Neomi Feilds / kryptonickay / 9y 295d 20h 12m 38s
He sighed lightly and shook his head lightly at her question. He had no family and would soon admit it to her. Both his parents were murdered and he was left to get his own job and pay for what bills he could. "I have no family...." He said with a hint depression in his voice
  Tahsiro / Saynot / 9y 295d 20h 25m 5s
"Your welcome." She said with a smile and a kind gentle voice. "So do you have any family you would like me to call and inform them that you are here?" She asked. She had no true family. Her moms friend pays for her house and she lives there on her own. The rest is at her expense.
  Neomi Feilds / kryptonickay / 9y 295d 21h 1m 36s
Tashiro smiled brightly and nodded at the pepsi and before grabbing it lightly, he hugged her with what strength he had left "thank you...." He said lightly with a hint of lovingness in his voice. He laid back and slowly opened the soda and took a small drink of it.
  Tahsiro / Saynot / 9y 295d 21h 11m 5s
She left the room and headed to the vending machine area. She looked through the many selections and could not decide on what to get and she did not want to forget to get him anything. So she inserted five dollars and got a mountain dew and a pepsi then two bags or cool ranch doritos. She took her time wlaking back to the room. And when she did she sat next to him. Holding up both sodas. "Which do you prefer?"
  Neomi Feilds / kryptonickay / 9y 295d 21h 19m 6s
Tashiro nodded lightly and sat back in his bed and curled up in slight pain from the gash. "very well..." He was starting to get a crush on her and he did not mean to, but her personality with her looks made him enchanted. He tried to stop thinking of her, but could not.
  Tahsiro / Saynot / 9y 295d 21h 23m 34s
She grabbed his arm and pulled it away from the wound. "Don't touch it." She said and then she nodded her head after looking at her phone. "I have no where else to go. They doctor said that you would be released tomorrow." She said lightly. She licked her lips. Her mouth became dry. "Would you excuse me, I am thirsty. Would you like anything?" She asked politely. Being in the hospital room was making her nervous. Her mom when she was alive. Used to come here alot because of her dad. She hated hospitals and liked to get out at every chance she had.
  Neomi Feilds / kryptonickay / 9y 295d 21h 27m 7s
He nodded lightly and sighed more. He was extremely weak and he noticed he was hungry as well. He looked up at her and smiled lightly. "can you stay her with me for awhile?" He did not want to admit it, but he felt safe around her and she seem to care for what he understood was his life. He sat up and touched the gash lightly.
  Tahsiro / Saynot / 9y 295d 21h 31m 19s
She sat down next to him as she nodded. "no problem. I am used to it." she said lightly and she looked out towards the window. She saw a helicopter land. "I should probably tell the nurse your awake now." She said lightly as she looked into the trash at all the blood soaked gause.
  Neomi Feilds / kryptonickay / 9y 295d 21h 37m 6s
Tashiro smiled lightly at her as she replaced his blood bandages for new ones. He seem light headed and weak for the same reason that the blood was running. He sighed and tried to keep quiet, but failed at that. "Thank you... I am tired of getting the mess beat out of me for no reason...." He laid back after she changed his bandages and look up with her with a rather confused look on his face.
  Tahsiro / Saynot / 9y 295d 21h 45m 46s
She looked over at him with no expression on her face. She sighed and looked at his head. The blood from the wound seeping through the bandage. "The doctors gave you twelve stiches" She says as she stand up and slowly unwraps the gause throwing it away in the trash can next to her. She dug around in some drawers and found more gently wrapping it around his head slowly.
  Neomi Feilds / kryptonickay / 9y 295d 21h 52m 12s
Tashiro slowly woke up when he felt himself be picked up by the woman and put into her car. He could not move, but he could barely speak a word after he woke up. He groaned lightly and smiled lightly when he knew he was safe with the doctors. He soon passed out and woke up a few hours later in a hospital room. there were no machines, but the woman that had tried to stop her was next to him.
  Tahsiro / Saynot / 9y 295d 21h 54m 58s
SHe sighed and walked over to him and touched the back of his head. She pulled off her hoodie and put it under his head as she woke him up a bit just so she could help him. She walked him out to her car and put him in the back seat as she hurried to the emergency room. She sat in the room the whole time the doctors took care of him and stiched his head.
  Neomi Feilds / kryptonickay / 9y 295d 22h 50s
Tashiro slowly tried to turn and run, but was grabbed by his neck and thrown in the direction of the woman that tried to stop the fight. He flew past her and crashed head first into a bunch of lockers and was knocked out cold. His head was bleeding hard and he look blood red from all the blood swarming him.
  Tahsiro / Saynot / 9y 295d 22h 19m 21s

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