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"Come one! Come all!"

Chat for anyone and everyone! :D

Don't know what a cornucopia is?!

This thing. >>

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Ibeen good good en yaselves how have ya been doing?
  Little Ni / nicro / 6y 16d 16h 48m 47s
Sorry I disappeared, I had somewhere to go.

I've been fine. I hope you have been too, looks like you have and I'm glad. :)
  Daniel / StrifeX / 6y 55d 22h 7m 15s
She is 3 weeks and 5 days old :) I love her so much she is asleep right now )

How are you??
  Hope Amelia / MusicalWings / 6y 56d 5h 46m 56s
Oh that's great. Congratulations. She does look cute. :) How old is she now?
  Daniel / StrifeX / 6y 56d 5h 51m 3s
I had a baby!!!! Her name is Hope Amelia! Look how cute she is!
  Hope Amelia / MusicalWings / 6y 56d 6h 13m 48s
Glad to still see you around Nicro haha. How've you been?
  Daniel / StrifeX / 6y 56d 8h 11m 17s
Ni does yep yep yep o.o strify welcomes to corn chat place
  Little Ni / nicro / 6y 63d 14h 23m 1s
Been a while again. Haha I wonder if people still follow this place?
  Daniel / StrifeX / 6y 67d 8h 39m 35s
Ni ni ni
  Little Ni / nicro / 6y 159d 2h 12m 42s
i have no idea
  Makoto / ES MOST BLOCKED PERSON / Narutogeek02 / 6y 164d 5h 59m 22s
So, where exactly has everybody gone? It was dead forever it looks like.
  Ace. / mrkingofspades / 6y 164d 6h 23m 15s
haha true once you leave for a while it takes time to get back into the groove
  Makoto / ES MOST BLOCKED PERSON / Narutogeek02 / 6y 164d 7h 2m 46s
God, I am so lost here. I honestly have to get used to this again.
  Kross / aceofspades / 6y 164d 7h 12m 55s
havent been in here in a long time
think we should revive it
  Makoto / ES MOST BLOCKED PERSON / Narutogeek02 / 6y 164d 7h 14m 37s
Neither have I.
  Kross / aceofspades / 6y 164d 7h 26m 54s

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