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Come her hun~

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Not yet...
  Tahsiro / Saynot / 9y 30d 5h 32m 44s
Ohh lol. okay.. So have you decided on a roleplay yet?
  Neomi Feilds / Kryptonickay / 9y 70d 23h 50m 27s
I know that.....
  Tahsiro / Saynot / 9y 79d 20h 35m 29s
You can text people from the internet using chat services like msn and yahoo
  Neomi Feilds / kryptonickay / 9y 83d 6h 27m 50s
alright sweetie, I wish I had a phone so we could text.
  Tahsiro / Saynot / 9y 84d 19h 43m 19s
It does not matter to me and I have it but rarely use it.. I am more into my cellphone.
  Neomi Feilds / Kryptonickay / 9y 86d 3h 21m 44s
Alright, what kind of RP do you want to do sweet heart? I just got dumped so we can talk more, O do you use MSN IMing?
  Tahsiro / Saynot / 9y 86d 3h 43m 33s
Yeah (:
  Neomi Feilds / kryptonickay / 9y 90d 9h 55m 9s
I am not sure... want to make a new Rp?
  Tahsiro / Saynot / 9y 96d 6h 39m 21s
Okay so where did we leave off
  Neomi Feilds / kryptonickay / 9y 98d 7h 14m 12s
Hey sweetie! I get to stick around and I got everything back!
  Tahsiro / Saynot / 9y 116d 2h 47m 16s
Of course.. Ya know. We did like to roleplays on the old one.. Lol.
  Neomi Feilds / Kryptonickay / 9y 118d 4h 5m 59s
Thank you so much, I try my best to be online, but i very rarely get the chance... thank you for understanding my position ^^
  Tahsiro / Saynot / 9y 120d 7h 15m 11s
Thats fine (: I am very understanding.
  Neomi Feilds / kryptonickay / 9y 122d 10h 5m 17s
Thank You Sweet Heart, I will be on when ever i can during the summer...
  Tahsiro / Saynot / 9y 123d 3h 51m 29s

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