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Warning, this has nothing to do with the manga, but I have made some reference.

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The back round story.

This world... This is the world where fighting is everything. It will get you everywhere. If your good at it that is. The world of... Lanzheim.

The world never had a ruler, since it's first one passed away. It was said, he was a God in fighting, but he never really used it to rule. Koinzell was a kind and peaceful ruler, nobody ever questioned him. This was when the world was peaceful, and fighting was under control. He had made 5 schools under him. The blade, the bow, the body, the pole arm, and the magi. He had proteges on each style, those were the masters. They were like his children and to them, they were like his father. But as the old master of the magi was defeated and killed, the new one wasn't all to friendly. He was saddened by this loss, but it was the rule of fighting. The ruler ruled over everyone, he knew all the styles, and was wise.

All was well until suddenly, the school of magi was destroyed, and everyone who knew magi had died. The art was forgotten, and Koinzell never wanted it to come to this again. The art was forgotten and started to seek the person in fault.

He was challenged by the master of the magi, and he was the one to destroy everyone. He had consumed all the souls of his pupils, giving him the strength of Koinzell himself. The fighting went on for a year, non stop. The clouds cried with rain and Thunder. His pupils could do nothing but watch. And finally it was over. The souls of all those who were killed formed, they had became the legendary weapons. And the soul of the evil was sealed, and never found, the weapons scattered never to be found as well. Koinzell was forever lost, and his pupils were left to wander. The schools were still in place, and they continued to teach more pupils, and the empty slot was never filled.

They decided to fight for it, and till this day, the schools were at war, and the masters were always fighting.

Years after, master's came and went, student's die and are born. The fighting never stops, and the lord of the empty seat never returned.

The roles.

The school of the Blade:Swords daggers etc. Has a hilt and blade

Protege: Kaji Ascheriit


Students:Higen, Hokio

The school of Bow:Cross bows, and bow etc.


Warriors:Usrhen Klinate


The school of The Body:Fist, kicking and punching. Battle gloves and arm gaurds.

Protege: Anya Nestravga

Warriors:Shalow Kross, Darius Rasmus


The school of the Pole arm: Spears, halberds, rods. etc.

Master:Ester K. Vinsdrell
Protege:Mugen Eikyuu

Warriors:Suikotsu Sanada



1.Anime pictures please. ^_^
2.Romance: Go for it, heck it's encouraged.
3.Violence... No... (sarcasm) Yes, violence. :D obviously >.>
4.Keep swearing to a minimum.
5.No killing without permission.
6.If you defeat the master of the school, you claim his/her title, but don't go crazy and defend your title if its impossible. Know when your defeated, your already the damn master. And students, don't think your master rank, until you have the back bone for it.
7.Put "Blatt Master" If you have read the rules.
8.Humans only, unless I give special permission.
9.Don't be afraid to approach me, I'm the friendly type. :D
10.No godmodding and cybering
11.Please spell and write properly. No text talk, and please make posts decent. D:
12.I'll add more if I want too, and I might change the back story, skelly and rules if I see the need.


Weapon of choice:
Personality and bio:(Optional)

Character specifics:


Name:Kaji Ascheriit
Weapon of choice:Swords and Dual-Daggers
Personality and bio: Current protege of the Blade master.

Weapon of choice: Katana and Katana!
Personality and bio: may i fill this later?

School:schoo of blade
Weapon of choice:katana

Age: 23
Position: Warrior
Weapon of choice: Throwing knives with steelstrings.
Personality and bio: When he was young student he was trained to be silent killer,assassin,lone wolf.


Name: Usrhen Klinate
Age: 23
Gender: Female
School: Bow
Position: Warrior
Weapon of choice: Short Bow
Personality/Bio: A young protege of the School of Bows. A somewhat serious & prideful young female. She hales from a lineage of nomadic plainsmen. Her style of archery is somewhat odd and bizarre compared to most others; for example when she might try to shoot something behind her, she will bend back facing the target upside down, holding her bow sideways and then fire off her arrows, normally ranging from 1-5 arrows at a time. She doesn't view School of Body in particular very higly, due to the thinking of them being brutes relying on their fists and such. She is very prejudiced and biased against them.

Weapon of choice-Long bow
Personality and bio-Alea is a strong young woman who is determined to learn just how to use a bow perfectly.She prefers the long bow for one reason and one reason only,because her deceased father used the very same weapon she has now.Her bow is from her father,who had died in battle.As for her mother,the old woman died of a disease when Alea was just a child.But Alea doesn't let her past filled with death bring her down,because she believes that sadness will bring happiness eventually.And it has,in a way.Alea is a friendly girl who will protect anyone who she believes is in danger.

Name: Isabelle
Age: 15
Gender: Female
School: Bow
Position: Protege
Weapon of choice: Short Bow, but can use any
Personality and bio: ... Unknown


Name:Shalow Kross
Weapon of choice:Spiked Guanlets
Personality and bio:found out during story

Name:Darius Rasmus
Weapon of choice:Bladed Guantlets and Spiked toes
Personality and bio:Since Ace put found out during story can I?

Name: Anya Nestravga
Age: 17
Gender: Female
School: Body
Weapon of choice: Tape wrapped Fist
Personality and bio:When needed, Anya is a ball of fury, but it takes alot to make Anya flip. Anya is a peace loving, kind person. She usually has her face in a book or her mind in her music. She is shy since her tiny size makes people try and take advantage of her.

Pole arm:

Name: Ester K. Vinsdrell "The Resting Spearhead"
Age: 27
Gender: Female
School: Pole Arm
Position: Master
Weapon of choice: Lance
Personality/Bio: The master of the School of Pole Arm. She is a loyal & trustworthy young woman, but she is also a very laid back person. She often changes her attire and appearance quite often . She prefers to relax more than anything. When she needs to be she will be quite serious about things; for example fighting or sparring. Still, she is a pretty laid back person believe it or not, despite her appearance at certain times. She greatly enjoys tea and naps very often, almost everyday.

Name: Mugen Eikyuu
Age: 23
Gender: Male
School: Pole arm

Roleplay Reply. Do not chat here. (50 character limit.)

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Roleplay Responses

wow, been a full year. might wana restart
  Hokio / hokio / 9y 37d 11h 17m 39s
Hokio woke up from his nap and looked around. he thouhgt and ran back twards the sword school. There he went back to class and learn more about the blade and how it was an extinction of hios arm. After class, he went out and saw the upper class mates work on how to use the sword better. he thought to him self befor headingback inside to study some more. He was kinda bord learnign about the sword after being tought about three years ago, but he didn't complaine. He knew he was probly one of the best rookies that was at the school. But he just wish that eh could do more to help. Later that night, he thouhgt to escape the school and have a journy of his own for a while, and thats what he did. At the dead of night, he snucked out with his katana and sakabota. He think that just a fewe weeks alone could make him better, or worst...
  Hokio / hokio / 10y 67d 6h 52m 6s
Suikotsu went to the school and then made some food. Not eating had put more of a strain on his body than he imagined. He had a good two full meals on his first plate before he went back and ate. The food was devoured quickly and he let out a sigh of content. Once that was done he cleaned his dishes and left once more to search for entertainment.
  Suikotsu Sanada / Laharlsama / 10y 68d 7h 10m 54s
Isabelle groaned and someone poked and proded her, making sure she was alright. After a while, she pushed them away, with a swift, "Im fine now." And walked away.

She walked into the forest, sighing. She wasn't limping, but her leg still hurt slightly. She climbed a tree, and looked over the land.
  Isabelle | Wind / Feline_Chic / 10y 68d 17h 42m 21s
  Isabelle | Wind / Feline_Chic / 10y 70d 16h 16m 51s
He kept running as fast as he could as arrows whizzed by his head and body. The few that had gotten too close for comfort he knocked away or blocked with his halberd. The loud clanging of his shoulder armor and boots giving him away whenever he tried to sneak away. Although once he had gotten into the pole arm territory they stopped chasing him and he laughed.
  Suikotsu Sanada / Laharlsama / 10y 70d 16h 18m 52s
Isabelle gulped, and stood up. She took a step towards him, then shyed away. "He nearly killed me." She said very softly, barely audible. She looked to the ground, shaking her head, trying to forget the thought but it stayed in her mind, lke it had been burned there. The image of him swinging that thing at her, almost killing her.

Iabelle watched as he went, silent. She didn't have a reply. She didn't have time as people with bows ready in their hands came to her side.
It took half an hour to explain the guy had ran away after she had shot him in the leg. She limped away, the knock to the ground still hurting.
  Isabelle | Wind / Feline_Chic / 10y 70d 16h 35m 46s
"Hmmm nope. Probably something to fuck with your head though. I'd just ignore it unless what he said was true, which, judging by the fogginess in my head and the degree of damage, I would guess it was."

He turned and could hear multiple sets of footsteps approaching and sighed

"Ill see you later, unless you die of course. If we do meet again don't expect me to go easy on you if this happens again. Don't treat me like I am now, treat me like a beast or you will die. Have a nice day."

He ran off without another word as the others turned the corner and a few ran off after him yelling incomprehensible curse
  Suikotsu Sanada / Laharlsama / 10y 70d 16h 41m 11s
[[ Short post, sorry. ]]

Isabelle just shook her head. "Its fine." She muttered, still in shock. "Just get help, please. Do you know what you- he said?" She muttered, wondering if he knew that his alter personality threatened to kill her, in short.
  Isabelle | Wind / Feline_Chic / 10y 70d 16h 45m 55s
He turned his head around and looked at her before giving a slight smile.

"Ummm why are you sorry? Did you do something wrong? Hmmm there are an awful lot of gashes in the wall. Did I have a face like this?"

He changed his facial expression to that of only moments ago and then turned it back and looked at his clothes

"Hmmm judging by the arrows I'd guess yes. Sorry for the damages."
  Suikotsu Sanada / Laharlsama / 10y 70d 16h 54m 9s
Isabelle screamed again, though it was huffed. "No, you chose to come out. You chose to do horrible things. Blame yourself for not being... anything!" She yelled, runnning out of things to say. All she could now think about was the halberd that was nearly piercing her legs open.

Then he stoppd, and so did she. She watched, waited and listened. Then, as he became himself again. She watched as he went. "I'm sorry." Was all she could ay as she watched him walk away.
  Isabelle | Wind / Feline_Chic / 10y 70d 17h 8m 48s
"Whats wrong hmmm? Your the one who was acting so rudely before even though he just wanted to try some new food. He didn't feel like fighting or being discriminated against anymore so he let me take over and have some fun. Isn't it wonderful how a few words can cause someone to change so much~ Its your fault that I'm out and about now, blame yourself."

He laughed as she scrambled away and swung his halberd again and hit the wall inches behind her as sparks shot around and a deep gash was left
"Darn, I missed. Try again I guess~"

He stopped and stood still a moment before sighing.

"Awww looks like playtime is over. He says I took it too far so I gotta take a nap now haha. Just remember to watch what you say or I'll come play with you again, and I won't go to sleep so willingly next time."

His head sagged a little amd his body leaned back a bit before he shook his head and turned around and walked back towards the school of the pole arm.
  Suikotsu Sanada / Laharlsama / 10y 70d 17h 12m 21s
Isabelle muttered angrily at herself as she missed. Then he was going towards her. She screamed for help - the Protege screaming for help, yes, but it you were getting killed you would too - and dragged herself away from his halberd, and getting up to run.

"You are not a person! You are nothing! You are merely a thought through his mind! Leave him be! He is a good person, a little rude and cocky, but good. You don't deserve a body of your own!" She yelled as she scrambled away.
  Isabelle | Wind / Feline_Chic / 10y 70d 17h 18m 33s
He was working and breaking the arrows in half when he saw her aiming the bow once more. The arrow flew low and went towards his leg. Suikotsu raised his leg and bent it against the wall before kicking against it and lunging straight towards Isabelle

"Me!? What is my name!? I have no name! I am just a blood crazed fool, a demon born of madness! Even if my body is that of human my mind is far more twisted then that for his can one body possess two entirely different people!? Hahahaha we both share the same name but different lifestyles, his is a life of etiquette and battle while mine is of bloodlust and terror. What he does not want to do I do for him."

His halberd was drawn still and he was losing the momentum of his wall kick so he hit the ground in a roll before slashing horizontally at her legs, the metal of the halberd singing out in the quiet yet chilling ring of metal slicing through air
  Suikotsu Sanada / Laharlsama / 10y 70d 17h 23m 5s
Isabelle manourvered around the first blow, smiling. But the second hit her, and she fell backwards, the angle of her body making it that she didn't fall far, but it still hurt like hell.

She groaned, and staggered upwards, aiming her bow once again, hoping she could get him even though she was shaking. She bit her lip as guilt fell into her, and shot his calf muscle on his left leg, then aimed her arrow again at his stomach. "Who are you, then?" She asked. She knew what split personality, she knew she had to acknoledge the other personality as another person entirely.
  Isabelle | Wind / Feline_Chic / 10y 70d 17h 31m 35s

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