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This is based after the human race was wiped out, only vampires and demons remained, but now they have there own kinds hunting them, for they're bad ways of treating other people or creatures, there is one vampire hunter called Maria, she might look like a fariy because of her wings, but she had wings when she took on the powers of her clan, she now had followers on her journey to get rid of vampires and demons, whats going to happen? join and find out =3

speices you are:
hunter or not:
evil or good:
Hunter or not:hunter
Bio:Doesnt really have a back story
Evil or good:Neither
speices you are:demon
hunter or not:not
bio:you'll find out
evil or good:neither
Name: Rosalind Deshouli Aka Rose
Age: 20
Species: Vampire
Hunter: Not
Bio: Was turned when she was walking home one night. Has not seen her family for ten years.
Evil or Good: Good

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speices you are:demon
hunter or not:not
bio:she does not remember her past
evil or good: neither

  Ira adems / FrozenBlueRose94 / 9y 311d 2h 36m 19s
He shrugged. "so what your still a demon and thats what i do is kill demons"he said and yawned. "It is getting a little late for me anyways"he said and turned around. "might as well go to bed for the night and skip killing a demon for a night"he sais and walks away to an old tree. He stabs his sword into the ground and lays against the tree.
  Nethros / Narutogeek / 9y 332d 5h 2m 32s
"Im not trying to do anything to you,this is my natural voice and my natural looks. I am a Lehtheron, a very old,very rare type of demon. We are powerful,one of the most powerful types but our power differs from theirs. As for you I dont want anything with you, you were the one set on killing me." She said,smiling once more.
  Zaya / shavon / 9y 332d 8h 27m 53s
"What is it your trying to do then"he asked. "And how come your not a succabus i mean you look just like one"he said and sighed. "What is it you want with me"he asked.
  Nethros / Narutogeek / 9y 332d 8h 33m 22s
"Im not a succubus darling." she said in her seductive tone. Her golden eyes looked at him,compleatly unafraid of him or his sword. She found him mildly amusing to her. He was so determined to kill her,and yet her senses told her he was a human. A creature that was dead everywhere else. Most humans would be lured in by her,or running away in fear. Not this one however,which was strange.
  Zaya / shavon / 9y 332d 8h 38m 32s
He looked at her and put his gun away. "hm with you i would rather prefer a sword"he said and drew his sword. "I know how you succabus work"he said. He took a step back and lifted his sword to her neck.
  Nethros / Narutogeek / 9y 332d 9h 20m 10s
"Hello yourself handsome. I'll see if I can give you a workout." she said in a seductive tone that was all natural. She placed her hands on her curvey hips as she stopped just inches from the gun he was pointing at her head. She smiled an alluring smile at him showing 4 sharp fangs,two on top like a vampire and two on bottom,smaller that the upper ones. Her golden eyes looked past the gun and at him.
  Zaya / shavon / 9y 332d 14h 55m 47s
He grinned as she walked closer to him. "Why hello there"he said and brought his gun up and pointed it at her head. "I could use a little workout right about now"he said.
  Nethros / Narutogeek / 9y 334d 2h 30m 39s
Zaya stopped as both her senses and her golden eyes picked up the demon hunter in front of her. Her senses also told her that there was a vampire near by. She shifted her weight and kept walking towards the demon hunter. She was glad she put her wings away and now if something did go down she could get them out again quickly.
  Zaya / shavon / 9y 334d 4h 35m 52s
its ok
maria looked around,she flapped her wings not many vampire had wings, she sighed a little, and went hunting around fro any demons or vampires, she then spotted a boy and just hid in a tree out of site 'what is he doing here?' she asked herself keeping a close eye on him.
  Maria jones (vampire) / darkstartalker / 9y 334d 4h 48m 34s

Nethros looks around, with a sword on his back and his magnum in his hand. He sighs and yawns as he looks around. "Where is all the demons," he thinks. He was very good at it and needed some excirize anyways. Then, he hears wings and turns toward there and sees a demon with wings and a female.
  Nethros / Narutogeek / 9y 334d 4h 50m 32s
Zaya walked slowly down the almost dead street and looked at the dark sky. Things had really changed after the humans disappeared and the other creatures took over. She folded her wings and made them disappear. Then she streched a little befor continuing walking. She wondered where the demon hunters were. She knew they were out somewhere,they always were. Waiting for a demon to wonder by a just the right time.
  Zaya / shavon / 9y 337d 43m 24s
you guys can go ahead and post if you's want to o.o
  Maria jones (vampire) / darkstartalker / 9y 339d 15h 15m 30s
Right on
  Rosalind Deshouli / kryptonickay / 9y 340d 8h 44m 46s
your in
  Maria jones (vampire) / darkstartalker / 9y 340d 8h 47m 39s

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